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The Best Pairs of Veja Sneakers Money Can Buy

Veja Sneakers

You might have seen them on random strangers walking the city, or you might have seen a pair on a celebrity. You might have even wondered what exactly that emblem is—a simple “v” notation on the side of a simple shoe. Veja sneakers have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason too. The biggest fans of the shoe brand love the fact that Veja shoes are all made from raw materials ethically sourced through organic farming and responsible agriculture. Veja sneakers are the future of footwear—they’re great for your feet and great for the environment as well. If you’re ready to buy a pair, here are the 10 best pairs of Veja sneakers your money can buy.

1. Veja Campo Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

There’s nothing like a good pair of leather shoes, and it’s a definite plus if they happen to be sneakers. While this pair of Vejas might require a little more care when worn and after, the effort will be definitely worth it. The white leather featured on this shoe is simply gorgeous. You should also know that the thick rubber sole on this shoe comes from the Amazon rainforest. Nothing else can be cooler than that.

2. Veja V-Lock Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

Here’s another pair of leather Vejas that might surprise you. Sure, it’s comfortable and durable like any other Veja shoe. But this particular one happens to use Velcro straps for fastening. If you thought that your Velcro-wearing days ended in 1stgrade, think again. Velcro shoes are in for a comeback, and that’s because they never went out of style to begin with. The fact that you’ll get your shoes on faster is just an added bonus.

3. Veja V-12 Textured-Leather Sneakers

If you’re the type of shoe wearer that always gets a blister on the back of your ankle, your problems are essentially over. The Veja V-12 Textured-Leather Sneakers offers up all the comforts of a typical Veja but with the added cushion of padded collars. You can walk on these for hours and not feel your feet suffer. The extra design on the outsoles complement the simplicity of the shoe altogether.

4. Veja Nova-Ht Organic Cotton Canvas High-Top Sneakers

What’s cooler than a Veja sneaker? Possibly a high-top Veja sneaker. Apart from the high-top design, you’ll immediately notice the thicker outsole on this shoe. It’s added durability and comfort, which is also helped by the canvas make of this particular Veja. The rubber outsoles are also serrated for extra grip. You’ll get an extra inch to your height with these shoes, so feel free to walk taller with these Vejas on.

5. Veja Net Sustain Condor Rubber-Trimmed Mesh Sneakers

Here’s the best thing about Vejas: they make running shoes as well. All of Veja shoes are comfortable, but this mesh sneaker takes comfort to the next level. You’ll get a super chunky sole for shock absorption, and you’ll also get an incredible shoe form to go with it. It’s the perfect shoes to wear on your morning run, but it’s stylish enough to wear on a day out.

6. Veja Esplar Sneakers

This particular design is named after the ethical organization that supports the Brazilian farming families that Veja has partnered with. It’s a beautiful tribute to the kind of partnership that puts hope and innovation in the same bracket. These shoes are designed with stunning contrasts and breathable cotton. They pretty, and they’re pretty comfortable at the same time.

7. Veja V-10 Low-Top Leather Tennis Sneakers

These aren’t exactly the kind of tennis shoes you would wear on the open court, but your feet might mistake them for a pair because of how comfortable they are. The Veja V-10 Low-Top Leather Sneakers are notable for their perforated design on the shoe’s vamp. The detail is unique among Veja shoes, and it’s also a good way to let the feet breathe through the leather. The overall design doesn’t stray from Veja’s commitment to simplicity either.

8. Veja Urca Bicolor Leather Low-Top Sneakers

You might not notice a lot of differences with the design of the Veja Urca when compared to other styles. The Urca designation actually means that the shoe is made from “corn waste.” The fact that Veja is able to create something beautiful out of any waste materials is just remarkable and more reason to buy this shoe. The Urca is the more updated version of Veja’s classic V-12’s, and it’s completely vegan.

9. Veja Rio Branco Sneakers

They’re sporty, and they’re made from recycled materials. No matter which way you look at it, the Veja Rio Branco will feel light on your feet. These shoes are designed to give you more comfort that the average walking shoe, and it does so with style and sophistication. The Rio Branco also features a sturdy ridged rubber outsole that will give you excellent grip whether you’re walking, jogging, or simply styling.

10. Veja Condor Sneakers

The most important part of the Veja Condors is the Alveomesh. This is a breathable and comfortable material made out of recycled plastic bottles. You’ll never even know it from just looking at the shoe, but Alveomesh make up a good portion of this particular Veja’s outer parts. You’ll get excellent airflow through this pair while you’re running, which also translates to comfort. The outsole is thicker for extra cushion, and it also features a rugged design that you really won’t find on any other Veja. The end result is a classic-looking sneaker that offers up performance without sacrificing the environment along the way. It’s more innovation in a shoe than anyone could ever ask for, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks good.

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