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Who is the Yeezy Mafia?


It takes more than just money to land yourself an ideal pair of new Adidas shoes. Many times, Adidas releases catch many people off guard, and by the time they get a chance to purchase a pair or two they often have to contend with the larger sizes. One group, however, is changing all this with its amazing and almost unbelievably accurate release dates leaks.

Yeezy Mafia is the group behind the extra-ordinary Adidas release leaks. And, more than just a group, it has been gaining momentum from loyal Adidas fans, and it is quickly taking on the shape of a community or a movement. But who is Yeezy Mafia? Here is everything you need to know about the community keeping tabs on Adidas new shoes.


Yeezy Mafia, like many other modern online groups, has the internet to thank for its foundation. The group’s members met online on social platforms and Adidas forums, and, realizing their collective passion for Adidas Yeezys, they decided to hunt Yeezys all over the world. To this end, Yeezy Mafia comprises 50 members from all over the world: the U.S., UK, Australia, Asia, and the greater Europe.

Although the group is fast gaining popularity online, its members still prefer to stay anonymous. However, in an interview, their leader was open enough to reveal that the group would have gone by the name ‘Yeezy Pirates’ had he got his way.

Who are they?

Although the group has maintained a high degree of anonymity about its members’ identities, the group’s leader did reveal in an interview that it is mostly comprised of sneaker dealers with good computer skills. And, of course, they are also loyal fans of the brand who are looking out for other loyal fans like themselves.

What Does Yeezy Mafia Do?

One of the ways in which Adidas and other outspoken shoe companies have been creating hype and buzz for their new releases by keeping their release dates a secret. This is one of the reasons why loyal fans do not mind to queue in line for days to avoid missing out on the best. It is also the reason why many deserving fans make their orders when it is already too late, and, consequently, the reason why most have to contend with large-sized shoes only.

However, Yeezy Mafia is fast changing this trend by leaking amazingly accurate Yeezy release dates way before even Adidas’ insiders. At first, the group attracted a lot of attention to itself by claiming to have accurate details of Yeezy new releases. However, with time, most of the group’s predictions turned out to be true, and it has maintained a nice run for about six months now.

Why do They Do it, and is it Legal?

A lot of questions have been raised about the legality of Yeezy Mafia’s actions, as well as on the real intention behind the group’s initiative. When it comes to ethics, it seems that the issue is like a two sided coin. On one hand, Adidas benefits from the group’s leaks as they create more buzz and hype about their new releases, hence guaranteeing demand. What’s more, the group leader argues that Adidas can use their customers’ feedback to modify the shoes early enough. On the other hand, however, these leaks compromise Adidas’ plans especially when the releases are meant to be a surprise.

When it comes to why Yeezy Mafia does what it does, there are several reasons given by both the group and its critics. The group’s main reason is that it hopes to keep everyone in the light early enough to prevent them from missing out on the highly anticipated new releases of Adidas shoes. To this end, the main message on the group’s website home page is to join the movement and avoid ending up with a size L.

However, there is also a financial aspect to the group’s leaks. As mentioned earlier, the group is mostly composed of sneaker shoe dealers, and they have used their publicity and reputation to entice buyers and resellers. According to the group, resellers can take advantage of its resourcefulness to get their hands on early releases and resell them at a profit. In fact, the group’s enterprise has quickly developed over the past few months to include services such as tutorials, inventory checkers for various websites, and database product scanners that help users find early links.

In spite of the buzz that this group has created, it is yet to elicit any form of response from Adidas to date. As such, it is only compelling to assume that it has not done anything wrong, at least not yet.

Are Yeezy Mafia Adidas Samples Authentic?

Perhaps what is even more exciting than Yeezy Mafia’s release date leaks is its alleged Adidas free samples. Many loyal fans have been causing a stir online with news that they already have their hands on Yeezy V2s, and most consider their samples a courtesy of Yeezy Mafia.

However, Yeezy Mafia has been quick to distance itself from these rumors. In fact, it has gone as far as to caution people from falling for cheap Yeezy V2 samples as they are most likely fake. According to the group, there are unscrupulous dealers making near-perfect replicas of the esteemed shoe, and they are selling them as samples for about a quarter of the authentic shoes’ price. However, the group does promise its followers authentic Adidas shoes immediately upon release since, after all, it mostly comprises of sneaker shoes dealers.

The Future of Yeezy Mafia

The future looks bright for Yeezy Mafia considering the fast past at which the group has grown over the past few months. Thanks to its accuracy, the group has gained quite a following on social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Instagram. So far, the group has gained over 50,000 followers on both platforms, and the number continues to grow by the day. What’s more, the group has been calling on more Adidas fans to register on its website and follow it online.

At this point, the group bears all the hallmarks of an online community, and its revolutionary leaks almost makes it a movement. And, considering that it has already leaked new dates for new releases, the group is expected to grow exponentially over the near future.

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