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The 10 Best Restaurants in Guadalajara, Mexico

Hueso Restaurante

As Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico, it is unsurprising that it is one of Mexico's top destinations for dining out. There is a vast array of restaurants from which you can choose, ranging from those serving local cuisine to restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. There is also the option to dine in fine dining establishments or to choose venues with a less formal environment. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Guadalajara to help you decide where to dine.

Birrieria las 9 Esquinas

10. Birreria las 9 Esquinas

You should try many local specialties during your visit to Guadalajara, but one of the tastiest is a local stew called birria. This dish is a stew made from either lamb or goat, and it is slow-cooked until the meat is falling apart. One of the best places to try this dish is at a restaurant called Birreria las 9 Esquinas, which is a casual place to that also serves many other local specialties. The only downside to this restaurant is that there is often a wait for a table because it is so popular with both tourists and locals.


9. Bruna

Bruna made waves when it entered the Guadalajara culinary scene in 2015. Its opulent setting contrasts with the menu, from which the chef draws inspiration from street food. The restaurant is set in manicured gardens, has black and white tiled floors, and has its own exclusive art gallery. Yet, executive chef Oscar Garza has created a menu of using recipes passed down through generations and dishes that are sold on the city's streets but served in a refined manner. Many of the dishes are cooked on a wood-fired grill. The extensive wine menu features many Mexican offerings.

Tacos La Choza

8. Tacos La Choza

Regular travelers have come to realize that some of the best food to eat in new locations is street food, as this is a true representation of the traditional local cuisine, and it is often the most flavorsome. If you enjoy street food just as much as sitting down in a restaurant, then grab a bite to eat from the famous Tacos La Choza. It is a food cart that opened in 2009, and it now has a more esteemed reputation than many of the city's restaurants. They use only top-quality cuts of meat for their tacos, and they add some gourmet flair to the standard offerings. The taco offerings include fillings such as marinated prawns, goat's cheese, portobello mushrooms, and slices of Magret duck breast.


7. Lucuma

Vegetarians do not have a good time finding great places to eat out in Guadalajara because many of the restaurants have meat-heavy menus. However, some restaurants offer a good selection of vegetarian options, and one of the nicest is Lucuma. Although it is not a vegetarian restaurant, there are plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians. Lucuma's food is traditional Mexican, although there is some modern flair, and the dishes are creatively plated, so they look visually appealing on the plate.

Café P'al Real

6. Café P'al Real

For those on a budget who cannot afford to dine out at the top fine dining establishments but who still appreciate high-quality food, Café P'al Real is one of the city's best options. It is known for serving a menu of delicious yet inexpensive food. The specialty at this casual eatery is lonche de pancita, which is a sourdough roll filled with pork belly and garnishes with avocado, onion, coriander, and salsa. You will find this café on Calle Lope de Vega, Arcos Vallarta, Guadalajara.

La Trompada Caligari

5. La Trompada Caligari

If you do not know about La Trompada Caligari, it is possible to miss it, as it is down a side street in the Americana neighborhood. It is a daytime eatery known for its breakfasts and lunches, and it has earned a reputation for serving food that packs a punch. One of the most popular options on the menu is the chilaquiles, which are fried corn tortillas. It is a relaxed place to dine with eccentric interior design in vibrant colors.

Restaurante Alcalde

4. Alcalde

50 Best Discovery lists Alcalde as one of Guadalajara's top restaurants, and it is even on some lists of the best restaurants in the world. Open since 2013, chef Francisco Ruana leads the restaurant, and he creates dishes using ingredients from the local markets. The dishes are a creative and modern take on traditional Mexican flavor combinations, and they specialize in regional Jalisco cuisine. Smart plating and vibrant colors mean the dishes are visually impressive.

Restaurante Allium

3. Allium

The menu at Allium consists of Mexican fusion dishes, and there is a farm-to-table ethos. The ingredients are so fresh that some are picked from the restaurant's own rooftop garden immediately before being added to a dish. They also source ingredients from local artisan producers, such as beekeepers and cheese makers. The menu consists of meat and vegetarian dishes, along with a catch of the day option.

Hueso Restaurante

2. Hueso Restaurant

Chef Alfonso Cadena is at the helm of the Hueso Restaurant in Guadalajara. It has become known as one of Mexico's finest restaurants. One of the restaurant's most notable features is its unique interior décor, including white floors and walls that are decorated in thousands of animal bones. Another unusual feature of the restaurant is the dining arrangements, as all the guests sit at one long table that can seat up to 54 people. Despite the restaurant's unusual nature, the food is exquisite, and most of the dishes use locally sourced ingredients.

1. Lula Bistro

**permanently closed

According to The Culture Trip, the best restaurant in Guadalajara is Lula Bistro. It is an innovative restaurant that takes a modern approach to traditional Mexican cuisine, serving both large and small plates of food. There is also the option to enjoy a multi-course tasting menu that changes with the seasons and uses locally sourced ingredients.

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