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The 10 Most Expensive Skateboards in the World


Skateboarding became a craze in the 1980s and the sport has picked up speed in popularity ever since. While beginners may just be thankful to get their first skateboard, those who are more experienced are looking for a particular type with a design that enhances their advanced skills. True purists who have advanced past a mild passion to a definite obsession don't mind paying thousands for a one of a kind or exclusive design. Just how much would you have to pay for the most expensive skateboard in the world? We were curious and we found the ten most expensive skateboards in the world, and the details and price may shock you.

10. BMW Street Carver - $500

The BMW automaker has thrown its hat in the ring with a pro skateboard. When BMW does something they usually do it well. If you don't mind paying a hefty price tag for the brand name, you also get some extra perks in the deal. The quality is superb. This is a heavy model that features cast-aluminum truck assemblies and the deck is made of fiberglass and wood. The wheels are 110 mm, but it comes at a pretty price making it the tenth most expensive skateboard in the world.

9. Exkate - X-24 - $1,000

The Exkate X-24 is double the cost of BMW's entry. This is where skateboard and advanced technology form a perfect union. The Exkate is an electronic skateboard that can jet up to twenty miles per hour and it only takes four seconds to get there. You can charge the skateboard up to 400 times and each full charge will let you run approximately 10 miles.

8. Super Board Custom Skate Board - $5,686

This skateboard is for serious skaters who know their craft and demand nothing but the best. The Super Board custom Skateboard will run you well over five grand, but it's made of hard rock maple wood of the best possible quality. The brand has been going strong for years and it has built a solid reputation for quality and performance. This is not only one of the most expensive skateboards in the world, it's one of the best, and it's also customizable.

7.1984 Rip City "No Net Ever" Black Flag - $7,000 (mint condition)

This highly valued skateboard is reminiscent of the California skater scene. It pays homage to the hardcore punk band Black Flag. The deck features the art of Raymond Pettibon who is guitarist Greg Ginn's brother. This is a Rip City issue that was released in 1984 and it's a board that has secured the seventh most valuable of all time.

6. 1988 Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas - $7,250 in mint condition

This is a skateboard that has become a rare collectible that fetched an amazing $7,250 for a mint condition example that was sold on AOS. This is a Kaupas graphic that was inspired by a painting created by Frank Frazetta. If you can get your hands on a Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas board you will have something of value if it's in prime condition.

5. Golden Skateboard - $15,000

This Golden Skateboard was once considered to be the most expensive skateboard in the world, before being unseated. It is one of the most highly collectible skateboard ever made. On the exterior, it is wrapped entirely in electro-plated gold that is 99.999 percent pure. Although it looks like something that should be kept safely stored in a display case, it is a fully functional skateboard.

To our knowledge, nobody has ever taken it fro a spin at the park though. In fact, it has a mirrored finish and the only way that it has been handled is with a pair of archival gloves made of pure cotton material so the wonderful finish doesn't get smudged. This example is heavier than the average skateboard, coming in at 9 pounds with a measurement of 31.5 inches in length and 8 inches in width.

4. The Supreme Mundi - $20,000

If you thought that the Golden Skateboard was expensive, here is one that goes for a whopping $5 grand more. Like the previous board, this one was once claimed to be the most expensive in the world at $20K. It sold on an eBay auction for this impressive amount. It is the creation of British artist Adrian Wilson. The skateboard serves as a testament to the Salvador Mundi sale for $450 million. It's a fully functional skateboard but being such a rare and valuable collector's piece, we doubt that it ever sees any action.

3. Tony Hawk's Personal Beatles' Blackbird" Board - $27,116

The third most expensive skateboard in the world is one that was previously owned by Tony Hawk. He sold it at a charity auction to raise money for a good cause. The board features the lyrics from the Beatles' song "Blackbird, which was written by surviving Beatle Paul McCartney.

2. Bucky Lasek and Adam Yauch four deck set - $35,000

This set of four decks was also sold at Tony Hawk's auction to help raise funds to build new skateparks. The decks feature the lyrics for "Bodhisattva Vow," by the Beastie Boys. Apparently there were some skater fans that couldn't pass the deal up making this the second most expensive skateboards in the world.

1. Jamie Thoma and Bob Dylan Blowin' In The Wind" Skateboard - $38,425

Finally, the most expensive skateboard in the world is one that was inspired by Jamie Thomas and Bob Dylan to feature the lyrics for Dylan's hit song "Blowin' In The Wind." This was made especially for the Boards + Bands auction and it fetched the highest price for the day and placed this skateboard as the number one most expensive in the world.

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