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The Five Best Steakhouses in Tampa, Florida


Most people love the idea of going to a great restaurant in order to get a delicious steak. While this isn't the food of choice for every individual, there are an overwhelming number of people that can't think of anything tastier than a steak cooked to perfection. If you happen to be in the Tampa, Florida area and this tickles your taste buds, keep reading to find out about the five best steakhouses in the area. These restaurants incorporate all price ranges and range from what might be considered the typical steakhouse to facilities that are truly unique.

Carne Chophouse

Aside from thee wonderful architecture and the old style building that houses this particular restaurant, the thing that you're most likely to notice is that this is a steakhouse with a slightly Spanish flare. It definitely provides a different take on things, so if you're interested in trying a steak that has a twist, this is the perfect place to visit. In addition, this is a restaurant that has been a perennial favorite of locals and tourists alike for several years.

Malio’s Prime Steakhouse

If you're looking for a slightly more upscale restaurant with a stellar reputation, this is the perfect place to start. It's been in business since the late 1960s and is a favorite stop for celebrities, professional athletes and local politicians alike. If you plan on going there, get ready to enjoy some truly delicious cuisine. You should also be prepared to dress as if you're going to a business meeting, so leave your t-shirt and shorts at home.

Capital Grille

This is one of the more high-end steakhouses in the area, located fairly close to the airport. If you're looking for a complete package, this might be the place for you. It's beautifully decorated and incorporates some of the best tasting beef in the entire state. The restaurant has its own butcher and dry-ages the beef right there on the premises. If you don't happen to be in the mood for steak, you can also choose from other delicious choices such as lobster or swordfish. If you're making the trip to Tampa and you really want to experience an upscale steakhouse that provides food that is second to none, this is a place that you absolutely have to visit.

Charley’s Steakhouse and Market Fresh Fish

This is one of the older steakhouses in the area and the thing that you will notice as soon as you walk in is that it has a much more comfortable vibe than the fancier, upscale steakhouses. Here, you can walk in, sit down and choose from a large variety of different cuts of steak. Only the very best options are used and it's all cooked on a wood-fired grill. If you want some wine with your steak dinner, you have over 800 options available to you, not to mention a number of desserts that will make you feel like it's practically a sin to eat them.

Bern’s Steakhouse

If you want great food from a restaurant that's been in business are more than 50 years, you have to try this one. It's also the perfect place to go if you're really hungry. Each steak comes with a ton of sides, including a salad, an onion ring, garlic toast, a baked potato, and onion soup. As you can see, this is enough food to keep you full for a couple of days and then some. If you can manage to get through your meal and still want dessert, there's a separate room that you can go into in order to enjoy dessert, dancing and drinks. If you plan on visiting this location, make sure you also bring your jacket and tie. Reservations are required and no one that is casually dressed is allowed on the premises.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from any time you're in the Tampa area and you start feeling hungry for a good steak. Whether you prefer the upscale versions or the more down home varieties, there are excellent options available across the spectrum. If you haven't had a good steak in a while and you want something that will truly be memorable, a dinner at any of these restaurants is sure to do the trick.

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