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The 10 Best Restaurants in Montego Bay, Jamaica


Montego Bay is one of Jamaica's most famous cities and one of the island's most popular tourist destinations. The city is known for its lively vibe and stunning beaches. There are many things to enjoy in Montego Bay, and dining out is undoubtedly part of the experience when visiting this destination as there are some fantastic places to eat. While most of the restaurants in this city serve Jamaican cuisine, there are also some fusion restaurants and eateries that serve cuisine from other parts of the world. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Evelyn's On the Beach

10. Evelyn's On the Beach

A spot often missed by tourists who are unfamiliar with the city is Evelyn's On the Beach, although it is popular with locals and tourists who have visited Montego Bay multiple times. It is a rustic restaurant that specializes in seafood. The restaurant uses fresh, locally caught fish and seafood to create their dishes, and most of the items on the menu are traditional Jamaican options. Typical examples you will see on the menu include filled rotis and brown stew fish with rice.

Dragon Court

9. Dragon Court

Although it is likely that you want to try Jamaican cuisine during your time in Montego Bay, you may not want to eat this style of food for every meal. Thankfully, there are many restaurants serving alternative cuisines, including Dragon Court. It is a fine-dining Chinese restaurant in Montego Bay that is within the Fairview Shopping Center. Most of the items on the menu are Cantonese favorites, although there are some more unusual offerings on the menu.

Usain Bolt's

8. Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records

Usain Bolt is one of the most famous and successful people to hail from Jamaica. Many people do not realize that the world-record-breaking Olympian owns a restaurant in Montego Bay called Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records. The athlete has dedicated the restaurant to himself and his achievements, as there is a huge statue of him in the entrance, and the televisions play reruns of him taking part in various events. His self-themed restaurant also serves outstanding food, and some examples of items on the menu include jerk platters, seafood curries, janga soup, and pepper shrimp.

Pork Pit

7. Pork Pit

Conveniently located on the Hip Strip, Pork Pit is a glorified food shack. Therefore, you should not expect a fine dining experience at this eatery. Instead, you will get a traditional Jamaican culinary experience, as the food is cooked over a traditional jerk pit with pimento wood sticks over hot coals. As you walk down Gloucester Avenue, it is likely that the aroma of meat cooking over the pit will tempt you into the restaurant to try something on the menu.

Pelican Grill

6. The Pelican Grill

Its bright orange exterior makes The Pelican Grill one of the most noticeable restaurants in Montego Bay. While the bright exterior gives the restaurant a Caribbean vibe, the interior has a completely different style. Inside the restaurant, there is a vintage pub theme, with brown leather booths and wood-paneled walls. Diners can choose from a menu of traditional Jamaican dishes, such as West Indian curries or oxtail stew. The Pelican Grill is located on Gloucester Avenue on the Hip Strip.

DLE Cafe

5. DLE Café

The best restaurant for vegetarians and vegans in Montego Bay is DLE Café in the Fairview Shopping Center. Although it is a healthy place to dine with plenty of salads and smoothies, there are also many hearty options on the menu. Even if you are not vegan, you should pop in to try the plant-based food or just enjoy a cup of coffee with one of their delicious cakes or desserts.

Peppa's Cool Spot

4. Peppa's Cool Spot

An unusual place to dine is at Peppa's Cool Spot, as it is an open-air eatery. The benefit of dining alfresco is the uninterrupted views of the coastline and jungle. The menu consists of traditional Jamaican fare, such as ackee and codfish, curried seafood, and jerk pork or chicken. It is one of the best places to enjoy a romantic meal out, as sitting under the stars with the warm glow of candlelight is the perfect setting for romance. You will find this restaurant along Rampart Close in Montego Bay.

House Boat Grill

3. Houseboat Grill

Lonely Planet recommends dining at Houseboat Grill, which has become one of the most popular and famous restaurants in Montego Bay. As its name suggests, this restaurant's setting is a converted houseboat moored in Bogue Lagoon, so there are water views no matter where you sit. For the best views and to enjoy alfresco dining, there is the option to sit upon the deck. The menu consists of eclectic Caribbean fusion cuisine. Seafood features highly on the menu, as do curries. The experience of dining on a houseboat differs from all other dining options in this city.

Marina Palms at Montego Bay Yacht Club

2. Marina Palms at Montego Bay Yacht Club

Montego Bay Yacht Club on Sunset Drive now has a brand new restaurant called Marina Palms, which has a sophisticated blue and white interior designed by local interior designer Kathryn Pinto May. Seafood is the highlight of the menu, and the locally caught seafood is prepared to the diners' liking. In addition to the amazing food, some other benefits of dining in this restaurant are the excellent views and the live entertainment.


1. Scotchies

According to The Culture Trip, the best restaurant in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is Scotchies. It is the original Scotchies location, and there are now several more around the island. The menu consists of Jamaican favorites. Although many restaurants in Jamaica serve jerk chicken, Scotchies is known as the best place to try this traditional Caribbean dish. The best place to sit at this restaurant is out on the patio so that you can watch your meal being prepared on the grill and take advantage of the sunshine.

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