The 10 Best Restaurants in All of Barcelona, Spain

Here are the 10 best restaurants in all of Barcelona, Spain. While there are many traditional tapas bars in the city, some are better than others offering innovative items on their menus. Barcelona is home to some of the most innovative dining options in Europe.


Tickets is the hottest restaurant in Barcelona at the moment. Located in the hip El Raval neighborhood, Tickets is a fun, casual circus themed tapas bar. Owned by brothers Ferran and Albert Adria, guests can enjoy a variety of globally inspired small plate dishes and tapas. There is also a custom made tasting menu available to those who are more adventurous. Chef Ferran Adria focuses on using locally grown ingredients, creating an evolving seasonal menu. Dishes may include liquid olives, suckling pig mini sandwiches, cured beef with vinegar snow and Nordic sweet pickles, or Japanese and Peruvian oysters. Online reservations are a must at Tickets.

Restaurante Lasarte

Restaurante Lasarte opened in 2006 and earned its third Michelin Star in 2017. Chef Martin Berasategui works with a talented group to create an innovative menu of seasonal dishes. Restaurante Lasarte is located in the elegant Hotel Monument in the Pageo de Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona where the streets are lined with luxury brand shops. The hotel’s restaurant was recently renovated to become a more modern and spacious dining room. There is also a semi private dining room and a private Chef’s Table that seats eight. Diners have the option of an a la carte menu or a seven or eleven course tasting menu. Dishes include Wagyu carpaccio, sea bass with mantis shrimp broth and clam mayo, or charcoal grilled pigeon.

Xiloka BCN Bar Restaurant

Xiloka BCN Bar Restaurant is one of the most popular traditional tapas bars in Barcelona. The restaurant is located on Carrer da Cabanes in the Mirador del Poble Sec regiion of Barcelona. It’s a small, quaint spot where locals and tourists enjoy a variety of Spanish and Mediterranean inspired tapas, wine, cocktails, craft beers and coffee. It’s cozy and relaxed. Known for great food, friendly service, and live music, Xiloka is a cozy, relaxed spot to spend the evening with friends.

7 Portes

7 Portes opened in 1836 and continues to attract locals and tourists. The restaurant, located in the famous Porxos d’en Xifre building with its famed 7 doors for patrons, was first a home, offices and luxury cafe. Over the past century and a half, 7 Portes has attracted art students including Picasso and Miro, so the restaurant includes an art gallery. 7 Portes has an elegant decor with white linens and bow tied waiters. Diners can enjoy large shared plates and casseroles or lighter meals and homemade desserts. The menu includes traditional fare including chicken roasted with mushrooms, steamed seafood, grilled catch of the day, or a variety of rice dishes.

Restaurante Oria

Like Restaurante Lasarte, Restaurante Oria is located in the elegant Hotel Monument. Oria is located off the hotel lobby. It’s decor is modern and spacious. It is designed to resemble an inverted pyramid. Chef Martin Berasategui is renowned in Spain having earned several Michelin Stars. The bistro style restaurant features French, Mediterranean and Basque cuisine. The menu features dishes including steak tartare, Iberian bacon terrine with mushroom jam, Hake with clams in green sauce, black rice with small squid, beef tenerloin with potato, and truffled oxtail raviole.

Pinotxo Bar

Located in the exciting La Boqueria Market on the popular La Rambla, Pinotxo Bar is one of the most famous tapas counters in Barcelona. For 70 years, Pinotxo Bar has been home to some of the best chefs in Spain. Currently, Chef Juanito prepares a variety of platters and daily specials. There’s no menu at Pinotxo Bar. Diners can enjoy dishes like an artichoke omelet, garbanzo beans with cilentro, grilled Cataline sausage, caramel sweet pork belly, chickpeas with pine nuts and raisins, or baby squid with cannellini beans.

Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos is a popular Asian Fusion restaurant located on Carrer d’Elisabets. It is owned by husband and wife team, Albert Raurich and Tamae Imachi. Chef Takeshi Somekawa creates a variety of Asian and Mediterranean fusion tapas and offers tasting menus. Dos Palillos features an Japanese style bar, a regular bar which surrounds the kitchen, a private room that seats 8 to 10 people, and a terrace. Creative Asian fusion style tapas include umani, salmon, Thai pork, shitake and white asparagus. There is also an innovative cocktail menu.

Big Al’s American Kitchen

Not surprisingly, it’s difficult to find a good American style hamburger in Spain. Big Al’s American Kitchen first opened in the Spanish beach town of Sitges and has expanded throughout Spain. Those hoping for an American style burger in Barcelona can enjoy the family friendly restaurant. The menu includes massive burgers including the Big Al, the Fat Elvis, the Widowmaker, a patty melt, a chili burger, and spicy jalepeno burger. The menu also includes chicken sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches and a brisket slider. There’s also hot wings, nachos and quesadillas and, of course, French fries as well a wide selection of craft beers.

Viana Barcelona

Viana Barcelona is a gourmet tapas bar located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. Diners enjoy fun, friendly service in a restaurant with vintage decor along with a menu focusing on cultural fusion. The menu consists of tapas and main dishes. It changes seasonally and may contain dishes such as creamy carnardi rice with mushrooms, ceviche seafood and fish, Iberian pork carpaccio, Galacian octopus, slow cooked beef cheeks, or cod in orange sauce.


Moments is run by internationally renowned chef Carme Ruscalleda and her son Raul Balam. The restaurant has received two Michelin Stars. The elegant yet comfortable decor features gold and amber hues and was designed by Patricia Urquiola. Diners can enjoy the experience at the Chef’s Table or in the dining room where an a la carte menu is offered as well as themed tasting menus such as “Opera”. The dishes are traditional with a modern twist focusing on fresh seasonal ingredients. Dishes include stuffed squab, lobster, tierbot, red mullet, duck, prawn tails and beef sirloin.

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