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The Five Best Pairs of Jimmy Choo Sneakers

Hawaii F Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Coarse Glitter Fabric Lace-Up Sneakers

When you think of Jimmy Choo, your thoughts don't naturally turn to sneakers. Luxurious heels, fancy wedges, kittenish flats, yes, but sneakers? No. But maybe they should. Jimmy Choo may have built its reputation on making high-end stilettos for equally high-end ladies, but it's far from a one-trick pony. Like many designer brands, Jimmy Choo has cottoned onto the fact that women want to feel comfortable as much as they want to look good. As a result, its sneaker collection has grown exponentially over the past few years. Sure, its core business may still be high heels and boots, but you're not going to struggle for options in the sneaker department either. But make no mistake- these aren't your standard, garden variety type of sneaker. The emphasis, as with all things Jimmy Choo, is on luxury, good taste, and oodles of sophistication. The craftsmanship is out-of-this-world, the materials are first-rate, the designs are exemplary. In short, Jimmy Choo sneakers are the business. If you value style but aren't prepared to sacrifice comfort to get it, a pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers are fast becoming a must-have. But where do you start? Which Jimmy Choo sneaker has that extra something-something that sets it apart from the pack? Tastes might be subjective, but if you want our advice, these are the 5 best pairs of Jimmy Choo sneakers on the market.

Diamond F Gold Metallic Suede Low-Top Sneakers with Crystal Embellishment

1. Diamond/F Gold Metallic Suede Low-Top Sneakers with Crystal Embellishment

You wouldn't expect Jimmy Choo to produce sneakers that were anything short of eye-catching, and you'd be right. Take these stunning pair of Diamond/F Gold Metallic Suede Low-Top Sneakers with Crystal Embellishment as an example. Sculpted to perfection and crafted from a head-turning metallic gold suede, they're as much talking point as they are shoe. In fairness, they're not going to be to everyone's taste. If you're a shrinking violet who prefers to blend in with the crowd than stand out from it, they're not going to suit you. But if you like to lead where others follow, you're going to love them. The look is bold, bright, and showstopping. From the shimmering crystal embellishment to the chunky futuristic, multifaceted sole, there's not a single feature that doesn't stand out. And yet somehow, it all comes together in one harmonious whole. As you'd expect of a brand like Jimmy Choo, as much attention has been paid to comfort as to style. Cushioned, supportive, and with just enough of a heel to put a spring in your step, they're the kind of sneaker your feet will thank you for wearing.

Miami Black Fine Glitter and Suede Sneakers

2. Miami Black Fine Glitter and Suede Sneakers

If you've always thought that sneakers are functional but kind of boring, you've clearly never cast your eyes over a pair of Jimmy Choo Miami Black Fine Glitter and Suede Sneakers. Combining downtown vibes with uptown chic, they're as delicious to look at as they are to wear. The monochrome colorway and fine scattering of glitter combine to create a shoe that manages to be both understated and glamorous at the same time. A debossed logo on the sole and an engraved logo plaque on the heel cap and laces confirm the provenance of the sneakers- although, in fairness, the extraordinary craftsmanship, the quality of the materials, and the exemplary design all do a good enough job of that on their own. Comfort is guaranteed by way of a padded ankle, a supportive sole, and just the right amount of cushioning.

Hawaii Crystal-Embellished Perforated Leather Sneakers

3. Hawaii Crystal-Embellished Perforated Leather Sneakers

If there's one thing every closet needs, it's a pair of white sneakers. They're the go-anywhere, do-anything shoe that packs a mighty punch. says that "the simple monochromatic white sneaker combines versatility and fashion to make for a timeless piece." simply calls them "The Most Important Shoe in Your Closet." Basically, if your closet doesn't already have some white sneakers tucked away in it, you need to get a pair, fast. And if you already have one pair... well, there's always room for a second. As to which pair to choose, we'd highly recommend turning your attention to Jimmy Choo's Hawaii crystal-embellished perforated leather sneakers. Made from smooth white leather, they're as crisp and clean as a blanket of fresh snow. The crystal-embellished eyelets add a nice little flourish, while the starry perforations at the toes turn what would otherwise be a classic pair of white kicks into something way cuter than they have any right to be. Last but certainly not least, the chunky sole is bang on-trend.

Nord Suede and Rubber-Trimmed Leather High-top Sneakers

4. Nord Suede and Rubber-Trimmed Leather High-top Sneakers

If you want a pair of sneakers that will instantly make your outfit look that little bit cooler, then look no further than the high top. As writes "High-top sneakers will always feel on the slightly cooler side—and that's always a good thing." But there are high tops and then there are high tops. Some might look OK and feel OK, but they lack that certain je ne sais quoi, that little certain something that elevates them from a basic shoe into a must-have item. The Nord Suede and Rubber-Trimmed Leather High-top Sneakers is not that kind of sneaker. This is a sneaker you'd gladly pay double the price for. Sharing the same high-top silhouette and chunky, cleated soles as the traditional hiking boots they've been modeled after, the 'Nord' sneakers are a dream of white nappa leather, crosta suede, and exquisite detailing. Bearing the signature Jimmy Choo stars on the rubber soles and marked by contrast color stitching, the sneakers manage to be both sporty and refined at the same time. Paired with anything from jeans to dresses, they're guaranteed to make you look and feel amazing.

Hawaii F Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Coarse Glitter Fabric Lace-Up Sneakers

5. Hawaii F Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Coarse Glitter Fabric Lace-Up Sneakers

Glitter is fast becoming something of a Jimmy Choo trademark. See it in its full glory with the Hawaii F Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Coarse Glitter Fabric Lace-Up Sneakers, an eye-catching pair of kicks that promise to be your new favorite obsession. Their pared-back silhouette is combined with a liberal scattering of glow in the dark glitter for a look that manages to be both street-savvy and sophisticated. The chunky heel has a fabulous leg-lengthening effect, while the padded ankles and supportive arch deliver comfort in spades. An everyday sneaker with enough charm and refinement to elevate your outfit to new heights of chic, they're a great example of why a pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers should be on every footwear fanatic’s wish list.

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