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Where to Get the Best Chinese Food in Anchorage, Alaska


Whether you’re in Anchorage, Alaska for a visit or you decided to move there, people that have lived there a long time often notice that there are a number of misconceptions about their city that they're only too anxious to straighten out. One of those misconceptions is that the city is basically isolated unto itself and therefore, it's hard to find any good Chinese food there. If you listen to the locals, they'll tell you that this simply isn't true. Alaska itself may be an area that's rather isolated, but Anchorage has plenty to do, see and experience. They also have just about every type of restaurant that you could ever hope to find, including more than their fair share of high-quality Chinese restaurants. As opposed to having trouble finding a good Chinese restaurant, you're more likely to have the problem of not knowing which one to try first. To that end, you can find some help by reading through this list which has five of the best Chinese food restaurants in Anchorage, ranked from number 5 to number one. The truth is, you'll be happy with any of these restaurants. Chances are, more than one of them will end up becoming a favorite that you come back to again and again.

5. Rice Garden Anchorage (400 Sitka St)

If you're looking for Chinese food that's a bit more upscale, then you don't need to look any further than this place right here. They specialize in gourmet Chinese food along with steak and to be honest, it's some of the best that you're ever likely to taste. They don't do delivery, but you can get takeout. That being said, doing so is essentially cheating yourself out of an amazing environment that you can enjoy if you dine in, one that's both upscale and comfortable. It's also worth noting that they have some of the most generous portions you're ever likely to see. Since most people are trying to be cost-conscious these days, it's also important to know that while their menu prices are more expensive than some, you're really getting a bargain when you consider that they're more upscale and you get loads of high quality food for the price you're paying. You won't be disappointed.

4. Asia Garden Restaurant (7828 Old Seward Hwy)

Are you looking for a casual restaurant that offers the overwhelming majority of traditional Chinese menu options? You can't hardly beat this place. They have a menu that encompasses a wide range of options and they manage to make the atmosphere comfortable without allowing it to feel stuffy. They even have karaoke and a special lounge where you can enjoy your food in an even more relaxed environment while sampling some alcoholic beverages. They do dine-in, carryout and delivery so depending on what your needs are at any one given point in time, they're ready to help you get dinner sorted out without any fanfare. Their portions are generous and their prices are extremely reasonable. If you really want good Chinese food and you're in the mood to feel like you're in the Bahamas instead of Anchorage, this is the perfect place to be.

3. Golden Gate Restaurant (3471 E Tudor Rd)

There's a reason that this restaurant routinely gets five star reviews. Their food is absolutely delicious. Whether you are a casual fan of Chinese food or you consider yourself a Chinese food connoisseur that can pick out the average from the truly great restaurants with ease, you're going to love this place. Like most Chinese food restaurants, they offer a fairly traditional menu. The thing that sets them apart is that their portion sizes are absolutely enormous. Considering how much food you're getting, prices couldn't be more reasonable and the food itself is absolutely delicious. If they have one potential disadvantage, it’s that the restaurant isn't in a stand-alone location. It's actually in a conglomerate of buildings called Tudor Square. That's definitely not a problem, but unless you know it's in there, you might drive right by it and miss it, even if you know the street address. Aside from that, you’ll have to look long and hard to find any fault with this restaurant and even then, you may not be able to find a single thing to complain about.

2. Northern China Restaurant (353 Muldoon Rd)

This exquisite restaurant specializes in Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine. They also have a dinner menu that is completely separate from their lunch menu, something that sets them apart from much of the competition. In some rare cases, you can simply get a smaller portion of what will ultimately appear on the dinner menu for lunch, but that isn't always the case. The restaurant actually prefers to keep the offerings separate so that you can get lunch quickly and then spend more time relaxing at dinner with something that's more intimate. The restaurant routinely gets five star reviews and some people have even gone as far as saying that it's some of the best Chinese food that they've ever had in their entire lives, regardless of where they've eaten. That definitely makes it a good candidate to be on the list for the best Chinese food in Anchorage. They also do dine-in, takeout and delivery so regardless of the mood you're in at the particular time, they have something that will work for you.

1. Panda Chinese Restaurant (605 E Northern Lights Blvd)

If you're confusing this restaurant with the chain called Panda Express, think again. This particular location has been voted the best Chinese food in Anchorage time and time again. If you've ever eaten there, it's easy to understand why. They have a full range of traditional Chinese food along with a few of their own creations which can't be ignored. If you love spicy food, traditional Chinese food and you enjoy menu items with loads of vegetables, you cannot go wrong here. Portions are fairly generous and the prices are reasonable, but the thing you're going to remember is how good it all tastes.

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Written by Liz Flynn

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