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The 10 Best Restaurants in All of Ann Arbor

If you're new to Ann Arbor, or perhaps planning to visit the area, you're probably not familiar with the quality of the local restaurants. It can be tough to find a good place to eat when you're in a new area. Some that look good turn out to be less than you expected. We've done the research on the best places to eat in the city and found several good eateries, but some stood out above others and a few came with high recommendations from locals who place them on the list of the top ten best restaurants in all of Ann Arbor.

1. Sava's

Savas is known for its contemporary atmosphere and eclectic menu offerings. The ingredients for their menu items are locally sourced to be fresh and wholesome. They offer a Sunday brunch buffet along with late night food and happy hour food and drinks. The menu is diverse with 300 dining seats available. It's a larger restaurant in the community because it's so popular they need the room. The food is tasty, there's a great selection and the servings are big.

2. Zingerman's Roadhouse

This restaurant offers American comfort cuisine along with draft beers locally brewed and a gourmet food shop. The menu is fairly extensive so you'll have your choice of full-flavored offerings that include beef, pork, and lamb dishes along with goat selections. Here you'll find examples such as fried chicken, Carolina barbecue, crab cakes, macaroni and cheese and much more. the restaurant's microbrews are also excellent according to locals. The restaurant offers happy hour food and drinks in the bar section as well. This is an award-winning restaurant that has received accolades for serving tasty foods and brews, making it one that you'll want to check out.

3. Frita Batidos

This highly praised establishment offers a fare of Cuban street food that is out of this world. They also specialize in tropical cocktails and offer a happy hour. The dining area is decorated in a stark white background, then filled with colorful furnishings and accents. The owner insists on fresh organic ingredients sourced from local farmers. The cooking style is simple and they know how to use spice to suit your palate. Picnic seating gives it a relaxed atmosphere but there is nothing relaxed about the food. It's both aesthetically pleasing and a delight to the senses.

4. Aventura

Aventura is a modern styled restaurant that features authentic Spanish cuisine. They're well known and appreciated for their modern version of Spanish Tapas and their Paella is recognized internationally. Space is stylish in a contemporary format with touches of rustic design. They offer wine and cocktails along with happy hour food and drink specials and late night dining.

5. Pacific Rim By Kana

Pacific Rim By Kana is a romantic style restaurant that features Pan-Asian cuisine with an American and French inspiration. They are an upscale restaurant well known for offering healthy menu options and some of the best desserts in the city. They also offer a curated wine list for those with discriminating tastes. The restaurant opens a 5 pm and is open for dinner but you'll need to call ahead and make reservations because the seats fill up quickly.

6. Gandy Dancer

This is an elegant seafood restaurant that is located in the old restored Michigan Central Depot circa 1886. It's an architectural landmark that has been beautifully redesigned. The atmosphere remains nostalgic to the era in which it was created. The fare is based on steak and seafood dishes in a sophisticated setting. The restaurant offers comfort food along with happy hour food and drinks.

7. Taste Kitchen

The Taste Kitchen is a New American style restaurant that offers sophisticated dining in an intimate and refined atmosphere. The food offers an Asian twist on a French and American fare with small plates and healthy options on the menu. Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used in their cuisine. Seafood and vegetable offerings rotate seasonally. Happy hour food and drinks are available and the restaurant opens at 5 pm for evening dining

8. Gratzi Ann Arbor

Gratzi Ann Arbor is an upscale establishment that offers cuisine from Northern Italy. A huge mural decorates the interior which is replete with balcony tables and a sophisticated ambiance. The eatery is located in the former Orpheum Theater and it has a dramatic history behind it which has been preserved in the theme of the restaurant. They offer delicious menu items along with comfort food and happy hour food and drinks. The restaurant opens at 12 pm daily.

9. Café Zola

Cafe Zola is a rustic eatery featuring high ceilings rustic accouterments and exposed brick facades. They offer outdoor seating and the plates are small. The fare is eclectic serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a define influence on the interior and food from French cuisine and culture. Items include French dishes, Turkish, Italian and Mediterranean. Reservations are recommended.

10. Mani Osteria and Bar

Mani Osteria and Bar is an eatery that specializes in serving wood oven prepared pizza and Italian fare They also offer a bar that features old world wines and beer from local breweries. The menu presents dishes that are served on small plates with the intention that diners will share freely with one another to try a little bit of everything. They offer the best pizza in town and this is complemented with their outstanding wines, cocktails, and brews. This is an ideal venue for the late night, comfort and happy hour food.

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