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The 10 Best Places to Eat in Princeton, NJ

Agricola Eater

Princeton, NJ, is a town that is known for its Ivy League Princeton University and its many museums and landmarks. It is also a fantastic place for dining out due to its vast array of eateries. These vary from family-friendly establishments to fine dining restaurants. There is somewhere to suit all budgets, and the menus vary from traditional American cuisine to food from around the world. If you live in this area or you are visiting the town, then you should find out the best places to eat to suit your budget and tastes. To help you find great restaurants, here are the 10 best places to eat in Princeton, NJ.

Seasons 52

10. Seasons 52

An elegant restaurant in MarketFair is Seasons 52. The restaurant is renowned for its seasonally rotating, freshly prepared, farm-to-table menu. Many of the dishes are either roasted in a brick oven or grilled over an open oak-fire. Seasons 52 is known for its freshly baked flatbreads, and some of the signature dishes include wild Alaskan salmon and Florida stone crabs. There is a hand-curated wine list and a drinks menu that includes craft beers and cocktails.

La Mezzaluna

9. La Mezzaluna

Fans of Italian food should head to La Mezzaluna, which is located in the heart of downtown Princeton. Italian Chef Michael Moriello is at the helm of this popular eatery, and he is known for creating regional Italian dishes using seasonal, local produce. The restaurant is famous for its handmade pasta and sauces that are made from scratch. There are options for everyone on the menu, with meat, seafood, and vegetarian options. The wood-fired pizzas are some of the best in town, and there are some lighter options, including salads.

Metro North

8. Metro-North

Although the dining room of this contemporary restaurant on Alexander Street is relaxed, the food is outstanding. Diners can eat in the comfortable dining room in colder weather or opt to dine outside on the patio during the warmer months. The menu consists of dishes such as gourmet burgers, wood-fired pizzas, fresh salads, hearty steaks, and interesting seafood options. Diners can choose casual wines, classic cocktails, craft beers, top-shelf spirits, or brews on tap to accompany their meal. Metro-North is open for both lunch and dinner service daily.

Enoterra Restaurant

7. Eno Terra Restaurant & Enoteca

Like many of the restaurants in Princeton, Eco Terra Restaurant & Enoteca serves farm-to-table dishes and global wines. Most of the ingredients used are sourced from local farmers. The menu changes according to the seasons, and there is a strong focus on Italy's regional foods. There are options to suit all tastes, as fish, meat, and vegetarian options are on the menu. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the delicious selection of desserts on this Italian restaurant's menu. Eco Terra Restaurant & Enoteca is on King's Highway, and it is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Blue Point Grill

6. Blue Point Grill

One of the best places to eat in Princeton for seafood enthusiasts is Blue Point Grill, which is a seafood restaurant on Nassau Street. This highly-acclaimed restaurant has an extensive menu of fish and seafood dishes, with a focus predominantly on traditional American fare. Examples of dishes include New England lam chowder and jumbo lump crab cakes. A great feature of this restaurant is the raw bar, which includes up to 15 varieties of oysters. Blue Point Grill serves a vast array of beverages, including casual wines from across the globe, brews on tap, and craft beers. Diners have the option of eating in the dining room or enjoying an alfresco meal on the patio.


5. Mistral

Mistral is in the same building as Elements, and the two restaurants have the same owner. However, Mistral has its own identity and a more relaxed vibe than its sister restaurant. The menu consists of creative and approachable dishes, with both light meals and heartier options available. The staff is friendly, and the prices are moderate.

Mediterra Restaurant

4. Mediterra Restaurant

An upscale and contemporary restaurant, Mediterra Restaurant is located in Palmer Square. There is an eclectic mix of dishes on the menu, as the owners' Italian and Chilean heritage has influenced the dishes, and Mediterranean cuisine also features highly. The dishes are inventive and use locally-sourced organic ingredients. The extensive craft beer and wine lists make this restaurant stand out from its competition. Mediterra Restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner service daily. Former diners say that the customer service at Mediterra Restaurant is excellent.


3. Elements

US News recommends Elements as one of the best restaurants in Princeton, NJ. You will find this fine dining restaurant along Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton. The menu consists of New American dishes that are made using local and sustainable ingredients and served in an elegant way. As this is an upscale eatery, the setting is refined with neutral colors. It boasts an open kitchen, so you can watch the food being prepared while you wait for your meal to arrive.

Alchemist and Barrister

2. The Alchemist & Barrister

Known as both a great drinking spot and an excellent restaurant, The Alchemist & Barrister is popular with locals and tourists alike. It is a gastropub set in a historic building on Witherspoon Street, and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Expect to see typical food with some international dishes on the menu, and there is also a rotating draft beer list. There is a friendly vibe, thanks to the excellent customer service and comfortable surroundings.

Agricola Eater

1. Agricola Eatery

According to New Jersey Monthly, one of the best places to eat in Princeton is Agricola. It is a modern restaurant that promotes the farm-to-table approach to its menu and uses locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Although the focus is on American cuisine, there are some modern twists and international influences. In addition to the outstanding food, Agricola Eatery is known for its fun and extensive cocktails list.

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