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The 10 Best BBQ Joints in Mississippi

Memphis BBQ

Are you around Mississippi and looking to enjoy some barbeque? The perfect barbeque that is well topped with some delicious sauce and you will enjoy with a cold drink? Mississippi happens to have some of the best joints that have well-done barbeques. Whether you live in Mississippi or you are just visiting, have a look at this best BBQ joints in Mississippi to satisfy your cravings.

Pig and Pint

10. The Pig and Pint, Jackson

It is in the Fondren district, best known for its award-winning barbeque and hospitality. At the Pig and Pint, you will experience something new that must take your barbeque experience to the next level. In their menu, you will find dishes like tacos, briskets, nachos, and a wide selection of locally crafted beers. The environment is very comfortable, fit for a family day out, a date, or even to grab a quick dinner. Packing is available, and their staff are very hospitable. The best part is they can deliver to your doorstep.

The Shed

9. The Shed, Ocean Springs and Biloxi

According to, the barbeque joint is a family business that was built by materials collected from dumpsites and street side garbage piles. The family hammered and nailed the materials together and came up with the shed. On their menu, you can find a pound of BBQ wings, brisket, baby back rack, and so much more. It is in a serene environment, and their homemade barbeque source is to die for and guess what, you can even buy sauce and merchandise from them.

Memphis BBQ

8. Memphis Barbecue Co., Horn Lake

They believe in fresh BBQ, smoked over hardwood for long hours, and is always fresh. Memphis barbeque has three branches, and Mississippi is lucky to be home to a branch. They cook their meals from scratch. In their extensive menu, they feature foods like ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and chicken. Their hygiene is top-notch, making them among the best BBQ joints in Mississippi. Their shrimp is among the items you should try before you die, so make sure to visit them. They have been featured on Tv shows and have won numerous awards. If you need your event catered, feel free to contact them.


7. Abe’s Barbecue, Clarksdale

It was renamed Abe’s Barbecue from Bungalow-Inn in 1960. It is in Crossroads where it is alleged that Delta blues king, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil and the blues was born. They have been in the barbeque business for long, and their signature barbeque always attracts many customers. The best news is that they will deliver to you anywhere in the United States. You can buy original BBQ sauce from them as well.

Pig Out Inn

6. Pig Out Inn Barbeque, Natchez

It is at 116 Canal Street, Natchez. It is a well-known barbeque joint in Mississippi because of its slow-smoked meats. The meat must be cooked for a minimum of 16 hours. The barbeque joint has been in existence since 1996, and as a result, they have perfected their art in making the best barbeque. They offer catering for all kinds of occasions. If you are in Natchez, you need to test your taste buds at Pig Out Barbecue.

Mike's BBQ

5. Mikes BBQ House, Tupelo

Number five on our list is Mikes BBQ which happens to have the best barbeque that is cooked low and slow, allowing the natural flavors to sink in well. Traditional methods of pitmasters is their style, and their grilling is done in-house. It is in Memphis style. Their ribs are mouthwatering, and their pork is so tender. Their side dishes are to go for as well. They include Corn on the cob, Potato salad, French fries, mac & cheese, Fried okra, Coleslaw and Baked beans. If you are in tupelo, pay a visit to mike BBQ. They cater for events too.

Leatha BBQ

4. Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn, Hattiesburg

Leatha Jackson started Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn in 1975 due to her love for barbeque. She wanted to share the barbeque love with her community. Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn has ample sitting space, and they serve a limited menu of traditional eats. The joint has won numerous awards and is featured in television shows. It attracts lots of barbeque lovers.


3. Bar-B-Q By Jim, Tupelo

This place has hospitality at its best. The staff are very kind and hospitable. Their barbeque is very mouthwatering. The prices are very friendly as well. They have specials in their menus that you can check out. Some of the specials include: Hamburger Steak w/gravy & onion, Pulled Pork, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, and Potato Salad. Their service options include dine-in, curbside pick-up, and delivery. If you need catering for your event, Bar-B-Q By Jim are the guys to go.


2. Sonny’s Smokehouse, Ackerman

The generous portions at Sonny’s Smokehouse will make you want to visit them again. They have different options like ribs, steak, and brisket. It is in a quiet, calm, and comfortable remote location that is best for relaxing with loved ones. They have a focus on great food and hospitality.

West Side

1. Westside Bar-B-Que, New Albany

What about a nice homemade dessert after having a mouthwatering barbeque? I bet this is what you would like most, and Westside Bar-B-Que is here to offer that. They have the best homemade cakes and pies. Their slow-cooked barbeque is the best and soft enough for your children too. Their staff is hospitable and genial, making Westside Bar-B-Que a favorite return-to hub.


Barbeque is a natural love to many people, and you can never be too far away from it. If you are on the lookout for some great barbeque, visit one of the best BBQ joints in Mississippi featured in this list to have your craving sorted.

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