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The 10 Best Reebok Classic Models of All-Time

Reebok has been making high quality sneakers for decades. Throughout the years we've tried a variety of different styles and models. Just when you find what you believe is going to be your favorite, either production of the line ends or a new edition comes out with superior features. The Reebok's classic line have long held their place among consumer all time favorites. With this in mind, we bring you the top ten best Reebok classic shoe models of all time, as voted on by devoted customers.

1. Reebok Classic Leather TDC

The Reebok Classic Leather TDC is the all time favorite, in part because of its textile sock liner that provides extra comfortable padding. It is produced in an array of solid colors that makes this model a great accessory that can go with most casual and sports outfits. It features a unique and trendy look that is visually appealing as well as being comfortable to wear all day. Many fans of the shoe were particularly attracted to the Camo graphic detailing that is placed on the heel and tongue. In addition, this shoe has an outsole that is especially rugged and holds up under frequent use without a lot of wear damage. it provides solid traction and grip which are also pluses. It's an attractive shoe that is stylish, comfortable and features high performance with durability all for a reasonable price.

2. Reebok Classic Leather Urban Descent

The Urban Descent is the second most popular of the brand's classic line because of the act that the sneaker is made of premium materials that hold up well under heavy use. Owners can actually wear them long enough to form a strong bond with this particular shoe. They're extremely comfortable to wear and they come in a variety of colors. They're attractive, feel good on the feet and the performance levels are high. They're versatile and suitable for every day use as a casual sneaker, or for more intense activities including trail hiking, jogging or simply wearing to the office.

3. Reebok Classic Leather NM

The Reebok Classic Leather NM is favored because of its light weight design. Some users even report that it brings relief to aching feet by giving them support that is light. They're built for this purpose though. The NM is attractive and stylish in design. The quality is excellent and the premium materials used in their construction guarantee that they hold up for a long time under normal use. This model was produced in a variety of different designs, which made it easy to find a pair that would complement most outfits. The quality leather uppers are resistant to fading which keeps them looking newer for longer than some other shoe types. They provide great ventilation for the feet because of the addition of mesh materials to the leather upper. They give just the right amount of support without being cumbersome for gym workouts.

4. Reebok Classic Leather Gum

The Leather Gum Classic Reebok is also high on the list of the best models of all time. They're remarkably lightweight in design. This shoe was released as one of the more affordable models, yet they're still well made and hold up under frequent use. This is a shoe that can be worn all day without foot or leg fatigue. They're also recommended as being good for rigorous gym workouts, for shopping or walking. They come in a few choices of colorways which makes them good for use with a variety of casual outfits.

5. Reebok Classic Leather SM

The SM model has a unique appearance with a speckled mid sole that sets them apart. They're a low top sneaker in the classic line that feature a casual yet trendy look. They're every bit classic in design, but with more modern aesthetic upgrades. The quality of the materials and construction is high and they maintain their colors very well over time. The shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They're reasonably priced and go with practically any casual outfit because of the large color choice selections.

6. Reebok Classic Leather EBK

The EBK sneakers were noted for their comfort as the biggest reason for their popularity. In addition to this, the low top styled classics are fashionable and they easily go with all types of casual wear. Owners reported receiving numerous compliments on the attractiveness of the shoe style, which is fashionable indeed. They're a type of lifestyles shoes that were made in a range of color combinations, many which have a slimming effect that makes the feet appear slimmer than they really are. The materials are in line with Reebok's commitment to high quality in a great design that is comfortable and offers good traction that provide excellent grip when walking on icy or wet surfaces. They also offer a little insulation to protect the feet from cool temperatures in fall and mild winter conditions.

7. Reebok Classic Leather 2.0

The Leather 2.0 is loved by fans for its stylish design that maintains a classic look. It was made available in several colorways. Some enjoyed the lightness of the shoe, but the predominant praise came from thee soft natural leather that is used in the creation of the leather upper. It's very comfortable and the sneaker is attractive as well. It's also made with an elastic band that is placed on the sides of the tongue. This design feature helps to keep it fitted more snugly to the foot without pinching or causing any other discomfort. The model has a tendency to run true to size which is a plus when ordering online without trying it on first.

8. Reebok Classic Leather ALR

The ALR has a classic "throwback" aesthetic. Most people who choose this as their favorite classic Reebok of all time, describe it as being "very comfortable." The ALR is made of high quality leather uppers and most loved the way that it fit on their feet with a "perfect fit" that is snug in all the right places without uncomfortable tension on pressure point areas. This is a classic Reebok that was introduced as a customizable sneaker that could be make to suit the preference of the buyer.

9. Reebok Classic CL Leather Ripple Mono

The Ripple Mono is praised for its comfort and excellent fit. The materials and construction are both premium in quality and the shoes are resistant to fading and consistently deliver high performance. They're stylish and available in tonal colorways. The ripple outsole is not only attractive, but it also provides excellent traction. It's a high quality, comfortable shoe offered at a reasonable cost.

10. Reebok Classic Leather ID

The Leather ID is a classic style that features comfort as its leading virtue. It offers a classic design that makes it suitable for wear in a variety of casual occasions. It matches well with most outfits, has a trendy aesthetic and is a good value for the cost. Another great feature is that it is easy to clean with thee wipe of a damp washcloth.

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