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The 10 Best Restaurants in Hocking Hills, OH

Kindred Spirits

Although enjoying the beautiful outdoors and stunning scenery is an important part of any stay in Hocking Hills, you will also want to eat out during your time in this region. There is an excellent choice of eateries for residents and visitors to the area, with options to suit all budgets. These range from casual diners to fine dining restaurants, and each venue has a menu with something different to offer. To help you find the best places to eat to suit your tastes and budget, here are the 10 best restaurants in Hocking Hills.

Grandma Faye's

10. Grandma Faye’s Grocery

Food & Wine magazine recommends grabbing something to eat at Grandma Faye’s Grocery, which is both a grocery store and an eatery close to Old Man’s Cave. It is more about home-style cooking than fine dining, but comfort food is what you sometimes need. Expect to find dishes such as thin-crust pizzas and peanut butter fudge on the menu.

Jack's Steak House

9. Jack’s Steak House

For many people, their idea of the ideal meal is a perfectly cooked steak in welcoming surroundings, and that is what you can expect from Jack’s Steak House. It is equally as good for a romantic dinner for a couple or for a meal out during a family vacation. This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service daily.

Urban Grille

8. Hocking Hills Golf Club and Restaurant

The restaurant at Hocking Hills Golf Club is open to the public, so you can enjoy a meal at this venue regardless of whether you have played a round of golf or not. Although it is a fine dining restaurant in the evening, it also serves lighter meals and snacks at lunch service. From the restaurant, there are views across the golf course and the surrounding hilly terrain.

Restaurant on the Dam

7. Restaurant on the Dam at Stockport Mill Country Inn

In terms of location and views, one of the best restaurants in Hocking Hills is the Restaurant on the Dam at the Stockport Mill Country Inn. It sits alongside the Muskingum River at the historic Lock #6, so diners can enjoy river views while they dine. The restaurant is open for dinner service on Fridays and Saturdays and for lunch on Sundays. Diners order a la carte on Fridays and Saturdays, and a trip to the salad bar is included with every entrée. On Sundays, the restaurant serves food buffet-style.

Olde Dutch

6. The Olde Dutch Restaurant & Banquet Haus

The menu at The Olde Dutch Restaurant and Banquet House is Amish-inspired. Diners have the option to order a la carte or to choose a selection of dishes from the restaurant’s famous lunch and dinner buffets. They also offer a range of specials, and there is a kid’s menu for younger diners. It is a large restaurant, and they can cater to large groups of diners and for events. You will find this restaurant along State Route 664 South in Logan.

The Ridge Inn Restaurant

5. The Ridge Inn

The Ridge Inn is a restaurant on Pike Street in Laurelville that is open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 8 am to 5 pm on Sundays. This restaurant serves home cooking style dishes, and there are daily specials on the menu. If you are not hungry, it is still worth a visit for a drink, as it is known for its fantastic selection of coffees, cappuccinos, and smoothies.


4. Salaam

If you prefer to try cuisine from around the world rather than eating American fare, then one of the top restaurants in Hocking Hills is Salaam. It serves a diverse range of cuisines from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Balkans, and North Africa. Therefore, there are dishes to suit a wide range of tastes. To accompany the exotic flavors, the restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is open for separate lunch and dinner services from Monday to Saturday and for brunch service from 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays.


3. Rhapsody Restaurant

According to, one of the best restaurants in Hocking Hills is Rhapsody Restaurant. It is in historic downtown Nelsonville, and it is open for dinner service from Monday to Saturday and from 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays. Diners can enjoy a fine dining experience accompanied by music. The chef takes a farm-to-table approach to create a menu that uses seasonal ingredients from the Appalachian region.

Lake Hope Lodge

2. Lake Hope Lodge

Lake Hope Lodge in McArthur, OH, is known not only for its delicious views but also for its fantastic setting, as it is in a lakeside location with water views. The menu consists of upscale American fare, including fresh burgers, hand-cut steaks, wood-fired pizzas, and dishes cooked on the hickory BBQ. One of the best times to eat at the restaurant is on Sundays between 10 am and 2 pm when they serve a brunch buffet. The Sunday brunch buffet is also the most budget-friendly time to eat at this restaurant. Lake Hope Lodge does not accept reservations, so diners are allocated tables on a first-come-first-served basis. On busy days, you may have to wait for a table.

Kindred Spirits

1. Kindred Spirits at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

Kindred Spirits is the on-site restaurant at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. It is consistently ranked as the best restaurant in Hocking Hills, and it is open to the public, not just the guests. The restaurant is in one of the inn’s original 1840s log cabins, and the cabins are also used for accommodation. It is a casual fine dining restaurant with a menu of dishes using seasonal and local produce. In addition to the amazing food at this restaurant, the restaurant also has a diverse wine menu, and they also serve beers and specialty cocktails. The restaurant is also open for breakfast, and they open for lunch during the high season.

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