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A Closer Look at the Hoka One One Clifton 7

Hoka One One Clifton 7

The Hoka One One Clifton 7 sneaker is a lightweight shoe with maximum shock absorption and superb comfort. When joggers or runners shop for sneakers, this model is the fast one they think of. According to Run Repeat, experts assert that the sneaker is the best Hoka has ever produced. In fact, they are unable to find anything wrong with the sneakers. Besides its lightness, critics also praise the sneaker for its aesthetics. Some versions of the sneaker come in one color or a combination of colors. Additionally, the female version of the brand is available in nine colors. With great comfort and aesthetics, who would want to pass up these sneakers? So, what else does the Hoka One One Clifton offer to the wearer?

Ortholite Insole

This insole is manufactured by a company called Ortholite. The company has existed since 1997. Its goal has always been to produce high-quality insulation for all types of footwear. According to Best Walking Shoes Review, several shoe companies have incorporated this insole into their shoe for many years. So it is no surprise that Hoka has jumped onto this insole bandwagon. The insole is beneficial in so many ways. First, they are breathable since they are made from Polyurethane (PU) foam. The foam makes the insole breathable by 95%. Due to their breathability, they allow air to circulate within your feet. Since your feet stay cool, they will not sweat; hence you will not get foot odor. Also, the insole provides sufficient cushioning. Since the cushioning aids in shock absorption, you can run in them without encountering problems like blisters or burning sensations from strain. Lastly, this insole is washable. Unfortunately, most insoles bend or tear after being washed. Thankfully, you can wash this insole since it can remain intact.

EVA (Ethel Vinyl Acetate) Midsole

Most midsoles are made from rubber. While rubber is advantageous by itself, EVA is more advantageous. First, they are more effective shock absorbers than rubber. Their shock absorption ability can be attributed to their firmness. Therefore, you can run or walk without significantly impacting your feet. Without EVA, your feet would develop blisters, or you would experience foot fatigue. Another reason why EVA is a good material is because of its durability. To understand its durability, we have to talk about where else the material is applied. EVA is used to storing frozen foods since it does not disintegrate. It is the same reason it is preferred for these sneakers. For instance, you will hardly replace your worn-out midsole since EVA does not break. They can therefore tolerate any force. Even though rubber is a light material, EVA is lighter. Due to its lightness, you will experience maximum comfort as you walk in these sneakers. Have you ever walked in heavy sneakers? If you have, you realize that you become tired quickly despite walking for only a few meters. Since EVA makes this sneaker light, you can walk in them without experiencing any tiredness.

Mesh Upper

Since the upper is the most exposed part of the sneaker, it is made from mesh. Mesh is a lightweight material that also offers many benefits to the wearer. Mesh is breathable, which means your feet receive maximum air circulation. To further offer air circulation, Hoka included additional pores on the upper. Sweating is inevitable when you run. However, sweat makes your feet wet, which is very uncomfortable. As a result, you may need to take off your shoes. Fortunately, you do not need to remove these sneakers from your feet to cool them. Air is able to circulate through the breathable material, so you will barely feel any sweat around your feet. Stability is essential when participating in sports. Without stability, you would fall and embarrass yourself in front of the spectators. Another place you are likely to fall is running along bumpy roads or wet terrain. If you use the wrong sneaker, then you will slip. Due to mesh's stability, you can maintain your balance regardless of where you run. Finally, mesh is durable since it is resistant to wear and tear. Besides being durable, it is cheap. So, the saying, "cheap is expensive," does not apply to this material. By buying these sneakers, you will not have to spend money repairing them. If you need cost-effective shoes, then get these sneakers or other shoes with mesh uppers.

Heel Offset

The sneaker has a heel offset of 5mm. Heel offset or heel-toe drop is the difference between the material under the heel and under the sneaker's forefoot. With a heel offset of 5mm, it is generally considered high. Therefore, this sneaker is suitable for runners who land on their heels from a high fall. It is especially the case when taking part in high jumps. When you land on the ground from a high height, your feet will feel a significant force from the impact. If you had sneakers with a low heel offset, you would soon experience foot injuries. Having a high heel offset means the sneakers have more cushioning than those with a low heel offset. Rather than the heels feeling the impact, the cushioning instead transfers the force to the hips and knees. The force is transferred to the hips and knees because they can tolerate more impact than your heels.


Runners have always picked the wrong sneakers for a long time. Most of them pick sneakers because they are visually appealing. However, it is more important to analyze what the shoe is made of. If you are a runner looking for sneakers, then the Hoka One One Clifton 7 model is the best sneakers to get. As you run, the sneakers undergo a lot of external pressure. Fortunately, you will not have to bear with wear and tear in some sneakers. These sneakers are durable due to the materials used to make them. Also, since they undergo impact from your movement, your feet stay comfortable. So, by acquiring these sneakers, you can bid goodbye to foot fatigue or sweaty feet.

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