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The 20 Best Italian Restaurants in Boston


Whether you're new to the city or you're planning a trip to Boston, if you're a fan of Italian Cuisine, you're probably wondering where the best eateries in the area are found. There are a lot of different venues to choose from, but not all of them offer the same level of food quality, atmosphere, and value for the cost. we've checked into the most highly recommended that are known for authentic Italian cooking, great service, a good atmosphere and decent pricing for the venue. Here are the best 20 Italian restaurants in Boston, for your consideration.


20. Panza

326 Hanover St, Boston, MA

Guest rating 4.2

Panza is a traditional Italian restaurant that is known for its authentic fare with dishes like chicken parmigiana. This is a small restaurant that is always bustling with enthusiastic diners, but it's worth the wait to get a seat. It's best to book a seat ahead through the online reservation app that is available on the website. Most guests spend an average of an hour and a half enjoying cocktails, appetizers and the main dish. It's a cozy environment where everyone feels welcome.


19. Strega

379 Hanover St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.3

If you're at the Paul Revere House, then you're a two-minute walk from Strega. This is an authentic Italian restaurant that features an old-world ambiance with a touch of glitz. The establishment has become famous for its decor taken from a gangster inspiration and it is known to be frequented by celebrities. The price for meals is moderately affordably and the restaurant gets rave reviews for its authentic dishes. The restaurant opens at 11 am for lunches and brunches and is open until 11 pm for dinner. It's highly recommended that you visit the website to secure online reservations in advance.


18. Bricco

241 Hanover St, Boston

Guest rating 4.4

Bricco is one of Boston's more sophisticated locales for Italian cuisine. This restaurant offers a modern twist on traditional Italian cuisine with many diners opting for the late-night brick oven-baked pizza and cocktails. It's a great place for couples to enjoy an upscale meal or to stop in for a few drinks after dinner. You can get everything from freshly prepared salads and sandwiches to a full Italian meal and the venue is open until 11 pm for late dinners.

Basile Italian

17. Basile -Fine Italian Kitchen

162 Columbus Ave, Boston

Guest rating: 4.4

Basile Fine Italian Kitchen is a restaurant that features a quiet and intimate ambiance that is ideal as a romantic setting for couples, but everyone is welcome. This is an upmarket establishment that serves authentic Italian cuisine with an infusion of the spices and presentations that are present in Indian cooking. It is perhaps one of the most unique restaurants in the city and it is open until 11 pm for late-evening dinners.


16. Scampo

215 Charles St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.4

Scampo is an eclectic upscale restaurant that serves its own version of Italian cuisine. Have you ever tried a Lobster pizza? If not, this is one of the few places you will find it on the menu, along with a host of other unique interpretations of Italian dishes. The restaurant is a space that once served as a 19th-century jail, adding to the uniqueness of the building and its atmosphere. The restaurant is open until 10 pm nightly and it's usually okay to drop in without reservations, but you can book a table if you like. It's a popular hotel restaurant that is usually busy.


15. Lucca

226 Hanover St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.4

Lucca is one of the hotspots for the late-night crowd in Boston. The restaurant offers an intimate atmosphere and it is open until 1 am for late-night dinners and cocktails. The fare is traditional Northern Italian cuisine and this is the place to get the most freshly prepared seasonal produce.

Terramia Ristorante

14. Terramia Ristorante

98 Salem St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.5

Terramia Ristorante is an intimate restaurant that offers classic Italian dishes that are made with fresh seasonal ingredients so the menu changes from one season to the next. This is a high-end establishment with an intimate and sophisticated ambiance. It's open until 10 pm nightly for dinner and cocktails. Terramia Ristorante offers its own interpretation of classic dishes guests frequently compliments the chef for preparing delicious signature meals.


13. MIDA

782 Tremont St, Boston,

Guest rating: 4.5

MIDA is a small Italian restaurant that is tucked neatly away on the south end of the city. It is famous for its handmade pasta dishes. It's laid out in an eatery style with an open kitchen and a charming patio. It's one of the best-kept secrets in Boston, but it's bustling with the crowd that has discovered the delicious meals that are prepared. It specializes in catering and serving craft cocktail beverages to go with the delicious food.


12. Sorellina

1 Huntington Ave, Boston

Guest rating: 4.6

Sorellina is a high-end Italian restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience in an upscale setting. The meals are on the expensive scale, but it offers the most perfectly prepared Italian cuisine with a sophisticated and modern twist to Italian-Mediterranean fare.


11. SRV

569 Columbus Ave, Boston

Guest rating: 4.6

SRV is on the south side of Boston and it offers Venetian-style osteria with modern interpretations of Italian fare. The wine bar is reported to be out of this world and the plates of pasta are house made for a unique taste and texture experience. The plates are small but filling and there is ample room both indoors and outdoors for seating. The restaurant welcomes the late-night dining crowd and it is open until 1 am nightly.

Bar Mezzana

10. Bar Mezzana

360 Harrison Ave, Boston

Guest rating: 4.6

Bar Mezzana is a south end Boston restaurant that is open until 1 AM for the late-night dinner crowd. This venue comes highly recommended for its coastal Italian cuisine. The extensive Crudo menu is constantly changing and it offers an alternative to its house-made pasta and other Italian dishes. The atmosphere is light and airy with a definite influence of the Amalfi coast.


9. Rino's Place

258 Saratoga St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.6

Rino's Place is reputed for its rendition of the most spectacular lobster ravioli. The East Boston restaurant serves up huge portions of Italian fare and it was highlighted on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." There are frequently long lines but most patrons don't mind the wait to get a table at this wildly popular venue known for its huge selection of seafood and meat-based dishes. You can also find alternative meals offering vegetarian selections.


8. Grotto

37 Bowdoin St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.6

Grotto is perhaps one of Boston's most interesting Italian restaurants simply because of its subterranean locale. It is well-known as one of the favorite Italian restaurants featuring refined Italian cuisine and one of the most notable wine lists in the city. The venue offers a nightly pix fixe option and if you're in Boston, you'll want to make reservations to make sure that you secure a seat for a memorable dining experience.


7. Prezza

24 Fleet St, Boston

Guest rating: 4.6

Prezza is a cozy little restaurant with a comfortable ambiance that is low key yet upscale and modern. They serve old-school Italian cuisine along with modern interpretations of the kinds of peasant fare you would find in the old country complete with handmade pasta dishes, and plenty of options for steak. It's located on the North end with moderately priced menu options and a great wine list.

Mamma Maria

6. Mamma Maria

3 N Square, Boston

Guest rating 4.7

Mamma Maria is an Italian restaurant that has been a fixture on the North end of the city for several decades. It has long been a favorite known for its incredible sauces and notable wine list. It embodies a genuinely Italian style cuisine with a refined menu that maintains a focus on the use of local ingredients. It's housed in a townhouse with a romantic ambiance and is popular with couples as well as groups.

Aqua Pazza

5. Aqua Pazza

135 Richmond Street, Boston


Aqua Pazza is located in the North end of Boston and it is a favorite of the locals because of its intimate atmosphere. At Aqua Pazza you'll find a blend of seafood, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. There's a little something for everyone. The restaurant also offers fresh raw bar items as well as gluten-free menu items and some of the best tiramisu in town.

Carlo's Cucina

4. Carlo’s Cucina Italiana

131 Brighton Ave, Allston

It's not far to drive to the Allston neighborhood to grab a bite to eat at Carlo's Cucina Italiana. It's rumored to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the Boston area. The restaurant has been up and running for over forty years and it has become a staple for Bostonians who love Italian food. Just a few of the house specialties include calamari Veneziana and the accompanying roasted red peppers, cherry pepper, olives and artichoke hearts that are lightly sauteed and covered with a special house tomato sauce.


3. Coppa

253 Shawmut Avenue, South End, Boston

Coppa is a South end Italian restaurant that is highly recommended by the locals The pasta dishes are unique and house specialties that you won't be able to find anywhere else. The menu is extremely creative with pizzas that include nduja sausage, marjoram, anchovies and more. The kinds of pasta are also a bit of the beaten track and include the use of some fairly exotic flavorings, among them being quid ink with trout roe, leeks, uni, and bright shishitos. This restaurant has been in operation for about a decade and it has built up a loyal following of diners so it's a good idea to call ahead to make sure that your table is reserved.

La Famiglia Giorgio's

2. La Familia Giorgio’s

112 Salem Street, North End, Boston

La Familia Giorgio's is a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant that is reputed for its very long menu that gives diners a variety of delicious options to choose from. It's good to order with the forewarning that the portions are huge. Examples of the authentic Italian cuisine include spicy fra Diavolo, creamy pesto sauces, meaty bolognese, and it's worth mentioning that the pasta dishes are house-made and there are even gluten-free options for the pasta and pizzas, but the house-made specialties come with a $3 upcharge. Locals say that it's worth the extra cost. It's a good idea to call ahead or go online for reservations because this restaurant gets busy at times.



348 Congress Street, Fort Point, Boston

Sportello is a moderately priced restaurant that offers a minimalist ambiance. The food has received rave reviews. Chef Barbara Lynch prepares rich pasta Tagliatelle Bolognese in a meaty and cheesy dish with sweet tomato savor. The restaurant also offers a tiny aperitivo bar. Lynch has been the chef for a decade and has amassed a huge following of loyal locals who claim that this restaurant is the best place to find Italian cuisine in the city. You'll also find dishes such as supreme gnocchi featuring peas, lobster and mushroom ragu. When you're in the Boston area, if you only have enough time to try one of the many fine Italian restaurants in town, Sportello comes very highly recommended.

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