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The 10 Best Places To Eat in Crete, Greece

Herb's Garden

The island of Crete is the largest in all of Greece, as well as the most populated. This hub of activity and Greek culture also boasts some of the best places to eat. Whether you're in Crete on business or there for a leisurely vacation, you can't enjoy Greece to its fullest unless you indulge in the cuisine. If you're visiting for the first time, you probably have no idea about where to eat. We have a solution to the dilemma with our guide to the 10-best places to eat when you're in Crete, Greece.


10. Pigadi Restaurant

Pigadi Restaurant is a reasonably priced establishment that specializes in local Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant does not offer takeout or delivery, so you should plan on this dine-in experience. This venue is an exclusive eatery that prepares traditional Greek food with interesting modern twists to make them interesting. The plates feature smaller portions, but the food is exquisitely prepared and arranged on the plate. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed for romantic dinners for two. Pigadi offers the option of eating inside or at tables provided on the street.

7 Thalasses

9. 7 Thalasses Restaurant

Thalasses specializes in the preparation of seafood dishes with a Mediterranean flair. The staff is friendly and attentive. They serve meals within a reasonable amount of time. The restaurant sits by the water. The location affords some of the most beautiful views in Crete. Examples of the food are lobster linguini, monkfish and shrimp saganaki, seabass, and other traditional Greek seafood dishes. The pricing is moderate. The food and service receive high marks from patrons.


8. Rimondi Restaurant

Rimondi Restaurant sits in the center of Rethymnon in the old town. It is within view of the Venetian Rimondi Fountain near the Venetial Harbour ad the Town Beach. The atmosphere is laid back with beautiful views of the harbor. The staff is friendly and personable. The eatery opens at 10 AM to serve brunch through dinner. The menu is extensive with international choices that vary from traditional Cretan foods to pizza, pasta, poultry, meat, fish, and salads. The restaurant offers takeout or dine-in services. Live music is available during the winter months for evening diners.

Pasiphae Restaurant

7. Pasiphae Restaurant

You have your choice of dine-in or takeout at Pasiphae Restaurant. The food is highly-rated by locals and visitors. The restaurant is open at 8 AM to serve the breakfast crowd, and it is also open for lunch and dinner. A variety of menu options are available with traditional Cretan fares such as seafood to French cuisine with beignets, vanilla ice cream, and liqueurs to settle your meal.

Avli Rustic Fine dining

6. Avli Rustic Fine Dining Restaurant

Avil is a lunch restaurant that you might want to call for reservations. Here you will experience the fullness of the culture of Crete in the aromas, the flavors, and the environment of this highly acclaimed restaurant. It is likened to Michelin rated establishments by patrons. The restaurant is famous for transforming traditional Cretan dishes with a modern interpretation using fresh produce and local ingredients. The award-winning restaurant is one that you should put near the top of your list to try while you're visiting the isle of Crete.


5. Atrium Restaurant

The Atrium Restaurant opens at 9 AM to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a bar and restaurant that specializes in modern and traditional Cretan fare and house cocktails. The atmosphere is laid-back and fun. The food is exceptional. If you want a taste of modern Cretan culture and cuisine, this restaurant comes highly recommended by locals and visitors.

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4. Castello Restaurant

Castello is a restaurant that requires guests to sit down and eat. There are no takeout or delivery services, but once you give it a chance, you'll be glad that you did. The atmosphere is elegant. It provides you with a feel for the culture of Crete. The food is exceptional in flavor and texture with an extensive menu offering such as seafood and other Mediterranean fares. Start with appetizers and proceed through multiple courses to complete your meal with a tempting dessert and after-dinner cocktail.

Herb's Garden

3. Herb's Garden

Herb's Garden opens daily at 1 PM for late lunches and dinners. It is situated near the Cretan sea for panoramic views of the harbor as you enjoy your meal. Dine on the finest-balcony in the city for late lunches through late-night dinners. Begin your meal with tempting appetizers, on to several courses of menu options including fresh vegetables, season salads, fresh fish and seafood or meat entrees, and complete the meal with a cup of coffee and selection from the dessert menu, or choose from the extensive wine menu to round out the experience.

Petrino Garden

2. Petrino Garden

Petrino Garden is open at 5:30 PM for early through late-night dinners. This restaurant gets high marks for its homemade food that is prepared with care and with fresh ingredients featuring local products in season. The atmosphere is cozy. You may opt to dine under the grapevine and lemon tree for an authentic Cretan dining experience.

Lotus Eaters

1. Lotus Eaters Mediterranean Restaurant

Lotus Eaters Mediterranean Restaurant is a dine-in only restaurant. This venue offers some of the most pristine views of the harbor on the isle of Crete. The restaurant sits in the fishing village of Elounda on the seafront. Lotus Eaters sets on an elevated terrace that overlooks the bay of Elounda with comfortable seating in a relaxed atmosphere. Choose from the highest-quality Greek and international menu items. Meals are prepared with local products whenever possible.

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