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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Portland, Maine

One of the things that Maine is most famous for is its seafood. Restaurants across the United States have seafood flown in from this state, especially the famous Maine lobster. It is not just the lobster for which Maine is famous, as clams, scallops, haddock, flounder, and scallops are all plentiful in the waters surrounding Maine. Sitting right on Maine’s coast, Portland is one of the best destinations to try the outstanding Maine seafood in one of the many seafood restaurants in this location as it is home to some outstanding restaurants that each has something unique to offer. Here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Portland, Maine.

10. Susan’s Fish and Chips

10Best recommends Susan’s fish and chips as one of the best casual seafood restaurants in Portland. This no-frills seafood joint is popular amongst the locals, and it serves simple yet crowd-pleasing dishes. Some of the options include clam strips, haddock burgers, and a fresh chowder that is made daily. This restaurant is also known for its desserts, and they offer takeout service.

9. Fore Street

Named after the street on which it sits, Fore Street is a New American restaurant that specializes in seafood. Guests can enjoy mussels and a glass of wine at the bar while they wait for their table. There is an open kitchen, so diners can watch their food being prepared. Various fish are served whole, and there are many other amazing seafood options from which you can choose. This restaurant also serves several meat options, such as pork and duck, so there is something for everyone at this restaurant. Due to its popularity, it is best to book a table in advance, says Four Square.

8. DiMillo’s on the Water

The spectacular water views that you can enjoy from DiMillo’s on the Water are one of the top reasons to visit this restaurant. It sits above the waters of the Portland Harbor, so diners can watch all the water views across Casco Bay and the activities in the harbor while they dine. The seafood prepared is locally sourced and freshly prepared with some continental flair. This restaurant is also known for its outstanding service.

7. Old Port Sea Grill and Raw Bar

This restaurant first opened in 2002, and it soon established itself in Portland’s culinary scene. It is considered to have one of the best raw bars on the coast of Maine, and this attracts large numbers of diners. The menu consists of seafood dishes using locally sourced ingredients that are prepared simply to retain the natural flavors, although there are some creative sauces and accompaniments. The interior of this restaurant is comfortable and intimate, and it features a huge saltwater fish tank.

6. Portland Lobster Company

Arguably the most famous seafood ingredient from Maine is its lobsters, and this establishment shows off this ingredient at its finest. The lobster is cooked to order in a variety of ways or as part of a platter. Other seafood offerings on the menu include shrimps, fish and chips, clams, and fried haddock. This is a great place for family dining due to the relaxed atmosphere, and the prices are reasonable.

5. The Lobster Shack at Two Lights

Set in Cape Elizabeth, it is the beautiful surroundings that set this restaurant apart from its competition. Diners can enjoy views of the nearby lighthouse and the rocky shores while relaxing to the sound of the lapping waves. The seafood served at this venue is fresh off the boat, with lobster rolls, lobster dinners, and haddock or shrimp plates topping the list of favorite options from the menu. The dining room has a cozy and intimate atmosphere, and there is the option to eat outdoors on the patio if the weather is good.

4. Street and Co

Trip 101 says that one of the top seafood restaurants in Portland, Maine, is Street and Co. This establishment has some rustic allure, despite being an upscale bistro. The oyster bar is one of the highlights of dining here for many people, although the diverse menu has a lot to offer. Some of the specialties at this restaurant include calamari with white or red sauce, grilled yellowfin tuna, and mussels marinara. It is also an excellent place for enjoying a drink as there is a vast selection of wines, beers, and cocktails available.

3. Gilbert’s Chowder House

Although this is an upscale restaurant, it has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The menu consists of classic Maine seafood dishes that are made using time-honored recipes and seasonings. The award-winning chowder is one of the most popular options on the menu, although the clam cakes, Maine scallops, and fresh haddock are also good choices. This is a great place for family dining as there is an excellent children’s menu. Diners can enjoy eating on the waterfront patio in warmer weather.

2. Walter’s

A great option for an intimate meal is Walter’s, which is located close to the Old Port shopping district. This restaurant has an intimate atmosphere, thanks to its comfortable seating and soft lighting. A large section of the menu is devoted to locally sourced seafood, and there are also plenty of surf and turf options. There is a combination of American, Asian, and Mediterranean flavors on the menu.

1. J’s Oyster

According to 10Best, the best seafood restaurant in Portland is J’s Oyster. As the name suggests, oysters are the specialty of this restaurant, with some of the delicious options including oysters Rockefeller, raw oysters, and baked stuffed oysters. However, there are plenty of options to choose from the creative menu. Some examples include scallops with lemon and dill, crab casserole, and broiled haddock fillet. During warmer weather, diners can enjoy their meal out on the patio.

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