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Where To Get The Best Chinese Food in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is a popular destination spot for visitors who come to see the historic landmarks and lose themselves in the romance of the old southern city with a rich and storied history. There are plenty of places to eat in Richmond, with an emphasis on the famous southern culture and its cuisine. But there are also plenty of places to get fantastic Chinese cuisine in the city. If you're a fan of Chinese food, here are ten restaurants that the locals name the best places to get Chinese food in Richmond.

10. Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant 5612 Patterson Ave, Richmond

Yum, Yum Chinese Restaurant is in Post Office Square in Richmond. You can choose from dine-in, take-out, or delivery services. The regulars argue that it's the best place in Richmond for authentic Chinese cuisine. The sesame chicken and shrimp in the lobster sauce are favorites. They offer fried wonton, prepared to perfection, and a variety of authentic dishes from the extensive menu.

9. Beijing On The Grove 5710 Grove Ave, Richmond

Beijing on the Grove is an authentic Chinese restaurant that offers a lovely dining atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for guests. They provide a choice of Chinese dishes on the extensive menu, in an upscale environment. Guests may also order alcoholic beverages from its extensive wine and cocktail menu. Beijing on the Grove is a moderately priced restaurant that offers everything you need for a complete dining experience. It's a popular choice for romantic dinners for two.

8. East Villa Restaurant 1900 E Main St, Richmond

East Villa Restaurant is the ideal solution for families who have mixed preferences for cuisine. The establishment offers a menu of several basic Chinese dishes including kung pao shrimp, lemon chicken, and other items, plus it offers sandwiches and wings for others in your party who prefer American fare. The service is fast and friendly and the food gets consistently high ratings from the locals.

7. Top's China 5660 Brook Rd, Richmond

Top's China is one of the highest-rated Chinese restaurants in Richmond. Guests may choose from a menu of authentic Chinese dishes or enjoy the buffet. The food is fresh and hot, with fast service. The most popular menu items are the beef and Shrimp lo mein and the Sweet n Sour chicken. The prices are affordable and the food portions are huge. You'll get your fill of good Chinese food at Tops's China. It's voted the best Chinese food in the Henrico neighborhood of Richmond.

6. Cathay Gourmet Chinese Restaurant 8920 Forest Hill Ave, North Chesterfield, (Richmond)

Cathay Gourmet Chinese Restaurant is a top-rated option for authentic Chinese and other Asian-style foods. The restaurant offers takeout and delivery options with fast service, large portions, and reasonable prices. It's best for getting food on the go, and it also offers one of the best options for late-night meals. The restaurant is open until 10 pm. It also serves a few Thai menu items and some Hunan dishes.

5. Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar 1200 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond

Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar is one of the best restaurants to get Chinese food in Richmond. The venue offers a unique and comfortable dining space and it also offers curbside pickup and no-contact delivery services. The food is always fresh and hot. It offers authentic Chinese fare with a focus on creativity and a sustainable farm-to-table ethic that guarantees top-quality ingredients every time. They offer an extensive menu of Chinese dishes and drinks, including a bar for adult beverages.

4. Hunan East 4415 W Broad St, Richmond

Hunan East is a Chinese restaurant in Richmond that offers a straightforward and laid-back environment with comfortable seating. It offers a lunch buffet for those with big appetites during brunch hours. It also offers a menu with extensive authentic Chinese dishes. It's a no-frills restaurant with hot and fresh food with high marks from the locals. The food is expensive and served in large portions.

3. Peter Chang Richmond 2816 W Broad St A, Richmond

Peter Chang Richmond serves the best hot and sour soup in town. Their menu of authentic Chinese dishes offers many choices. It's the ideal restaurant for a lovely dining experience with a craft beer menu that gets high marks from the regulars. It's a great place to have a satisfying large meal and relax over a couple of beers.

2. Eatery 3000 W Cary St, Richmond

Eatery is one of the best places to get Chinese food in Richmond. It's a mall restaurant without many frills but it offers a generous assortment of Chinese basics. It also offers a choice of American fare including sub sandwiches, pizza, and other menu items. Eatery offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery services for delicious food at an affordable price.

1. Ho Wah Chinese Restaurant 6323 Jahnke Rd, Richmond

The Ho Wah Chinese Restaurant is conveniently located in the Parkway Shopping Center. It offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery services. It's the quintessential Chinese restaurant offering authentic Chinese staples including sweet and sour selections, egg foo young, hot & sour soup, and much more. You can eat in the restaurant or have it delivered for convenience. Ho Wah Chinese Restaurant also offers convenient online ordering. It's the ideal place to stop for lunch during shopping excursions to the Parkway Shopping Center. The food is fresh and hot with friendly service.

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