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Where to Get the Best Chinese Food in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

Whether you're craving a bowl of steaming hot noodles, doused in garlic and scattered with chilis, a pile of sweet, sticky chicken, or some exquisitely delicate, flavor-packed Dim Sum, Salt Lake City has what you need. The city's food scene is booming, and for fans of Asian cuisine, the outlook's never been brighter. Here are 10 spots to grab some of the best Chinese food Salt Lake City has to offer.

10. Ho Ho Gourmet (1504 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115)

If you're craving something cheap, cheerful, and Chinese, head for this downtown favorite. The interior is unassuming enough, but the menu is packed with the kind of flavor bombs that guarantee a memorable meal. Dim Sum is served daily, but there's also an excellent selection of meat and seafood entrees, noodle and rice dishes, and vegetarian options. The Sesame Chicken is a must, but you might want to give the Seafood Lo Mein and Beef with Broccoli a try too.

9. Ginger Street (324 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111)

If you're hunting for great vibes, efficient service, and jaw-droppingly tasty food, Ginger Street won't disappoint. It describes itself as a ‘Southeast Asian Hawker Style Street Food” restaurant, which pretty much sums up the vibe. Hip, casual, and with a menu bursting with thoughtfully sourced, high-quality ingredients, it serves up authentic Chinese and Asian fusion dishes with enough creativity and ingenuity to keep you coming back for more. Be sure to save a little room for the sesame and ginger ice cream for dessert.

8. One More Noodle House (3370 S State St n5, South Salt Lake, UT 84115)

If you're in the mood for some of the finest noodles Salt Lake City has to offer, make a beeline for One More Noodle House. Thick, wide noodles, bouncy as a ball and slathered in every kid of sauce under the sun, are the focus, with Sichuan Cool Noodles, Braised Beef Rice Noodles, and Tofu Dan Dan Noodle all drawing rave reviews. There's also an excellent selection of vegetarian options (and even a handful of vegan-friendly dishes), together with a good number of appetizers and sides like Shredded Pig Ear, Stew Tripe, and Seaweed Salad.

7. The Szechuan Garden (1275 E 8600 S, Sandy, UT 84094)

At the helm of the kitchen at The Szechuan Garden is Chef Chang, a master of Szechuan cuisine who's spent the past 35 years honing his skills in some of the world's best restaurants. His award-winning restaurant specializes in the food of China's Sichuan Province, a region known for its bold flavors and love of ginger, chili peppers, and, above everything else, the uniquely flavored Sichuan peppercorn. If you want bland, sanitized food, forget it - if you want the kind of meal you'll still remember months down the line, don't miss it.

6. P.F. Chang (174 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101)

Chains sometimes get a bad rep, but when they work, they can be incredible. P.F. Chang is a standout, delivering consistently high-quality, authentic cuisine in a stylish environment, along with a price-list that isn't going to break the bank and efficient, helpful service. If you've eaten at any one of its 200 locations, you'll know exactly what to expect - fortunately, the Salt Lake City location doesn't deviate from the brief by even an inch.

5. Foodie and Sweetie D Market (89 D St E, Salt Lake City, UT 84103)

If you're looking for somewhere with a three-page menu and a fleet of waiters, Foodie and Sweetie D Market might not be your cup of boba milk tea. If, on the other hand, you're searching out a small mom-and-pop-style cafe where you can enjoy some jaw-droppingly gorgeous dumplings, a bowl of warming Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup, or a hearty dish of Curry Chicken Rice, it's unmissable. There's also a large selection of Asian specialty foods and ingredients to browse and buy.

4. Red Lotus Bistro (329 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111)

Named one of the best Chinese restaurants in Salt Lake City by, Red Lotus Bistro ticks all of the boxes, delivering friendly service, great prices, and the kind of food you'd happily eat from dawn to dusk. Customers rave about the Sesame Chicken and Shanghai Wings in particular. If you're craving something a little lighter, the flavor-packed wontons won't disappoint.

3. Hong Kong Tea House (565 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101)

As says, this little eatery in the western end of downtown Salt Lake City does an extremely tantalizing dim sum menu with a heavenly selection of dumplings, noodle rolls, meatballs, rolls, and pot-stickers served a la carte from steamer baskets. Dim sum service finishes at 3 pm each day, but don't worry too much if you miss it - there's still a fabulous selection of chef's specials like Steamed Beef Tripe and Kung Pao Shrimp to tuck into.

2. Chinese Taste (3424 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115)

Named one of the best Chinese restaurants in Salt Lake City by, this South Salt Lake Chinatown institution is the kind of place that caters to all tastes. If you prefer Chinese-American fare like Orange Chicken or General Tso Chicken, you'll find all your favorites on the menu. If you'd rather have a more authentic culinary experience, you won't be disappointed by the huge selection of wontons, noodle and rice dishes, soups, and entrees. The BBQ Fish Pot and Boiled Fish in Szechwan Sauce both come particularly highly recommended.

1. Mom's Kitchen (2233 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115)

Asian restaurants in Utah might be plentiful, but those that specialize in Taiwanese cuisine are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, of the few there are, one can be found in Salt Lake City. Even more fortunately, it's the kind of place you could visit every day of the week and never get tired of. Yelp reviewers have named Mom's Kitchen the best place for Chinese food in Salt Lake City, raving about its authentic dishes, affordable prices, and friendly service. Key dishes to try include the Seaweed and Egg Soup Bowl, the Egg Plant with Garlic Sauce, and the Taiwanese Popcorn Fried Chicken.

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