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Why The Old Homestead Steakhouse is One of NYC's Finest Steakhouses

Exterior of Old Homestead Steakhouse NYC

Steakhouses are one of the most popular options for dining out in New York. There is an abundance of fantastic steakhouses from which you can choose, and each has something different to offer to its diners. One steakhouse that many people consider one of the finest in New York is Old Homestead Steakhouse. Opened in 1868, this is an established restaurant that has a reputation for the quality of its food, so let’s take a look in more detail why The Old Homestead Steakhouse is one of the best in New York City.

The Menu

The first consideration is the menu options. There are separate menus for lunch and dinner, with a wide variety of dishes to account for all tastes and appetites. On the lunch menu, diners can begin their meal with a choice of warm appetizers or something from the raw bar. Many of the entrees from the dinner menu also appear on the lunch menu, such as the seafood, steak, and chops. However, there are some lighter options for people who do not want a large, heavy meal at lunchtime. These include salads, burgers, and lunch specials. On the dinner menu, the same appetizers and raw bar options are available to start your meal. There are also burgers and salads for lighter appetites and those who do not want to try something from the grill. Furthermore, there is an excellent selection of fish and seafood on the menu for those who do not eat meat or simply prefer a seafood option.

Most people opt for the steak or chops from the grill when they are dining at Old Homestead Steakhouse. The options include a huge selection of cuts of steak, rack of lamb, and herb-rubbed chicken. The steaks are particularly worthy of note, as they are cooked to order to suit your personal preference, and diners say they are cooked to perfection. To accompany your meal, there is a choice of toppings, sauces, and delicious side orders.

For many people, an appetizer and entrée are more than enough to fill them up. However, you should try to save some room for a dessert if you can because the indulgent offerings are a fantastic way to end your meal at this steakhouse. Some of the dessert offerings include ice cream sundaes, cheesecake, crème brulee, apple strudel, and chocolate cake. If you do not have room for a dessert, you may prefer to end your meal with one of the after-dinner drinks that are available. These include a huge selection of cocktails, ports, and dessert wines. To accompany your meal, there is an extensive wine list, so you will find the perfect wine to complement your meal and to suit your personal preferences. If you do not want to drink wine with your meal, there is the option to order something from the fully-stocked bar, such as a beer or spirits.


While the food an drink are an integral part of the dining experience, the ambiance of a restaurant can also make a big difference to your enjoyment of a meal. According to New York Magazine, there is something welcoming and familiar about this old-school restaurant that has been in the same setting since 1868. Although it has become a little worn over the years, this does not detract from the quality of the food and the experience for diners. In fact, the traditional interior has a homely feel that puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. Therefore, the casual setting is perfect for family dining and for dining out with groups of friends. However, the vibe of the place delivers enough of an intimate and romantic feel for couples to enjoy a meal together for a special occasion. An interesting feature of the restaurant is the life-sized model cow outside.

Customer Service

Another factor that can impact on your enjoyment of a meal is the customer service. In fact, whether you receive good customer service can make the difference to whether you will visit a restaurant again in the future. Those who have dined at Old Homestead Steakhouse have reported excellent customer service. Diners have reported that the staff is welcoming, friendly, and attentive. They are keen to make your dining experience as enjoyable as possible and will ensure that all your needs are met during your visit. In terms of the pricing at Old Homestead Restaurant, it is a little more pricey than other steakhouses in the area that offers similar menus and have a comparable vibe. Zagat notes that the prices are comparative value when the size of the portions and the quality of the ingredients are taken into account. Therefore, although it is a little on the pricey side, it is worth it for the meal you can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this restaurant has many features that make it well worth considering next time you want to visit a steakhouse. There is an extensive menu of good quality food and some great drinks options. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and the customer service will add to your dining experience. Therefore, you can expect an excellent meal in pleasant surroundings if you choose to dine at Old Homestead Steakhouse. You can find out for yourself if the Old Homestead Steakhouse is one of the finest steakhouses in New York City if you visit it on 9th Avenue, New York. The restaurant opens at 12 noon Monday to Friday, and at the later opening time of 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday. On Sundays, the restaurant closes at 9.45 pm and at 10.45 pm on Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturday, there is a later closing time of 11.45 pm. Although reservations are not necessary, booking in advance will save you from disappointment. There is the option to book via Open Table on their website, which is a convenient way to reserve your table at this restaurant.

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