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Where To Find The Best Chinese Food in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is a popular destination for tourists. It's the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Paramount's Carowinds, The US National Whitewater Center, and many more attractions. If you're taking the family or going as a single or couple, Charlotte is also home to dozens of Chinese restaurants. Although the city is known for its Southern fare, there are a few Chinese restaurants that are hard to beat. If you're a connoisseur of exceptional Chinese food, here are ten places to check out, reputed to serve the best in town.

10. Wan Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine 10719 Kettering Dr, Charlotte

The Wan Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine restaurant is a casual venue with interesting Pagoda styling and elaborate decor for a total immersion experience. The food is highly rated by locals with an extensive menu of authentic Chinese dishes. The staff is friendly and fast. You may choose from dine-in, pickup, or delivery. The restaurant also offers private dining, an upstairs banquet room, and a full bar. The prices are moderate, the servings large, and the environment is welcoming.

9. Baoding Restaurant 4722 Sharon Rd F, Charlotte

Baoding Restaurant is in Sharon Corners. It's a no-frills eatery that has been in the shopping center hub for many years. They specialize in authentic Chinese fare with traditional dishes. The restaurant offers a vast menu with an extensive list of beer, wine, and spirits. It's a hot spot for dinners who enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail with or after dinner. Baoding Restaurant is a staple in the Charon Corners area and the locals give it high marks for quality, a clean environment, and good menu choices.

8. Taipei South 10106 Johnston Rd, Charlotte

Taipei South is a Chinese restaurant in Charlotte at Johnston Road Plaza. The restaurant is modern and elegant with polite and fast staff. Food is consistently high-quality and fresh. The restaurant serves authentic Chinese fare at reasonable prices in large portions. It's rated as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Charlotte. The typical wait time is ten minutes. The popularity of the establishment with locals makes it wise to secure reservations to ensure you get a table.

7. China Bowl 3101 The Plaza, Charlotte

China Bowl is our recommendation for the best Chinese food on the go. It's a small and unassuming venue that offers drive-through service only. The food is hot and fresh rated high for its quality and speed of service. The best time to go is before evening as lines are long and vehicle space is limited. It's a popular takeout restaurant serving authentic Chinese food to go. Visitors and tourists to Charlotte to see the attractions love the convenience. If you're looking for fast service, reasonable prices, and the convenience of a drive-through, China Bowl is the best option in Charlotte.

6. Beijing Chinese Restaurant 1603 South Blvd, Charlotte

Beijing Chinese Restaurant specializes in Mandarin-style Chinese fare. They serve traditional dishes with an extensive menu offering seafood hot pots, chow mein, and daily lunch specials. The food is delicious and affordable, and the servings are large. Beijing Chinese Restaurant is full service with dine-in, take-out, and online ordering services.

5. Persuasian Restaurant 2214 Park Rd, Charlotte

Perusasian Restaurant offers a focused menu of authentic Chinese dishes with selections of Vietnamese noodle soups. The chefs' source fresh vegetables and the food is consistently delicious and perfectly prepared. The restaurant also offers a wine bar with an extensive menu of labels. It's popular in the neighborhood and offers dine-in, take-out, and delivery services. It's an excellent choice for having a meal and relaxing over a few glasses of wine after dinner.

4. Taste of SHU: Authentic Szechuan Cuisine 8418 Park Rd, Charlotte

Taste of SHU: Authentic Szechuan Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant in Quail Corners. Its specialty is Chengdu Beef in a flaming pan. This restaurant is an elevated bar and restaurant offering hibachi, Szechuan, and sushi with a full bar for a complete dining experience. It's known for high-quality traditional Chinese dishes with a slightly upscale atmosphere. The restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat lunch special.

3. Best Wok 1717 Sardis Rd N # 6B, Charlotte

Best Wok is a Chinese restaurant at Sardis Crossing. The fare is authentic Chinese with ample portions and affordable prices. The facilities are small with no frills, but the service is fast and friendly. Food is consistently high quality, made from fresh ingredients. You may dine-in or order carryout. The restaurant is busiest at lunch and dinnertime. It's been in the neighborhood for years and has become a staple for the locals.

2. Great Wall of China South 6666 Carmel Rd, Charlotte

Great Wall of China South is an authentic Chinese restaurant at Carmel Commons. It's popular in the neighborhood for its Sunday buffet. Food is served in large portions at moderate prices. The food is highly rated for freshness, quality, and fast service. The wait staff is friendly and courteous. This restaurant offers a choice of dine-in or takeout. The seating is comfortable in a relaxed environment. Great Wall of China South offers an extensive menu of traditional and modern Chinese fare.

1. Ma Ma Wok 11914 Elm Ln, Charlotte

Ma Ma Wok is a Chinese specialty restaurant that caters to guests who observe a vegan diet. It's earned a reputation as the best vegan restaurant in Charlotte. All dishes are prepared with vegan ingredients in authentic Chinese style. The menu is extensive and the staff is courteous, friendly, and fast. It's an unassuming venue that foregoes the frills to focus on the quality of the dishes prepared. You'll find the most extensive vegan menu of Chinese fare in the city at Ma Ma Wok.

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