The 10 Best Restaurants in Montauk, Long Island

The Montauket

If you’re planning a trip to Montauk, Long Island you might be wondering where the best places are to get a bite to eat. The area is filled with excellent choices. To help you decide which eateries to try first, we’ve prepared a guide to give you a few pointers. Each of the 10 establishments on our list comes with the highest recommendations from locals and visitors. Here are Montauk’s best restaurants to check out while you’re there.


10. Sammys

Sammy’s is a relaxed seafood restaurant that offers a menu you’d find in upscale establishments. The prices are more than reasonable and the establishment offers your choice of dine-in or takeout options. They provide guests with an extensive menu of steak and lobster offerings with some of the most magnificent views of the harbor if you choose to dine in. They also offer a good selection of fish, chowder, chili, and other comfort foods. Sammy’s is open until 8 pm evenings.

South Edison

9. South Edison

South Edison is a casual eatery with a menu that is themed around local seafood and seasonal produce dishes. The food is highly rated with prices that are a bit on the expensive side. Dine-in and takeout options are available. It’s located not far from the Hamptons and is known for its expansive oyster menu with one of the best raw bars in town. Upscale menu items such as the mistake mushrooms stuffed with seafood and colorful plates are highly appetizing. They also make some of the best eclectic cocktails in the neighborhood. The restaurant opens nightly at 5 pm to serve the dinner and evening cocktails crowd.

Sausages Pizza and Pasta

8. Sausages, Pizzas & Pastabilities

Sausages, Pizzas & Pastabilities is a cozy pizzeria that is known for its famous thin-crust New York-style pies. They also serve a huge variety of pasta classic dishes. Guess may opt to dine-in or take out their orders. You can order your pizza either by the slice or by pie. Some of their most highly acclaimed menu items are the barbecue chicken and bacon with ranch dressing.

Scarpetta Beach

7. Scarpetta Beach

Scarpetta Beach is a sophisticated restaurant in an upscale setting. The establishment specializes in authentic Italian fare served in an airy dining room with a patio. The menu is fairly extensive with traditional Italian dishes along with some seafood options. The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm to see the dinner crowd. It’s best to call ahead for reservations because there is no guarantee that you’ll find an open seat unless you do. Reservations may be made online via the restaurant’s website.

Gig Shack

6. 668 The Gig Shack

The Gig Shack is an eclectic restaurant that offers a choice of dine-in or curbside pickup options. Indoor diners enjoy their choice of a wide variety of comfort food selections from the menu and live bands that play nightly for entertainment. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and friendly with a laid back vibe. It gets high ratings for its good food and exceptional service. The meals are plated in large portions with an excellent cocktail menu for enjoying a drink after your meal.

Swallow East

5. Swallow East Restaurant

Swallow East is an eclectic restaurant in a rustic-chic setting at the waterside. They specialize in a menu of elevated bar bites and seafood selections. Guest have the option of dining in or takeout. Those who dine inside enjoy weekly live reggae music bands. The atmosphere at Swallow East is fairly relaxed and it’s a great place to gather to catch a bite to eat with friends and enjoy a few drinks. The restaurant opens at 5 pm to serve the late evening dinner and drinks crowd.

Naturally Good

4. Naturally Good

Naturally Good is a combined health food store and cafe that specialize in serving healthy fare. If you prefer a vegan lifestyle, this is the best option in Montauk. Their vegan options are exceptional. One of the most acclaimed menu items is the tuna salad wrap. They offer everything from complete meals to snacks, juices, and frozen foods. They’re currently only offering curbside pickup due to the pandemic.


3. Shagwong

Shagwong is a restaurant on Montauk Highway that offers fresh seafood items on the menu along with American comfort food choices. The establishment is a traditional tavern that also offers some of the best food in the neighborhood. Guests may choose to dine in or takeout their orders. The cocktails are also highly rated at Shagwong.

Harvest on Fort Pond

2. Harvest on Fort Pond

Harvest on Fort Pond is an authentic Italian restaurant that features Tuscan-style cooking served family-style. The informal restaurant is located in a rustic building with spectacular views of the waterfront. Guests may choose between dine-in or takeout options. Reservations are required for securing a table at Harvest on Fort Pond.

The Montauket

1. The Montauket

The Montauket is a restaurant that is housed in the Montauket hotel. The best time to eat at this establishment is in the summertime when you can observe the most spectacular sunsets while enjoying live music. The restaurant does operate all year round, however. They get the best reviews from the fish tacos and margaritas, but the menu is fairly extensive. The bar that is included is also highly rated and draws a regular crowd of locals.

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