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What Are Nike Tailwinds Good For?

Nike Tailwinds

Nike is a popular footwear company that is known for its wide range of shoes that are made for multiple purposes. Some are technical shoes that are either made for playing basketball, track events, golf, running, or for everyday casual wear. There are dozens of different types of Nike sneakers. Nike Tailwind is a popular model but you may be wondering what it's good for? Here is everything you need to know about these versatile sneakers.

History of the Nike Tailwind

The Nike Tailwind was first released in 1978 and was simply referred to as the Tailwind. It was an immediate success because of its attractive good looks. Frank Rudy was an aerospace engineer who designed s special kind of airbag. It occurred to him that these bags would make exceptional cushioning if used in footwear. In 1977 he pitched the idea to Nike and the rest is history. Nike first used the airbag cushioning system in the Nike Tailwind that was released in 1978, according to Fashion Beans. This was the shoe that started the Nike Air technology legacy and it was a revolutionary model that was a disruptor in the footwear industry.

Description of the Nike Tailwind

The Tailwind evolved over the year but it was originally designed as a running shoe. It was made of a one-piece upper made of mesh fabric with suede reinforcements. The mesh allows air to flow through the fabric and circulate over the feet to help prevent hot spots and foot sweating. The suede reinforcements made the shoes more durable and gave them stability. The tongue was padded with a rudimentary foam and there was a large swoosh on each side of the sneaker. The white midsole featured new technology that added a spring to each step. This was yet another first that made Tailwind a significant model in the history of the brand.

Outstanding features of the Nike Tailwind

According to Grailed, the Tailwind was made to be a running shoe. I was streamlined and made of lightweight materials that would help to prevent leg fatigue. This was a performance shoe and the Air unit was installed as a light system for reducing the impact on ankles and legs during running, as well a for providing cushiony comfort for the feet. Upon its initial release, it was only released through a handful of retailers in Honolulu as a marathon sneaker. The response was overwhelming with all of the shoes in stock selling out. The following year saw a wide release of Nike's Tailwind that featured the new cushioning technology and state-of-the-art testing. The sneaker helped to increase stamina for long-distance runners and it also reduced knee fatigue. It was a groundbreaking high-performance sneaker.

The evolution of the Nike Tailwind

The Nike Tailwind was the predecessor of the Air Tailwind 92 which was released in the year 1992. The legacy of providing as much comfortable cushioning as possible had begun. It was the forerunner of the Air Max 180. The newer version of the Tailwind had a much different appearance than the model from 1978. The main similarity was the sporty visible ai which gave fans a look at the pioneering technology that was used in the construction of the shoes. The Nike Air Tailwind 92 was the model that Nike used to relaunch the franchise in a different direction. From 1992 forward to the end of the 1990s, the Tailwind would be released in a new version annually including the Air Tailwind 96, II, III, and IV but the appearance and profile of the model were significantly changed. It evolved from a sleek and slim profile to a bulkier sneaker that more closely resembled other trainer shoes of the 1990s era.

The Nike Air Tailwind II was released in 1997 with a similar appearance to Reebok's Daytona DMX, but it didn't stand out in the crowd of running shoes. Two years later the Air Tailwind IV with its chunky outsole was released with a new technology called Air Max Plus features with a mid-sole insert and windows that ran along the entire length of the sole exposing the entire air unit. This design feature eventually became the Air Max 360. This version of the Tailwind made the most significant impact on the athletic world with its price soaring above most other Nike models at the time. The shoe became associated with status. In the country of Australia, it became the most stolen shoe in the country. It was not only one of the most highly desired models in Nike's lineup it was genuinely one of the best running shoes on the market during the late 1990s and early 2000s eras.

Changes for the Nike Tailwinds

In 2009, the popular sneaker was released as the Air Tailwind +. This version was intended to be used as an all-around trainer. More streamlined silhouettes were released and it was offered in a variety of different colorways with even lighter materials used in the newer versions of the shoes. The reputation of the Tailwind as a running shoe still endured, but it had also become popular for more diverse applications making it a more versatile sneaker. The iconic sneaker had a crossover cultural appeal to the masses. It had become a running shoe, a trainer, and also a lifestyle shoe highly desired for everyday casual wear. By 2012 the technology had become outdated. The Tailwind was reissued later in the 2000s as a retro sneaker.

Reissue of a retro running shoe

According to Run Repeat, The Nike Tailwind 8 is currently available in its sleek and stylish mesh upper with suede reinforcements. It's still an appealing style for many in its retro reissue. It's now viewed as a comfortable shoe or everyday wear with value for enhancing training and comfort during workout. It features the Max Air units in the soles for underfoot comfort. It's still a good running shoe and it is available in a choice o 23 colorways.

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