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Why Nick & Stef's is One of NYC's Top Steakhouses

Nick and Stef's

There is an abundance of steakhouses in New York City from which you can choose. Each has its own menu and features that will appeal to different groups of people. Therefore, which is the best steakhouse in New York City is a matter of opinion. However, one restaurant that is consistently ranked as one of the finest steakhouses in NYC is Nick & Stef’s. Here are just some of the reasons why Nick & Stef’s is amongst the best steakhouses in NYC. The first thing to consider when rating the quality and standards of any restaurant is the food served. Diners of this restaurant have said that the food is excellent and that there is a fantastic choice of dishes and menu options. Beginning with the appetizers, there is the option to select something from the cold and raw seafood bar or to choose a hot starter from the menu. The hot options are also predominantly seafood based, although there is a meat and vegetarian option available.

The Menu is Extensive

Steak is the primary option on the entrée menu, and there is a good selection of cuts from which you can choose, including dry-aged steaks and sharing options. These are all served with watercress and there are optional sauces, potatoes, and sides that you can order to accompany your meal. Diners report that the steaks are cooked to perfection as per requested. Although most people who dine at this steakhouse opt for one of the delicious steaks, there are several other options available from the grill. These include an assortment of fish and seafood, pork chops, or a rack of lamb. Further options are available for those who do not want to order from the grill. These include jumbo lump crabmeat cakes, braised short rib, and rotisserie chicken. For those who want a lighter and healthier option, there is a selection of salads on the dinner menu.

The dinner menu is not the only options available, as Nick & Stef’s has several other menu options to meet your dining needs at different times. Along with some of the same offerings as the dinner menu, the lunch menu also offers some lighter options. These include salads, burgers, and sandwiches. Diners can also opt to eat a selection of appetizers instead of one of the larger meals. Other menu options include the dinner prix fixe menu, the Friday lunch menu, and the business lunch menu all offer smaller menus at set prices. Furthermore, this restaurant also serves happy hour bites. The latter cost $8 each, but are only served between 4 pm and 7 pm on certain nights of the week.

Drink options are also an important element of dining out, and you will find plenty of choices at Nick & Stef’s. Time Out recommends that you try one of the restaurant’s specialty cocktails before you begin your meal, then accompany your meal with a bottle of wine from the extensive wine list. You can end your dining experience with an after-dinner drink, such as bourbon or single malt whiskey. In addition to the wine and cocktail lists, there is a fully stocked bar if you prefer to drink beers or spirits.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Nick & Stef’s hosts special events and for these, they put on special menus which are often at set prices. There is also the option to hire the restaurant or parts of the restaurant for private events, depending on the size of the party. If you do not want to hire the full restaurant, you can hire The Alcove, the bar and lounge, or the outdoor patio. This means that there is an ideal space for you in this restaurant no matter what the size of your party or the type of event you are celebrating.

Another element of a restaurant that has a big impact on the dining experience is the vibe of the venue. According to NYC The Official Guide, Nick & Stef’s has an excellent vibe and it is a great place to eat on your way to the theatre. The simplistic décor and exquisite food make this venue equally suitable for a relaxed meal out with friends as it is for a fine dining experience or an intimate occasion.The prices at Nick & Stef’s are comparable to those of other steakhouses in the area. The average entrée costs between $30 and $50, depending on what you order. With an appetizer, drinks, and a dessert, you will probably spend under $100 per person. If you visit at lunchtime or opt for one of the set menus, then you can expect to pay significantly less. Other ways of saving money on a meal at this restaurant include taking advantage of one of the offers or signing up for their email newsletter, which entitles you to a $50 gift card in the month of your birthday. Therefore, you can dine at Nick & Stef's for significantly less than the usual cost.

Customer Service

Also worthy of note is the customer service you will receive at this restaurant. Diners have said that the staff is welcoming, friendly, and helpful. They have also said that the food is delivered in a timely manner. This all contributes to the excellent dining experience at this restaurant as it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Overall, Nick & Stef’s is amongst the best steakhouses in New York City and is certainly worth trying. There are many positives to the dining experience, including the quality of the food, the different menu options, the drinks available, the excellent customer service, and the reasonable prices. If you want to find out how good the steakhouse is yourself, then you will find it at Madison Square Garden on Pennsylvania Plaza. From Monday to Friday, the restaurant is open from 11.30 am to 10 pm. On Saturdays, it is open for dinner only between 4 pm and 10 pm. The steakhouse is closed on Sundays.

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