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The Five Best Rums to Use in a Daiquiri


If you're a beginning mixologist with a passion for daiquiris, there are a few tricks to making the best cocktails. The ingredients dictate the quality of the beverage every time. Daiquiris come in a variety of flavor choices whether your preference is a classic cocktail, strawberry, or another type. Fresh ingredients of high quality are requisite for the perfect daiquiri, and the most important is the rum. We offer our pick of the five best rums for making outstanding daiquiris with a brief overview of five different rums to suit your tastes and preferences to make the best daiquiris in the neighborhood.

5. Plantation 3 Star Artisanal Rum Price: $17 to $22

Plantation 3 Star Rum hails from Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica with an ABV of 41.2%. It's moderately priced and offers notes of grass, chocolate, and biscuit. It's a good starting rum for making a split rum daiquiri. The libation is a blend of Jamaican and Barbados unaged rum, combined with 12-yer Jamaican rum and three-year-old Trinidad rum, perfected through carbon filtering to achieve a clear colorless white rum. This is a sweet and smooth rum with an ABV of 41.2% with hints of vanilla and molasses on the nose, with a lingering hint of sweet caramel left in the wake. You can find Plantation 3 Star Artisanal Rum at Twin Liquors and at other vendors both online and at brick and mortar establishments that carry distilled spirits.

4. Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum Price: $43.99

Sant Teresa 1796 Solera Rum is distilled in Venezuela and aged in bourbon barrels. It's the ideal base rum for daiquiris because of its smooth and balanced composition. On the nose, you discover a hint of woodiness with nuances of fruitiness. The initial taste on the palate is sweet with a molasses and honey quality that quickly fades to warm and earthy subtleties with impressions of leather, earth, and wood undertones. On the way out, the flavors fade into vanilla and caramel with a spicy peppery burn that lingers with a tobacco note that finishes the experience. This dark rum is exceptional in classic daiquiris or sipped as a neat.

3. Equiano African Caribbean Original Rum Price: $53.50

Equiano African Caribbean Original rum is a favorite for mixing daiquiri and other cocktails because of its warm and sweet flavors. This rum hails from Barbados, and Mauritius with an ABV of 43%. It's aged in casks previously used or bourbon and cognac, giving it subtle hints of its past from the containers, and aged to give it a lovely caramel coloring. On the nose, hints of oak and orange give it an earthy and fruity sensation, short-lived, fading to caramel and butterscotch flavors with a distinct taste of banana, ideal for strawberry daiquiri cocktails. Raisin and brown sugar notes are also detected in this complex rum that offers wondrous balance. It's a warm rum with scintillating notes throughout the drinking experience. This label is recommended for mixologists who enjoy delivering handcrafted cocktails with a signature flavor for those with discriminating tastes. It's a crowd-pleaser that works well in a variety of different drinks, imparting sweetness and earthiness with a smooth and satisfying finish.

2. El Dorado 3-Year White Rum Price: $19.95-$27.95

El Dorado 3-Year White Rum is an English-syle spirit that hails from distilleries in Guyana. It's the rum of choice for most sour cocktails. This is one of the more simple rums that offers the ambiance of aged vanilla on the nose, to allow the other ingredients of the daiquiri to shine through. It's frequently used in a classic daiquiri because it doesn't interfere with the flavor for purists who do not wish to experience more complex notes. Sometimes less is better. The price is moderate for a rum that won awards at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2006 and 2007 earning silver and gold positions. It's a versatile rum that is exceptional when used in daiquiri or mojito cocktails. It offers a smooth and sweet texture with hints of coconut and vanilla on the nose.

1. Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Dark Rum Price: $50.95

Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario is a dark rum that is distilled in the southern region of Guatemala. Ingredients include sugar cane pressed into virgin sugar can honey and fermented with years originating in pineapples. It's a complex fermentation process that undergoes an aging process in cellars housed in regions over 7,000 feet in altitude with stable temperatures and lowers oxygen levels. This slows the aging process as the rum continues to mature in a variety of whiskey casks, Pedro Ximinez, and Sherry wine barrels to impart rich and complex aromas and flavors. The ABV is 40%. On the nose, this rum has an initial hint of fruitiness which fades into longer notes of honey and caramel with earthy oak wood overtones. On the palate, notes of licorice, vanilla, and oak continue with a warm sensation. Subtle notes of cinnamon and ginger add to the complexity of the flavor of the rum with a long finish. This rum blend undergoes an aging process between 6 and 23 years in a fine high-end blend. It's one of the most highly recommended rums for those who enjoy cocktails with a variety of subtle notes for the enjoyment and entertainment of a discerning palate.

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