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The 20 Best Seafood Restaurants in Baltimore

The Local Oyster

Are you a seafood lover who is planning to be in the Baltimore, Maryland area soon? If so, then you might find our review of the top 20 seafood restaurants a handy guide. There are hundreds of restaurants in town but not all serve good seafood and not all of them are highly rated. To make it more convenient, we've reviewed the best seafood eateries in the city and included a brief overview, a link to the website and a ranking of those that are the most highly recommended by the locals, along with the address. We hope that you find it helpful in enhancing your dining experiences.

Twist Fells Point

20. Twist Fells Point

723 S Broadway, Baltimore

Twist Fells Point is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Baltimore. It offers a classic restaurant with unique decor that gives diners an intimate and nostalgiac feeling of being placed in another era in time. This is a cozy and refined establishment that is known for excellent service and a menu consisting of American and Mediterranean flavors with generous seafood offerings.

Nick's Fish House

19. Nick's Fish House

2600 Insulator Dr, Baltimore

Nick's Fish House is a casual eating establishment that specializes in seafood in burgers. It is located on the Patapsco River so diners can enjoy some spectacular views. There is also live music featured on Friday nights. The seafood is always fresh and Nick's Fish House offers regional specialties along with steamed crab, crab cakes and deck fries among the more popular menu items. There is a waterfront deck for dining or for enjoying one of the many craft brews offered on the menu. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner year-round and is family-friendly.

Rusty Scupper Restaurant and Bar

18. Rusty Scupper Restaurant and Bar

402 Key Hwy, Baltimore

The Rusty Scupper Restaurant and Bar is one of the most popular seafood restaurants on the waterfront. It provides guests with harborside dining and drinks at an upscale establishment tht is also a local landmark. Regional seafood dishes are found on the menu, along with a variety of signature dishes, desserts, wines, and craft beers. The restaurant and bar have been serving Baltimore for more than 30 years and it offers some of the best services from staff and amazing views of the waterfront.

17. Faidley Seafood

203 N Paca St, Baltimore,

Faidley Seafood is known for its extra-large portions when you place an order for jumbo-lump crab cakes. This is a no-frills seafood eatery that boasts some of the best seafood in the city and the servings are huge for a reasonable price. They also offer raw oysters. This is a standing room only space so most people take their food and go. You might experience a bit of a wait, but it's worth the extra time spent in line to get your order. Some patrons even share their orders with a friend. They're really that big!

Thames Street Oyster House

16. Thames Street Oyster House

1728 Thames St, Baltimore

The Thames Street Oyster House is a unique seafood house offering upstairs harbor-view seating and Eastern coastal fare. The eatery is attractively styled in brass and wood interior decor and it features a raw bar in addition to more traditionally prepared seafood items. This is a classic oyster house in the center of historic Fells Point and it features a main bar room with a charming back courtyard and happy hour in the bar nightly Monday through Friday. This is a popular social gathering place for the locals.

Jimmy's Famous Seafood

15. Jimmy's Famous Seafood

6526 Holabird Ave, Baltimore

Jimmy's Famous Seafood features an on-site restaurant for dining as well as catering and wholesale services for businesses. Buy in bulk or enjoy a meal at the restaurant. It offers a menu that has a wide array of seafood offerings including Maryland crab cakes, burgers, and sandwiches, sushi, seafood classics, combos and fresh fish, sides, and more. They also offer a sweets and milkshakes menu, a kids menu, along with a raw bar and a steamer bar, serving lunch, brunch, dinner, seasonal fare and drinks.

L.P. Steamers

14. L.P. Steamers

1100 E Fort Ave, Baltimore

LP Steamers is short for Locust Point. This is a laidback seafood eatery that offers rooftop and deck dining with amazing views of teh city. They specialize in Maryland-style steamed crabs and simple cooking. This is a critically acclaimed restaurant that has achieved a Zagat rating in addition to yet more recognitions by Trip Advisor, Yelp!, Baltimore Magazine, and the New York Times. It's also made it to the Zimmern List, and appeared on Food Paradise and Man V. Food.

Mama's On The Half-Shell

13. Mama's On The Half-Shell

2901 O'Donnell St, Baltimore

Mama's On the Half-Shell has been in business since 2003, serving up some of the finest seafood in Baltimore and even more, fulfilling its mission of serving guests with the true flavor of the city of Baltimore. It's as much a cultural experience as it is a fine dining adventure. The menu consists of a plethora of seafood specialties and a huge selection of oyster dishes. This is a combination of seafood eatery and tavern for your dining and drinking pleasure.

Angie's Seafood

12. Angie's Seafood

1727 E Pratt St, Baltimore

Angie's Seafood is housed in an old five-story brick building on Pratt Street. It is a casual seafood eatery in the center of Fells Point with some of the freshest seafood in the city. The restaurant is known for its outstanding service for indoor dining as well as event hosting and delivery services. The seafood is amazing and it is one of the most highly recommended places for seafood lovers whether you're dining in or taking out.

Captain James Crabhouse

11. Captain James Crabhouse

2121 Aliceanna St, Baltimore

This eatery is located on the waterfront and features a unique atmosphere with a restaurant that has been designed to look like a merchant ship. The food is outstanding with classic seafood dishes as well as their signature plates. the service is warm and friendly and the atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant and friendly. It's recommended that you make reservations in advance.

Bo Brooks Restaurant

10. Bo Brooks Restaurant

2780 Lighthouse Point E, Baltimore

The Bo Brooks Restaurant is open from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm daily. It is located on the waterfront in teh Canton neighborhood at Lighthouse Point. This restaurant is a mom and pop type that has been serving Baltimore since 1964 with its outdoor tiki bar, steamed crab and a host of other classic and signature seafood dishes.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

9. The Oceanaire Seafood Room

801 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is an upscale restaurant that is known for its amazing ambiance and high-end elegance. Diners must first make reservations as the establishment is steadily booked and it's difficult to get a table without reservations. It offers steaks, seafood and an extensive wine list with valet parking available for a $9 charge. This is an award-winning upscale restaurant.

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood & Steaks

8. McCormick & Schmick's Seafood & Steaks

711 Eastern Ave, Baltimore

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood and Steaks hs been in operation since 1998, serving some of the best steaks and seafood in Baltimore. The restaurant offers the classic decor with elegant hand-crafted walnut wood and stained glass with beveling. The atmosphere is warm and sophisticated as you would find in a private club setting. They serve seafood dishes, steaks and offer an extensive list of wines, beers, classic mixed drinks, and more trendy cocktails. It's a good idea to call for reservations in advance.

Loch Bar

7. Loch Bar

240 International Drive, Baltimore

Loch Bar is an upscale restaurant that features authentic Maryland crab cakes and Smith Island layer cakes. They are known for their seafood, raw oysters and rare whiskeys, beer, and wine. The establishment also offers an online ordering and delivery service. We caution that the prices are on the moderately high side, but the fare is highly recommended by the locals.

Roy's Restaurant

6. Roy's Restaurant

720 B Aliceanna Street, Baltimore

Roy's Restaurant is a high-end establishment that is a part of a chain of restaurants. They are known for their extensive seafood menu in addition to offering an Aloha hour with special pricing on signature cocktails, wine, and local craft beers as well as bar foods. It's a good idea to consult the schedule online for the hours of operation and reservations are highly recommended because the tables fill up quickly at this outstanding and elegant restaurant.

The Local Oyster

5. The Local Oyster

520 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

The Local Oyster is known for its Maryland seafood with signature cocktails and local craft beers on tap. The restaurant has a bar and features weekly specials and happy hours with screw shucking oysters fresh from the ice. It's one of the more popular seafood eateries and bars with a pub atmosphere and a flavor of Baltimore with late-night dining until 12 am.


4. Bertha's

734 S. Broadway, Baltimore

Bertha's is a combination seafood restaurant and tavern with a quirky personality that is best known for its mussels and live music. They also offer home and office delivery if you're not able to dine in. It's a great place to enjoy a hearty seafood meal and then enjoy a few drinks while catching live entertainment. It's been in business for more than 40 years and its crab cakes are considered to be the best in town. Bertha's Best Bitter is a specialty brew that is served to guests in pins. It is located in the historic district near the waterways.

3. The Black Olive

814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore

The Black Olive is a specialty seafood restaurant that is known for its whole fish, seafood and lamb dishes prepared in authentic Greek style cooking. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting and the restaurant also offers home or office delivery. The premises was formerly the Fells Point General store, and it was renovated in 1997 and converted into a quaint and elegant restaurant located on the portion of Bond Street that features cobblestone streets in the old waterfront area. This is a combination restaurant and tavern and it has been featured in Wine and Spirits Magazine.It's a good idea to call ahead for reservations, but sometimes, if you're lucky you can snag an open table.

Captain James Crabhouse

2. Captain James Seafood Palace

2127 Boston Street, Baltimore

Captain James Seafood Palace is open early to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is shaped like a merchant ship, and it is known for its warm and friendly staff and elegant yet casual atmosphere. It is one of the most beloved eateries in all of Baltimore with a specialty in steamed shellfish and a large selection of draft beers. It's an establishment where you can eat a hearty seafood meal, then relax in the elegant atmosphere over a few beers.

Ryleigh's Oyster

1. Ryleigh's Oyster

36 E. Cross Street, Baltimore

Ryleigh's Oyster is among the most popular seafood establishments in the city. The restaurant offers elegant yet casual dining with a raw bar and high-end regional cuisine. It's fancy but the setting is relaxed. It offers both bar and grill and it has a reputation for employing the finest chefs in the industry. There are indoor and outdoor areas designated for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and indoor seating with family-friendly dining rooms. In the summer there are live local bands performing in the garden-bulb it patio on Fridays and Saturday nights. You will want to call ahead for reservations to ensure that space is reserved for you and your party.

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