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The 20 Best Seafood Restaurants in New Jersey

Seafood New Jersey

Although there are many dining options in New Jersey, seafood restaurants remain a consistently popular choice. This is possibly because restaurants in this state have access to a fresh supply of a wide range of fish and seafood to serve to their customers. These seafood restaurants vary significantly in terms of the type of cuisine they serve, the ambiance in the establishment, and the price point. Therefore, there are options for all tastes and budgets. Here are the 20 best seafood restaurants in New Jersey.

New Jersey Seafood

20. Allegro Seafood Grill - Newark

Only In Your State names Allegro Seafood Grill as one of the top 20 seafood restaurants in New Jersey. This Newark restaurant serves Portuguese seafood dishes, and food is cooked to an excellent standard. The menu is unique. and the guests have complimented the portions sizes and the outstanding customer service.

New Jersey Seafood

19. Blue Claw Seafood & Crab Eatery - Burlington

Crab lovers should head to Blue Claw Crab & Seafood Eatery. This is a casual joint with the option to eat in or take out. It has earned multiple accolades from local publications due to the standard of the food and the overall dining experience. The crab is recommended by the restaurant, and there are several varieties available that are served in various ways. However, crab is not the only option on the menu as they also serve dishes featuring shrimp, flounder, cod, clams, scallops, and much more.

New Jersey Seafood

18. Pier House - Cape May

Diners at Pier House can enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. At the helm of this restaurant is Chef Argerios Mallous who is responsible for the creative menu that includes both American cuisine and Mediterranean seafood. The food is served Meze-style, with plates of seafood put on the table for everyone at the table to enjoy. In addition to the main dishes, there are seafood salads and some meat options.

17. Dock’s Oyster House - Atlantic City

One of the most established seafood restaurants in New Jersey is Dock’s Oyster House, which was opened by Harry ‘Dock’ Dougherty in 1897. More than 120 years later, this restaurant has maintained an excellent reputation for its delicious seafood, especially the oysters. There is an extensive menu that combines American classes with international flavors, so there is something on the menu to suit all tastes.

New Jersey Seafood

16. Molos - Weehawken

Molos is located on Pershing Road in Weehawken in a waterside spot that means diners can enjoy excellent water views as they eat. This modern seafood restaurant prides itself on the freshness, variety, and flavor of the ingredients it uses. Most of the dishes on the menu are inspired by Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. There is a raw bar at this restaurant and various menus that offer different styles of eating.

New Jersey Seafood

15. Chart House - Weehawken

One of the most notable features about Chart House is the large windows on three sides of the restaurant that give impressive views of the water and the city skyline. The décor inside the hotel is modern with classy elegance that adds to the overall dining experience, which is perfect for special occasions and romantic meals. Chart House has an excellent reputation because of its excellent customer service and its ocean-fresh seafood.

New Jersey Seafood

14. Chef Mike’s ABG - Seaside Park

Executive Chef Mike Jurusz is the chef-owner of this seafood restaurant in Seaside Park. He has created his own unique style of food that he calls trans-Continental Fusion. This is inspired by his work in countries around the world. The menu is creative and contains dishes that you will find nowhere else in New Jersey. There are enough options on the menu for you to try something new and interesting every time you visit. Dining here is a truly special experience.

New Jersey Seafood

13. H2Ocean Restaurant and Raw Bar - Cedar Knolls

The unusual décor at H2Ocean Restaurant and Raw Bar means that it is a popular venue for special events, such as weddings. However, it is equally popular as a place to simply enjoy a delicious seafood meal. The menu consists of seafood dishes using predominantly locally-sourced ingredients. The seafood pasta dishes are some of the most popular options, and there is also a raw bar that features a wide selection of raw seafood ingredients. Meat lovers are taken into consideration at this restaurant, with options including filet mignon and pork chops.

New Jersey Seafood

12. Blue Point Grill

One of the best seafood restaurants in Princeton is Blue Point Grill on Nassau Street. Open since 1999, this restaurant is a hotspot for locals. This restaurant sits next to a seafood company, so they have a direct supply of fresh seafood. Guests can eat in the dining room, which has a contemporary chic ambiance or step out to the patio for an alfresco meal in pleasant surroundings.

New Jersey Seafood

11. Oceanos Oyster Bar - Fair Lawn

Although there are many oyster bars throughout New Jersey, the best option in Fair Lawn is Oceanos Oyster Bar on Saddle River Road. This restaurant is run by the Panteleakis family, so it is a very family-oriented venue. The father and son team are involved in every stage of the process, from choosing ingredients at Fulton Market to preparing the food and delivering to the tables. There are separate lunch and dinner menus, both of which feature oysters alongside many other fish and seafood options. Many guests enjoy a trip to the raw bar.

Seafood New Jersey

10. Lobster House of Freehold - West Freehold

One of the best places to eat Lobster in New Jersey is at the Lobster House of Freehold, says Best of New Jersey. There are four menus to peruse at this restaurant; lunch, dinner, kids, and chef’s specials. All the menus offer a wide selection of seafood and fish. Other than the lobster, a favorite from the menu is Joe’s Special, which is a platter of shrimp in red or white sauce, clams, mussels, and an optional half a lobster. There is seating indoors and outdoors, but you must bring your own booze if you want an alcoholic beverage to accompany your meal.

Seafood New Jersey

9. The Frog and the Peach - New Brunswick

Located on Dennis Street in New Brunswick is The Frog and The Peach. It is named after a 1970 comedy duo act, but there is nothing funny about the outstanding food on offer at this top-notch restaurant. Bruce Lefebvre is the Executive Chef and owner of the establishment, and his seafood-centric menu is a unique take on American cuisine. The menu changes each season to take advantage of locally sourced and seasonally available produce. Both large meals and smaller plates are served at this establishment.

Seafood New Jersey

8. Seasons 52 - Cherry Hill

If you are in Cherry Hill, the best seafood restaurant to try is Seasons 52. This is a chain restaurant that has many locations across the country. The menu at this fine-dining establishment rotates as it is based on seasonal availability from local, sustainable farms and fisheries. The name of the restaurant comes from the seasonal menu and the fact that there are 52 wine labels on their wine list. In addition to the seafood options, there are also meat and vegetarian dishes available. Therefore, there is something for everyone in your dining party to enjoy.

Seafood New Jersey

7. Battello Jersey City - Jersey City

The interior of this restaurant is one of the things that makes it such an interesting place to visit. The style is a combination of elegance and industrial design with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out across Newport Yacht Club and Marina. This spacious restaurant is divided into several dining rooms to accommodate regular diners and those who have booked in larger parties for special events. To fulfill the needs of so many guests, there are two fully-stocked bars. There is also a lounge with live entertainment. Executive Chef Ryan DePersio has created a progressive menu that adds a modern twist to classic Italian fare. Although this restaurant is best known for its exquisite seafood dishes, the desserts at this restaurant are also noteworthy.

Seafood New Jersey

6. Varka Estiatorio - Ramsey

If you are in Ramsey, you should stop for lunch or dinner at Varka Estiatorio on North Spruce Street. The European-style menu, which is predominantly focused on the cuisine of Greece, features fish and seafood that is caught fresh daily. Although the Mediterranean menu has a lot to offer many guests argue that it is the oyster and shellfish bar that is the star of the show in this restaurant. If you fancy a lighter meal, there are options such as sandwiches, salmon burgers, crab cakes, or lobster gyro. While there is ample seating indoors, the outdoor dining area is a popular option in warmer weather. Former diners recommend leaving some room for dessert as there are tasty options including cheesecake, honey donuts, almond cake, and baklava.

Seafood New Jersey

5. Max’s Seafood Café - Gloucester City

You will find Max’s Seafood Café on Burlington Street in Gloucester City. Open for both lunch and dinner service, this is a casual restaurant that is ideal for eating out with friends. However, it is also suitable for a business lunch or a romantic date. There are separate lunch and dinner menus, along with daily specials. Seafood is the highlight of the menu, although there are other options available. You will see lots of traditional, crowd-pleasing American dishes on the menus at this establishment along with some options that have a little international flair. Some examples of the dishes available include Maryland crab chowder, Jambalaya, fish tacos, seafood Pescatore, and crab dip. This restaurant is set in a period building that dates to 1890, but the interior has been modernized over the years. Despite these renovations, it has retained enough character and charm to create a quaint and comfortable setting.

Seafood New Jersey

4. Daniel’s Bistro - Point Pleasant Beach

At this restaurant, only fresh and seasonal produce is used, and it supports local fisheries and farms. The high-quality meals have a delicious flavor and a touch of French flair. Diners can enjoy an intimate dining experience in this classy yet coy restaurant, so it is ideal for a romantic dinner. The team at Daniel’s Bistro make all their guests feel special from the moment they step onto the premises.

Seafood New Jersey

3. Blue Morel Restaurant and Wine Bar - Morristown

A fine dining restaurant in historic Morristown, the chefs at this restaurant uses only produce that is seasonal, organic, local, and sustainable. The innovative dishes are created by Chef Dennis Matthews. This farm-to-table experience highlights the best of New American cuisine. In addition to the main menu, there is sushi and a seafood raw bar. This restaurant is open daily from breakfast through to dinner.   They feature an a la carte Sunday Supper.  On Fridays, they offer a special Foodie Friday Four Course Menu for $49 per person.  They also have a wine pairing to complement each course.

Seafood New Jersey

2. Shipwreck Grill - Brielle

Located on Ashley Avenue in Brielle, Shipwreck Grill is open for dinner service seven days a week. This restaurant is near the docks at Manasquan River, and they offer only the freshest seafood and seasonal ingredients. The menu consists of classic seafood staples with an elegant touch. There are happy hours from Monday to Friday, a lobster night on Mondays and live music on Thursday evenings. The Shipwreck Grill also has an excellent cocktail menu.

Seafood New Jersey

1. Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen

According to Best of New Jersey, the best seafood restaurant in New Jersey is Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen. The seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection, and many of the dishes are inspired by Italian cuisine. Diners love that the menu is so varied and that there is a separate raw menu that features eight varieties of oysters. Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen is a comfortable and homey restaurant with a family-friendly vibe.

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