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The 10 Best Places to Eat in Green Bay, WI

Three Three Five

If you love cheese, you're going to love Green Bay, Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a long, long tradition in cheese making, and nowhere is this more evident than its third biggest city. Whether you want some classic American cheese, some tangy cheddar, or a slice of authentic Muenster, you're not going to be short of opportunities to indulge your savory side. Not that the city's food scene is just about cheese, of course. From fresh seafood to belly-busting burgers, succulent steaks to creamy crème brûlées, there's a little something for everyone. As to the best places to eat in the city? Well, everyone's got their opinion, but if you want our advice, you won't go wrong with our pick of the ten best Green Bay restaurants.

Republic Chophouse

10. Republic Chophouse

If you're in the mood for something meaty, there's only one place to head - Republic Chophouse. With its warm, welcoming ambiance, vibrant vibes, and it's friendly service, it's an urban steakhouse with a difference. The menu is a carnivore's delight - whether you plump for the steak, the seafood, the chops, or the ribs, you're going to be leaving with a very big grin on your face. Despite the emphasis on meat, it does a pretty fine line in deserts, too.

Rustique Pizzeria

9. Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge ranks the Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge as one of the best restaurants in Green Bay. It's not hard to understand why... although you might want to give it a miss if you're not a pizza fan. This is a place that's all about gooey, cheesy, delicious pizza (although if you ask nicely, they might knock you up a salad or sandwich instead). Go fancy with a shrimp and asparagus topping, get creative with the mac 'n' cheese option, or keep it classic with a reliable Margherita. Pair it with a glass of wine from the short but tasteful wine menu for a meal to remember.

Taverne in the Sky

8. Taverne in the Sky at Lodge Kohler

Set on the fifth floor of Lodge Kohler, Taverne In The Sky is a first-class restaurant with a first-class view. Offering sweeping panoramas of Lambeau Field, there are few places to eat in the city that offer such a stunning backdrop. Even if we take the view out of the equation, this is still an outstanding restaurant. The menu is inspired by local classics and makes full use of regional, seasonal ingredients. A classic rotisserie and wood-fired grill take center stage in the open concept kitchen, while the “wall of wine” is a surefire talking point. Don't miss trying one of the signature crafted cocktails while you're here - they're practically legendary.


7. A'Bravo Bistro

If you're in the mood for something light and fresh, head straight to A'Bravo Bistro. Ranked by Trip Advisor users as one of the very best restaurants in Green Bay, A'Bravo Bistro is a fun, vibrant place with a sophisticated but lively menu that spans a huge range of healthy eats. The wine list is superb, the service is outstanding, and the prices are more than reasonable. All in all, it's a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


6. Chives Restaurant

Located in a historic building in Suamico's Vickery Village, Chives Restaurant is a delightful family restaurant with great service, great prices, and even greater food. Specializing in fresh, seasonal cuisine that showcases local ingredients, it offers a relatively simple menu that's built on classic favorites and home comforts. The burgers, sandwiches, and salads are all excellent, but the fish and chips with crunchy coleslaw side is truly epic.

Iron Duck

5. Iron Duck

When it comes to tasty, fresh food, outstanding service, and a phenomenally accommodating welcome, there aren't many places that can complete with Iron Duck. A relative newcomer to the Green Bay restaurant scene, it's managed to build up a loyal fan base in just a year of service, thanks in no small part to its emphasis on seasonal, local cuisine and unparalleled service.


4. Chefusion Eclectic Cuisine & Lounge

Open Table reviewers have given Chefusion Eclectic Cuisine & Lounge a very appreciative 4.7 out of 5. Why? Maybe because diners are offered the choice of two different dining experiences (Chefusion is a white tablecloth formal dining experience, while Fusion Lounge offers a fun, casual dining atmosphere with live music and a vibrant buzz). Maybe it's because the service manages to be attentive but never invasive. Maybe it's because the prices are so reasonable. Or maybe it's just because the food happens to be some of the best in Green Bay. Whatever it is, it's a winner.


3. Hinterland Brewery & Restaurant

After taking the idea of a traditional German Hops House and injecting it with a big dose of fun, the owners of Hinterland Brewery & Restaurant have created a charming venue that makes a great destination for leisurely lunches and cozy dinners. An open kitchen, two wood-burning stoves, and a gorgeous little beer garden combine to make a uniquely atmospheric dining experience. Try one of the gourmet wood fired pizzas for proof that it's not just the Italians who know how to make a great Margherita.


2. Angelina Restaurant

You don't have to travel all the way to Rome for some great Italian food, not when there are restaurants like Angelina around. This authentic Italian bistro is a warmly intimate restaurant with a meticulously authentic menu, a romantic atmosphere, and the kind of food that's guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Three Three Five

1. Three Three Five

If you're looking for an awesome experience with even better food and drink, look no further than Three Three Five. Intimate, low key and charming, it's a great place for date night. If you can, grab a seat at the bar to get the best views of the magic happening inside the open kitchen. The food is innovative, creative, and cutting edge enough to leave a graze. The wine list is just as noteworthy, while the cocktails tip the scales from awesome to legendary. Be sure to check the schedule before you turn up unannounced - the restaurant is primarily for private dining but opens to the public on limited Wednesdays and for the occasional popup night.

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