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The 10 Best Gluten-Free Beers Money Can Buy

Gluten Free

Beer is traditionally made from cereal grains such as barley that naturally contain gluten. However, according to Beyond celiac, if you have a Celiac-related condition such as celiac disease, it means that you should be very careful to avoid barley, wheat, oats, and rye in your diet. But this does not mean you can’t have your occasional beer. There are lots of great gluten-free beer options now available in various styles. Here is an exclusive review of the 10 best Gluten-Free Beers money can buy.

10. Stone Brewing Delicious IPA ($8)

Stone Brewing is famous for its series of India pale ales drinks that are flavorful, bold, and well-distributed. WithStone Brewing made a gluten-free Delicious IPA, 7.7 % ABV, with the gluten-free movement. The bright green bottles and cans are distinctive and hold a delicious beer, true to its name. Her beer is made using a mix of Calypso, Nugget, Lemon drops, and El Dorado hops, giving it an enticing citrusy flavor and a bitter-dry finish. It stands for everything the IPAs brewery is known for, just that it’s gluten-free. The companies also put techniques to decrease gluten contamination in any equipment the beer comes across.

9. Redbridge Gluten-free Sorghum Beer ($5)

The Redbridge Gluten-free Sorghum Beer was first released in 2006, and it’s one of the readily available beers. It is stocked in the supermarkets in the U.S., making it easy to find an option for drinkers who have no lots of options in their area. The sorghum beers naturally have a sour taste, so a beer like Redbridge takes some to become used to. It’s brewed such as a lager and features a characteristic flavor of the company’s macro lagers. It features a smooth texture and slightly fruity aroma but is not strongly sweet, such as the hard ciders. This beer is an excellent option if you enjoy sour beers, and the taste can grow on you.

8. Brunehaut Belgian Tripel ($7/ 750ml)

The Brunehaut Belgian Tripel is one of the best gluten-free beers. One sure thing is certain, this drink is boozy, so if you are out for the craft beer buzz, you should hit this one. With an 8% ABV, it’s one of the boozy drinks and one of the top 10 gluten-free beers available in the U.S. You will get a gluten-free beer fruitiness that is well balanced by crisp citrus notes and affixed by a caramelly pillar.

7. Estrella Damm Daura ($ 3.87)

This candid Spanish lager is the most crushable, with an ABV of 5.4%. The Estrella Damm Daura has been infused for a Mediterranean taste. Hence it’s relatively thinner and thirst finishing than the old-fashioned craft beer. However, it still maintains a malty note with a crisp, lightly hopped finish. It is one of the gluten-free beers that go down easily.

6. New Grist Pilsner ($37.29)

If you are not a fan of sweet beers, this pilsner from New Grist is another total gluten-free brewery worth checking out. Brewed from a blend of rice and sorghum, it is not overpoweringly sweet but has some sourness that most people love. With a 4.6% ABV, it is refreshing, light, and tastes almost like cider.

5. Ghostfish Shrouded Summit Witbier ($11)

Ghostfish Brewing Company is a Seattle gluten-free brewery that provides an exciting drink lineup. It distributes its beer to numerous states in the U.S. and some Canadian provinces. One of its best gluten-free beers is the Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale. With a 4.8 % percent ABV, you will get a beer that contends any Belgian Witbier. The company used millet, rice, and buckwheat to brew this incredible gluten-free beer. A few adjustments give the hazy golden brew a signature kiss of coriander spice and sweet orange.

4. Omission Lager ($6)

The list of the best gluten-free beers cannot be complete without an omission lager. Omission Brewing Company makes gluten-free barley beers that any beer fan will appreciate. Not only is the Omission Lager easy to find, but they are also great beers that stand out as well balanced among the lot. At 4.6 percent ABV, the Ultimate Light Golden Ale is a great light beer. The lager is exceptional in gluten-free beers and refreshing as all the other lagers. Brewed with Cascade hops and Millennium, the crisp beer has already won awards against other lagers. Ultimately, it’s an easy and light drink worth a backyard barbecue.

3. Glutenberg Blonde Ale ($10)

Glutenberg company is a Quebec microbrewery that is gluten-free. Established in 2011, it has a growing distribution in the U.S. and Canada. If you find a brand near you, you will find a beer that matches your taste. All the beers are manufactured with naturally gluten-free grains, including; corn, amaranth, millet, quinoa, and buckwheat. One of the great gluten-free beers and the brewery’s first releases are the Gluntenberg Blonde Ale. This 4.5 percent ABV beer is refreshing and remains one of the favorites for many.

2. Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale ($9)

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing is a Chicago brewery founded by two brothers. This family-owned brewery is reputable in each well-crafted beer the brand produces. Prairie Path is the beer to look for when you want to cut the gluten, and it’s easy to find. The drink is gluten-free but still tastes untouched. It’s made at 5.1 percent ABV with a moderate 25 IBUs. It has creamy, mellow, and refreshing with its fruity notes.

1. Ipswich Ale Celia Saison ($11)

This Massachusetts-based brewery is famous for making a nice collection of crisp pilsner, ales, and scrumptious fruit beers. One of its all-seasonal drinks is the fascinating Celia Saison 6.5% ABV ale. The beer is prepared from sorghum, meaning it’s indeed gluten-free. In addition, the brewers use the Saison style of Belgian farmstead ales, which gives it an enjoyable sourness of zesty orange.

Bottom Line

These are the ten best gluten-free beers money can buy. With these options, gluten-free folks who love beer can drink the bottles they like. These picks are easy to find and tasty that even buddies who can have gluten like them.

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