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The 20 Best Pairs of Pony Sneakers of All-Time

Pony Topstar Low Casual Sneaker

Pony is a sneaker brand that has been successful in creating footwear that has become a lifestyle choice. The brand offers a variety of styles for men, women, and kids. Pony is doing a great job of keeping up with more well-known competitive footwear brands with new seasonal selections released like clockwork. It's a unique brand and the name stands for Product of New York. Pony sneakers have been around since the 1970s and they're still popular as ever. There is something for everyone with modern and retro styles in a variety of sneaker designs, profiles, and colorways. Here are the 20 best pairs of Pony Sneakers for 2020, for your enjoyment and consideration.

Pony Cross for Women

20. Pony Cross for Women

The women's Pony Cross is a new model that was released earlier this year. This wonderfully versatile sneaker features a knit sock for incredible comfort for your feet and ankles. The Pony elastic band keeps it firmly in place without feeling too tight. The upper is made of knit material that is firm enough to provide support, yet flexible so your feet can move naturally without restriction. The sole is made of rubber to provide traction and stability to help prevent accidental slips and falls. These sneakers come in a variety of colors that fit true to size for ladies size 6 through 11M.

Women's Pony Trail

19. Women's Pony Trail

The Trail is also a newly released ladies sneaker made with a low profile. The Trail is offered in a light blue colorway with the brand name Pony appearing in a diagonal line down the side of each upper. It's an attractive sneaker that is made for the ultimate in comfort when walking or jogging. The Pony side strip gives it an athletic personality. The upper is made of mesh knit material that provides good ventilation. Air can flow freely to circulate the feet to prevent overheating and sweating for a dry and comfortable sneaker that is suitable for casual wear all day long. You can adjust the snugness with the lacing system for the perfect fit depending on your activities. The rubber sole gives you traction, foot control, and a safeguard against slips and falls.

Pony Men's Pro Sneaker

18. Pony Men's Pro Sneaker

Pony is a men's sneaker that is available in an assortment of sophisticated colorways including black, light gray, orange, white, and navy. This ultra-comfortable sneaker is made of soft and flexible ridge knit material for the upper. It's flexible yet firm enough to support the feet with a natural feeling. The fit and snugness are adjustable through the lacing system. A back tab makes it easy to pull the shoes on when you're in a hurry. The rubber sole provides grippy traction on all walking surfaces for additional safety to prevent slips and falls. This model is available in men's sizes 8 through 13 m and the fit is generally true to size.

Pony Men's Classic High Leather Sneakers

17. Pony Men's Classic High Leather Sneakers

Pony also makes a high-top sneaker for men who require or prefer additional ankle support. This is a classic high-top sneaker that features a padded collar for extra comfort at the ankles. The padding guards against friction at the ankles when walking or running. The upper is made of high-quality genuine leather for strength and durability. The fit and snugness are adjusted through the lace-up closure. The sole is made of rubber that grips the walking surface to give you excellent traction and foot control in a variety of environments. This model is available in an assortment of five different colorways.

Pony Men's Racer Tri-Color

16. Pony Men's Racer Tri-Color

Pony's Racer model is a tri-color men's sneaker that is offered in a choice of Blue, Black or Red colorways. This is a low-profile shoe that features an upper made of genuine suede leather material. The color is padded to ensure all-day comfort. The lining is made of textile materials and the insole has just the right amount of padding for cushiony comfort. The sole is rubber to enhance traction, and you can tighten the shoes for the perfect fit with the lacing system.

Pony Men's Classic High Leather Sneaker

15. Pony Men's Classic High Leather Sneaker

This popular model is versatile for casual or casual dressy wear. The shoes provide the support of high tops with a tall upper that is made of genuine leather material. The collar of the sneaker is padded for protection from friction when walking and extreme comfort. Foam strip styling is incorporated at the pressure points for extra comfort and foot protection. The midsole has a flexible feeling with extra cushioning. The outsole is made of rubber for grip and traction on all walking surfaces.

Men's Pony Tempo Sneakers

14. Men's Pony Tempo Sneakers

The Men's Tempo is an athletic style sneaker that is ideal for running, jogging, or court activities. The upper is made of knit material that provides flexibility, yet they're firm enough to provide support for your feet all day long. The lining is made of breathable and soft fabric that prevents your feet from becoming overheated and sweating. The rubber outsole gives these shoes exceptional traction. These shoes are available in sizes from 8 to 11 with half sizes available.

Men's Pony Yasso Sneakers

13. Men's Pony Yasso Sneakers

The Yasso model is yet another popular choice from the Pony sneaker collection. The upper is made of knit textile material that is soft and flexible while providing ample support for the feet. The lacing system allows you to adjust the snugness of the fit to suit the type of activities you're engaging in. The lining of the shoe is made of breathable fabric for exceptional ventilation. An inner bootie adds an extra measure of softness and comfort. The insole is padded with just the right amount of cushioning for comfort without adding too much weight to the shoe. The back tab helps the shoes to slide on easier.

Pony Topstar Low Casual Sneaker

12. Pony Topstar Low Casual Sneaker

The Topstar Low Casual is a unisex shoe in a style that can be worn by either men or women. The shoe features an upper that is made of synthetic materials that allow for good air movement to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The shoes are lined with textile materials that are soft and comfortable. The traditional lace closure allows you to adjust the fit. A traction pattern on the rubber sole gives them extra stability and traction on most walking surfaces.

Men's Pony Top Star Hi Sneakers

11. Men's Pony Top Star Hi Sneakers

These classic Men's Pony sneakers feature uppers that are made of man-made patent leather fabric. This retro shoe was originally released in 1975 and it was called "The Starter." It was intended for use as a basketball shoe. This high top model has a classic heritage and is available in a dark red color.

Pony TopStar Low Canvas Sneakers

10. Pony TopStar Low Canvas Sneakers

This model is another classic in the Pony lineup. The sneaker is made for casual wear but it also has a dressy vibe. The upper is made of premium suede material with a soft textile material lining. The sneakers adjust via the lace closure. The rubber outsole gives it exceptional traction on most terrains. The low profile gives it exceptional comfort thanks to padding at the collar and stress points.

Pony Top Star Lo Core Women's Sneakers

9. Pony Top Star Lo Core Women's Sneakers

The Topo Star Lo Core Women's sneaker is a model that is a throwback to the classic low top sneakers the brand released in 1975. The upper is made of canvas material for flexibility and comfort. The sole is white and made of man-made materials with exceptional grippiness. The contrasting side stripe is an attractive feature. The shoe is secured through a traditional lacing system.

8. Vintage Pony Men's Brown Stripe Retro Sneakers

We would be remiss if we didn't include these classic vintage sneakers from the brand. They're a throwback to the 1980s were with the popular brown color and a light blue stripe. It was a popular color combination a few decades ago.

Pony Men's Black TopStar Canvas Casual Retro Dressy Sneakers

7. Pony Men's Black TopStar Canvas Casual Retro Dressy Sneakers

These retro shoes were made between 2010 and 2019. They're one of Pony's most popular classics and they haven't gone out of style. These versatile black sneakers can be worn with casual or dressy attire. The upper is made of black colored canvas material for comfort and breathability. The low top profile makes them comfortable for all-day wear.

6. Vintage Pony White leather and Suede Sneakers

This new pair of vintage Pony sneakers are suitable for him or her. They're a rare and exceptional find that was stored in an old shoe store stockroom. They were released from 1970 through 1980. The upper is made of leather and sued in white color. The shoes feature Pony's V shape band in blue on each side of the shoe. The pony logo chevron is marked on the tabs with PONY in the glass on the heel.

5. Vintage Pony City Wings Low Leather Sneakers

These low top sneakers are a flashback to the 1970s and '80s era. The uppers are made of leather material for good support and flexibility. The uppers are white with dark green and gold accents with a rounded toe design. The lining is made of textile materials with slight padding at the collar and the insole for maximum comfort.

4. Vintage Pony Rio Leather Athletic Sneaker

The Pony Rio sneakers are another blast from the past, but essential for mentioning in this list. These sneakers feature quality Pony construction in brown Nubuck leather materials. These are durable yet comfortable ladies' sneakers that keep your feet feeling good all day long.

Pony Topstar Lo Lux Sneakers

3. Pony Topstar Lo Lux Sneakers

The Topstar Lo Lux is a re-release of a popular retro sneaker. This shoe was born of a collaboration between Joey Bada$$$ and the Pony brand. This is his first official sneaker collection with the brand. It features the Lo Lux silhouette with an upper made of premium suede materials. The top of the shoe is crewneck and padded for wearer comfort.

2. Pony Far Away From Home Collection

This is a collection that emerged as the result of Pony's collaboration with 3. Paradis. The shoes are a variety of mixed silhouettes featuring the words Away From Home on the soles of the soles and insoles of the shoes to show whether the player was at a home game or an away game.

Pony M-110 Hairy Suede Men's shoes

1. Pony M-110 Hairy Suede Men's shoes

These unique sneakers are made of an upper constructed of sued material that features a hairy aesthetic. The tongue and the collar are padded for additional foot protection and comfort. The rubber cup sole hales them to fit snugly and the rubber outer sole provides grippy traction on most surfaces. The upper lining is also made of leather material for a comfortable fit. This special edition sneaker comes with a branded shoehorn and shoe tree in a gift set.


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