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The Five Best Steakhouses in Denver

"The Mile High City" has some of the best steakhouses in the United States. Denver, Colorado is known for many things: its location, its history and its skyline. Denver is one of the best city's in the country to enjoy a good, classic steak lunch or dinner. The city is booming with shopping, entertainment and fine dining. The revitalized business district is an exciting place to enjoy an evening or weekend. If you're in Denver you have to have a great steak and there are many choices from casual classic steakhouses to modern and sleek restaurants. Here are our picks for the 5 best steakhouses in Denver.

Guard and Grace

Guard and Grace opened in 2014 by Chef Troy Guard. It's the hot spot in Denver's LoDo Business District at 18th and California Street. Guests are greeted at the restaurant's entrance by a 20 foot tall wine cellar complete with rolling ladder to reach the finest of the vino at the top. An elegant marble topped bar with bistro seating provides an extensive wine list and classic cocktails with a twist. Hanging charcuterie extend from the bar into the main dining area. The dining area greets guests with comfortable modern elegance with its half moon booths, leather backed seats and branded dinnerware. The 9000 square foot Guard and Grace has a private dining room that seats 80 and a patio that is open during the summer months. Executive Chef Tyler Wiard serves prime cuts of fine meats prepared on an oak fired grill. One option on the menu, the Filet Mignon Flight, features 4 oz servings of prime, Angus and grass fed filets. The menu also offers Charcuterie and cheese offerings, salads, seafood including oysters, salmon and crab, chicken, pork lamb and much more.

Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer opened last year near the revitalized Union Station, next to The Oxford Hotel at 17th and Wazee Street in the heart of downtown Denver. The steakhouse is the latest by the Sage Restaurant Group that owns restaurants in Portland, Philadelphia and Cleveland and focuses on sustainable foods. Urban Farmer's decor can be described as rural chic. The interior of the restaurant features recycled barn wood and comfortable modern seating and features a communal charcuterie bar. The bar serves creative versions of classic cocktails. Executive Chef Chris Starkus previously worked at the Portland restaurant. He focuses on producing and using sustainable, seasonal and locally grown foods. Urban Farmer has an in house butchery and aging room and focuses on using the whole animal. The restaurant features large glass garden windows in the dining area where much of the micro greens used are grown. There is also a spore room in the basement that produces mushrooms and other fungi used in the menu.

Citizen Rail

Citizen Rail is a newer restaurant located at the Kimpton Hotel in the LoDo district of downtown Denver. The contemporary steakhouse specializes in wood fired grilling and dry aged beef. The restaurant, located behind Union Station, carries the rail car theme through its decor. It reminds one of a rail car. Shelving is made with train tracks. The crisp chef's counter seats twelve and is in front of the open kitchen is well lit and features mirrors above that reflect the exterior windows making it feel like you are riding a train. Chef Christian Graves offers tours of Citizen Rail's dry aging room and the restaurants extensive wine cellar. Citizen Rail's menu features a wide selection of well aged meats grilled on hardwoods and fruitwoods. The restaurant participates in an Aged Beef Program where the minimum standard is 28 days with many specialty meats aged to perfection over 90 days. In addition to the fine aged grilled meat selections, the menu features locally sourced vegetables, wood grilled oysters, Seattle Fish Company seafood, burgers and sweat breads. The bar offers a selection of cocktails uniquely made with unique ingredients. In addition to lunch and dinner, Citizen Rail serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Bastien's Restaurant

If you're near Denver's East Colfax Avenue, you must give Bastien's a try. The restaurant was purchased by the Bastien family in 1937 when it was the Moon Drive Inn. The place was a favorite place for families of all ages. Celebrities were often spotted at the restaurant. Mr. Bastien designed had the original "Moon Drive Inn" torn down in 1958 and designed the current building. The restaurant maintains its charming family feel and retro atmosphere and continues to serve award winning meals. The menu features a large selection of appetizers, salads and specialty meals including Tenderloin Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Fried Steak, Wiener Schnitzel, seafood and burgers. The steak options are extensive and sumptuous. Enjoy the home style meals served in a classic steakhouse setting. Don't miss the bar where a variety of classic and specialty cocktails are served.


A list of the best Denver steakhouses would be remiss without Elway's. The Denver Bronco's quarterback is a hometown hero. Elway's has locations in Vail, Sugar Creek, Dia and downtown Denver. John Elway and his friend Tim Schmidt wanted to create a dining experience that would attract friends, family and business professionals serving a fine menu emphasizing steaks in an elegant contemporary atmosphere. Elway's teamed with The Ritz-Carlton in 2008 to bring this restaurant to the heart of downtown Denver. Elway's aims to serve the best fresh, seasonal food from its evolving menu. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunches as well as private parties. The menu offers a wide list of appetizers, soups and salads. A variety of seafood and specials including chicken, enchiladas, short ribs, pork chops and burgers are cooked to perfection. The steak choices include prime hand cut selections of New York Strip, Filet and Porterhouse served with a variety of sauce options including bleu cheese butter, duck egg, carmalized onion, peppercorn, aioli and more. The bar offers a variety of wines, beer and spirits.

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