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What is Nike Mercurial?

Nike Mercurial

The Nike Mercurial is a model that you might not have heard about unless you're a soccer enthusiast. This is a precision and technical shoe that is made for one purpose, and that is to be worn when playing soccer. What is the Nike Mercurial and is it a good shoe for soccer? Here is everything you need to know to form your own opinions.

What is the Nike Mercurial?

According to Nike News, the Mercurial has a history that goes back to 1998 when it was first released as a sport-specific shoe. The cleats make it ideal for the track but it is designed to enhance the skills and control soccer players require when they're in the heat of a competitive match out on the field. The term Mercurial is defined as unpredictable, which is a feature of its unusual and unique aesthetics. It came out in 166 colorways and some of them reflect outside-of-the-box thinking in design. It's a bold shoe that gets its fair share of attention, which is something that at least some soccer players do value, but aesthetics aside, performance is one of the most important considerations in a technical shoe. This eclectic shoe has a unique construction and design that is intended for use in the European football period.

Nike Mercurial design examines the three main types of the Mercurial soccer shoe. These are the Mercurial Elite, the Mercurial Pro, and the Mercurial Academy. The Mercurial Academy is a semi-competitive shoe that features a fabric dynamic fit collar that securely locks down the shoe for a proper fit. The upper is made of synthetic materials that are soft and flexible for the natural movement of the feet during play. It is also coated for enhanced durability. The shoe features a TPU outsole and a stud layout that enhances speed when running on grassy surfaces. This is the most affordable version of the soccer cleat at $85 per pair.

Nike Mercurial Pro

The Mercurial Pro is a competitive soccer shoe that features a dynamic-fit fly knit collar that offers a more lightweight fit with additional security. The upper is made of synthetic fly knit material that is flexible yet provides a degree of stability for play on the field. It's highly breathable, allowing air to circulate over and across the feet to help prevent uncomfortable hot spots from forming and foot perspiration. For traction, it is constructed with a TPU soleplate that features a Nike aerotrak zone that provides outstanding traction and grip-ability from the cleats. The Mercurial Pro is the mid-range model in the line that is sold at an average price of $149.99.

Nike Mercurial Elite

The top of the line in the Mercurial collection is the Nike Mercurial Elite. This is a soccer shoe that pulls out all the stops. It sells for a price of $274.99 and is categorized in the highly competitive tier of the collection. It's a shoe that is designed for professional play and top performance for star athletes. Those with a passion for the game also prefer the Mercurial Elite for its exceptional performance that enhances the natural skills of the players. What sets this model apart from the rest is its lightweight fly knit fit with a speed band for lockdown and the Nike grip insole. The lining of the shoe is made of premium microfiber fabric that is soft and comfortable to the touch, yet lightweight. For traction, it relies on the Nike Aerotrak 2 soleplate that makes all the difference in delivering explosive acceleration and responsiveness. The fly knit upper is highly breathable to let air in to cool and dry the feet even during the most intense competition. The fly knit material is also flexible to let your feet move naturally while you're making precision moves on the field. This is the most expensive of the three versions of the Nike Mercurial, but there are noticeable differences in the appearance. It's wider in profile with a thicker appearance and a shorter cuff around the ankle than the next tier down.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite Firm Ground

This is one of the many variants in the Nike Mercurial lineup. According to Run Repeat, this iteration features a barefoot feel at the ball that is highly valued or its comfort. The fly knit material provides more of a socklike sensation on the feet with extreme low-top comfort. Decent lockdown is achieved through the heel lining for a more firmly secure it. When compared to other Mercurial models, the Vapor 360 Elite FG has an upper that is improved with a more stretchable fabric that is good for people with wider feet.

Final thoughts

The Nike Mercurial is available in a variety of styles and colorways. It's a precision and technical shoe that is made for soccer players. You can choose from three different tiers that make it affordable for practically every one of all budgets. The base model is the Mercurial Academy that is designed for semi-competitive users. It's a great entry soccer shoe that delivers decent performance for a reasonable price. At the next level, for competitive soccer players is the Mercurial Pro. It runs about $150 and is the middle-of-the-road soccer shoe that offers a bit higher performance for the additional outlay of cash. The top of the line model is the Nike Elite, intended for highly-competitive athletes playing in high-stakes games. It's also suitable for those who require the best in soccer cleat performance. It helps to enhance the skills of the player for the ultimate and best possible performance on the soccer field. Nike has thought of everything when it comes to offering a range of options that includes affordable through expensive. As with most things, you get what you pay for and if you're into serious competition, the Nike Mercurial Elite is one of the most highly recommended technical shoes, if you can find them. They tend to sell out fast.

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