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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Pasadena, CA

Pasadena is a great place to dine out as there are so many options. There are restaurants serving cuisines from all around the world to suit various budgets. The restaurants in this area also offer different dining experiences, from enjoying a casual meal in a relaxed setting with friends to an intimate fine dining experience in an upscale environment. One type of restaurant you will find in this area is seafood restaurants, and there are many to try with each offering something different. Here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Pasadena.

10. Beer and Claw

Beer and Claw serves Cajun-style food, including seafood dishes, meat, and vegetarian options. The seafood dishes constitute the majority of the menu, and there is a whole section of the menu devoted to Cajun-style seafood dishes. Fish and seafood also feature on the appetizer and entrée options. There is also a vast selection of seafood po boys and seafood pasta dishes. This casual and family-friendly restaurant is an affordable place to eat, and you can save money by dining in the restaurant during its happy hours.

9. Newport Seafood Restaurant

Fans of Asian flavors will love Newport Seafood Restaurant as it serves seafood dishes that are inspired by Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cuisine. The house special is lobster, and this is served in various ways. It is an upscale Asian seafood restaurant that is known for its generous portions and family-style dining. The menu is diverse and extensive, with 13 options on the soup section of the menu alone. For the entrée options, the menu is divided into sections according to the main ingredient. For example, there are sections for lobster, frog, crab, and so on. This place is so popular that diners often queue to get a table. However, the service is fast so you will never wait too long. It is a family-owned establishment that is located on West Las Tunas Drive.

8. Senor Fish

Those who enjoy the flavors of Mexican cuisine will adore dining at Senor Fish. Don’t expect anything fancy at this cantina-style restaurant; just good honest food. The crowd-pleasing, Mexican-inspired seafood dishes include fish tacos and ceviche along with other Mexican favorites. Many of the dishes are healthy eating options, and they do smaller portions for their younger diners. This restaurant also has a takeout service for people who prefer to eat their mouthwatering food at home.


If you are a fan of both seafood dishes and Italian cuisine, then SORRISO is the restaurant for you. It is a quaint restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine, most of which features seafood. However, there are also steaks and vegetarian options on the menu. Other than the delicious food, another reason to visit this restaurant is the lively entertainment as it hosts live music daily. This makes it a fun place to dine out with friends in the evenings.

6. San Marino Seafood

Although this is only a tiny restaurant, it is always busy as it has become popular amongst the locals. In warm weather, diners sit outdoors on the patio to enjoy their meal. Diners report that the fish is always cooked perfectly and that there is an excellent selection of dishes. They also say that the staff is friendly and welcoming. Two of the best options from the menu are the clam chowder and the ahi tuna steak. This restaurant differs from others in the area as it also has a fish market where you can buy fresh fish and seafood to take home.

5. Bayou Shrimp

You will find Bayou Shrimp on South Raymond Avenue in Pasadena. This affordable and casual establishment specializes in Cajun-style food. Crab and shrimp served in various ways feature highly on this menu. There are also some fantastic lobster options. In addition to the seafood options, there are several excellent pasta dishes on the menu, and diners rave about the garlic bread. Forer visitors to this restaurant say that the staff is friendly and more than happy to guide you through your meal choices.

4. Fanta Sea Grill

A great spot to grab a bite to eat at lunch while out shopping is Fanta Sea Grill, which is in the shopping mall on Fair Oaks Avenue. This is a casual and minimalist option that serves crowd-pleasers such as lobster pasta and broiled salmon. It has been praised by former diners for its cleanliness, excellent food, and friendly customer service.

3. Fishwives

One of the top seafood restaurants in Pasadena is Fishwives, says Three Best Rated. The diverse menu has many internationally inspired dishes alongside American favorites. Therefore, you will see jumbo crab cakes, clam chowder, and lobster rolls alongside options including a sashimi plate, ceviche, and fish tacos. There is also a raw bar with Californian flavors. This is one of the most affordable seafood options in Pasadena, so it is a great choice for those who are dining out on a budget.

2. Roy’s Restaurant

Chef Roy Yamaguchi presents an unusual menu of Hawaiian fusion food at this popular Pasadena seafood restaurant. You can expect to find dishes such as calamari bao buns, blackened island Ahi, and kataifi wrapped shrimp. There are also some options for meat-eaters and vegetarians on the menu, so it is somewhere that everyone can enjoy. In warmer weather, diners tend to congregate on the outdoor eating area.

1. Cameron’s Seafood

According to Smart Guy, the best seafood restaurant in Pasadena is Cameron’s Seafood. Located on East Colorado Boulevard, this restaurant offers a comfortable environment for casual dining. The menu changes regularly to reflect the availability of fresh seafood. The specials change daily, so there is something new to try on each visit. There is a lot of return custom from the locals due to the quality of the food, the great ambiance, and excellent customer service. Another point to note about this restaurant is that the service is quick despite it being busy.

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