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The 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is a whiskey label that maintains a steady high of popularity with whiskey drinkers because of its consistent flavor. You don't hear about anyone getting a bad bottle. Jack Daniels started the distillery in 1866 and remained the master distiller until 1911 when he passed away. His successors continue his legacy of excellence.

Since then, the Jack Daniels label has distilled its share of special editions, some of which are costly. Collectors remain vigilant for rare bottles to complete their collections, but they come at a high cost in most cases. Here are the ten most expensive bottles of Jack Daniels for your consideration.

10. Jack Daniel's Scenes From Lynchburg No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey 750 - Price: $972.99

This rare bottle of JD No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey is a highly collectible item. This bottle is the first of the ongoing Scenes from the Lynchburg series and it's getting harder to find. the alcohol level in this batch is 43%. Frootbat acquired ownership of this rare bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey and offers it for sale with an authenticity guarantee for collectors.

9. Jack Daniel's 150th Anniversary Special Tennessee - Price: $999.99

The average cost of this rare bottle of the limited edition 150th Anniversary Special Tennessee is just under $1k, with some examples selling for higher prices. The batch was made to commemorate 150 years of distilling at the Jack Daniel's Distillery. It's a 750 ml released in 2016, containing the same recipe used for the original No. 7, but with a higher strength of 50% ABV. the 100-proof whisky with more of a kick.

This beverage features aromas of butterscotch with rising and falling notes of buttery corn-on-the-cob, apple, and vanilla bean. On the palate, sensations of toasty oak and plump apricot are detectable with predominant notes of cinnamon and caramel. The finish is smooth and buttery with hints of fruit and hickory.

8. Jack Daniel's 1981 Gold Medal Tennessee - $999.99

This is a bottle of Jack Daniel's 1981 Gold Medal Tennessee label whisky with its unique formulation of 70% rye grain bill. This rare bottle is the seventh and final bottle produced in the Gold Medal Series. It was released in 2006 in honor of the receipt of the most recent gold medal distinction awarded to the distillery.

The label was released from 1996 to 2006 in commemorative bottles with seven unique designs. Each bottle produced in the series celebrates a distinct gold medal that the distillery was awarded. That's what makes them so extremely rare. This bottle is highly collectible because it is the last bottle made in the 1981 Gold Medal Tennessee Collectors trying to achieve a full set of the seven are happy to see a new member of the set come up for sale.

7. Jack Daniel's Holiday Select Tennessee Whiskey 750 ml - Price: $1,018.99

Jack Daniel's Holiday Select is a festive recipe made as an annual treat. This is a rare original bottle from the 2011 release. It contains 740 ml of the recipe matured in casks used in the creation of the Lynchburg distillery's barrel Christmas tree. It's a spicier blend with more punch in a 50% ABV production. It produces richness and depth with less sweetness on the palate. You could sip it for special occasions, but why would you? This is a special collectible bottle that is rare on the market today.

6. Jack Daniel's Combo Set - Price: $1,099.99

We found this rare set of Jack Daniel's whiskey at Keg n' Bottle. The set contains one bottle of Jack Daniel's eric church Single Barrel Select, one bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Special Reserve Rye Whiskey, and one bottle of Jack Daniel's 10 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey. It's a collector's dream. The Eric Church Single Barrel Select is a hand-selected edition by Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller. It's a one-of-a-kind recipe. The whisky has slight hints of caramel and vanilla, rising and falling through the lingering finish of toasted oak.

The Single Barrel Special Reserve Rye Whiskey is a special release made annually with rich brown sugar and vanilla notes. The 10 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey is aged 10 years with notes of soft fruit and warm butterscotch with a long finish lingering with spice and sweet tobacco. The three bottles included in this set are highly collectible.

5. Jack Daniels 1913 Gold Medal - Price: $1,538.99

This rare bottle of Jack Daniels 1913 Gold Medal contains 750 ml of a special recipe developed by the Jack Daniel's Distillery and released in 1913, just two years after the death of Mr. Daniels. A panel of international tasters from Ghent, Belgium, paid tribute to Daniels awarding the distillery a Gold Medal of Excellence for the product.

The award endorsed the quality of the label with the third gold medal. This rare edition is a Jack Daniel's 1913 Gold Medal. It came in a 1-liter bottle, produced for international markets. The bottle is a rare example from the dwindling collection with a value of more than $1,500 to select collectors. It's offered in an original box with a small tear on the top.

4. Jack Daniel's 1915 Gold Medal Series Tennessee Whiskey 750 ml - Price: $1,403.99

This rare bottle of Jack Daniel's Gold Medal Series Tennessee Whiskey is a 1915 vintage of the whiskey series. The bottle of whiskey has survived intact to become a rare collectible. It's getting harder to find vintages over a century old. Especially those with the seals still intact. When you do, the value goes up.

3. Jack Daniel's 1905 Gold Medal Series Tennessee Whiskey 750 ml - Price: $1,538.99

Frootbat offers this ultra-rare collectible bottle of 1905 Gold Medal Series Tennessee Whiskey. It is a 1905 vintage that survived the years in pristine condition without damage to the seal. Frootbat is offering the 45% alcohol by volume whiskey in its original container, undisturbed that is over a century old. It comes with an authenticity guarantee.

2. Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey 1 liter - Price: $2,589.99

This whisky is an ultra-rare bottle of Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century Tennessee Whisky. They released it in 2015. It comes with numbers assigned to each bottle produced, honoring the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra. The bottle comes in a deep blue high gloss collector's box with a hard-cover tribute booklet and USB tie pin with unreleased recordings of Sinatra at the Sands Hotel casino from 1966. Only 100 craft barrels were selected to age the recipe. It's 100 proof in a limited run that is a collectible in high demand.

1. Jack Daniels 1955 - 5-Year-Old Bot, 1960 - Price:$ 5,043.03

The Whisky Exchange offers the rarest bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey on the collector's market today. It is an ultra-rare collectible bottle that contains cloudy whisky. Although the seal remains unbroken, the closure may have deteriorated from the ravages of time. It's from a 1955 vintage aged five years and distilled into bottles in 1960. All others in our list are consumable if you don't mind depriving the world of a treasure, but this edition is not consumable. It's a rare example with the highest value of vintages fifty years older.

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