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The 20 Best Places to Get Breakfast in Connecticut


When looking for places to eat out, many people focus on lunch and dinner options, especially if you are visiting an area for a vacation. However, you might also want something to eat first thing in the morning, so it makes sense to find out where serves the best breakfasts in the area so you can guarantee you will get something decent to eat to set your day off to a good start. If you are in Connecticut, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat, as there are some outstanding eateries that serve breakfast. Here are the 20 best places to get breakfast in Connecticut.


20. Sift Bake Shop, Mystic

Sift Bake Shop on Water Street in Mystic's historic downtown. It is a small café that offers the option to dine in or take out your food. The shop is owned and operated by Adam Young, a pastry chef who uses French techniques and flavors in his cooking. Everything on the menu is made onsite by the pastry chef, so freshness is guaranteed. It is a fantastic place for those who prefer pastries for breakfast to meat or egg dishes. Items on the menu include artisanal bread, breakfast pastries, chocolates, confectionary, macaroons, pancakes, cookies, and sandwiches. Unfortunately, you can only have the pleasure of dining at this café on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On these three days, the café is open from 7 a to 7 pm.

Caffee Social

19. Caffe Social, Norwalk

Caffe Social in Norwalk is open for lunch and dinner, and the aim of the owners is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for people to enjoy good food and coffee. It is a family-run restaurant on North Main Street in Norwalk. Expect to find items such as pancakes, omelets, French toast, waffles, eggs Benedict, and pastries on the menu. There is a wide selection of hot drinks to accompany your breakfast. If you visit at lunch, the options include salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and paninis. It is a fully-licensed restaurant, so you can wash your lunch down with a beer, wine, mimosas, or non-alcoholic beverages. The interior of the café has funky décor, which adds some fun to the dining experience.


18. Bella's Café, New Haven

Only In Your State lists Bella's Café in New Haven as one of the best places to get breakfast in Connecticut. It is a little more unusual than its competitors that serve breakfast, as it has a vast array of dishes with global influences. American, French, Italian, and Cajun dishes are available. Diners have the option to dine in or to buy food over the counter to takeout. Diners have praised the food, the atmosphere, and the quality of the coffee. Bella's Café is also open for brunch and dinner if you are in New Haven later in the morning.

Bagel Delight

17. Bagel Delight, Newtown

As the name of this establishment suggests, Bagel Delight specializes in bagels. However, bagels are not the only option on the menu, as there are other choices, including breakfast sandwiches. Aside from the outstanding food, the welcoming atmosphere is another reason that people want to dine in the restaurant. Former diners have particularly praised the owner who makes her guests feel like they are eating in their own homes. It is located on Church Hill Road in Newtown, and it is a fantastic option for early risers as it is open from 5 am daily.

That Breakfast Place

16. That Breakfast Place, Willimantic

If you are a fan of traditional American breakfasts with plenty of options containing bacon, sausages, and eggs, then one of the best options is That Breakfast Place. This restaurant takes part in Food Challenges. The challenge at this restaurant is to eat a 16-inch pancake with 0.5-pound fries, two orders of toast, a dozen eggs, and sides of bacon, ham, sausage, and kielbasa. Diners have 30 minutes to finish eating the meal, and the prize is a free meal and a place on the restaurant's wall of fame. You will find That Breakfast Place on Boston Post Road in Willimantic.

Rein's Deli

15. Rein's Deli, Vernon

Rein's Deli is on Hartford Turnpike in Vernon, Connecticut, and it is open from 8 a to 8 pm daily. It is a traditional Jewish deli that serves large sandwiches and other Jewish deli fares. There is a counter where people can walk in and buy items from the deli, as well as a simple dining room where people can sit down to eat. On the breakfast menu, there are various egg dishes, including omelets, and they specialize in bagels. There are also dishes made using cured meats from the deli and traditional hot breakfast items.


14. Arethusa a Mano, Bantam

If you prefer baked goods for your breakfast rather than items such as bacon, sausage, and eggs, then one of the best places to eat in Connecticut is Arethusa a Mano, which is on Bantam Road in Bantam. All the pastries are made in-house each morning, and menu items include bagels filled with salmon and cream cheese, doughnuts, and sweet pastries. They also serve breakfast sandwiches and light lunch options.


13. Cristy's, Westbrook

The décor of Cristy's might mean you keep on driving and find somewhere to eat. However, you should not be put off by the run-down exterior, as it has one of the best reputations in the area. Cristy's is a relaxed eatery that serves American-style breakfasts, and it is probably best known for its pancakes. They also serve sandwiches, such as their BLT, and they come with a choice of bread varieties. You will unlikely leave this establishment hungry, as they have a reputation for their hearty portions. You will find Cristy's on Boston Post Road, Westbrook.

Bob's Coffee Shop

12. Bob's Coffee Shop, Rocky Hill

Bob's Café is on New Britain Avenue in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. It is open for breakfast and lunch daily and for dinner service a couple of nights a week. This restaurant is a great option for early birds, as it opens at 6.30 am seven days a week. It is an affordable restaurant that serves dishes such as corned beef hash, French toast, and scrambled eggs. Former customers have praised the cleanliness of the restaurant, the quality of the food, the fast service, and the friendly staff.

Hidden Kitchen

11. Hidden Kitchen Route 80, North Branford

Connecticut Magazine lists Hidden Kitchen Route 80 in North Branford as one of the best places to get breakfast in Connecticut. It is an award-winning, family-owned restaurant that has become a local favorite. It is known for both its creative menu of high-quality breakfast dishes and the friendly staff add to the overall dining experience. In addition to the dining room, the restaurant also offers curbside pickup.

The Parkside Cafe

10. Parkside Café, Bristol

Parkside Café is most famous for its egg dishes, as it uses eggs from local farms. Eggs are served in various ways, including egg sandwiches, omelets, fried, scrambled, and poached. However, eggs are not the only option on the menu, as there are many griddle items on the menu, such as crepes, pancakes, Belgian waffles, and French toast. There are also side orders to complete your meal, including bread, oatmeal, muffins, and meat items.

Shack Restaurant

9. The Shack, East Lyme

The Shack is a small chain restaurant with East Lyme, Waterford, and Groton outlets. Although it is open all day, it is most famous for its delicious breakfasts. There is a vast choice of traditional breakfast dishes, alongside their specialties, which include the Popeye scramble and vegetable omelet. It is a budget-friendly place to eat, and the price of the breakfast includes a free cup of tea or coffee.

Vanilla Bean

8. The Vanilla Bean Café, Pomfret

One of the top options for breakfast if you are visiting Pomfret is The Vanilla Bean Café, although it is also open for lunch and dinner. No matter what time of the day you visit, you will find an extensive menu that offers plenty of choices to suit all tastes. Typical items on the breakfast menu include English muffins with Swiss cheese, baked pastries, and omelets, and customers can order bottomless cups of coffee. A welcoming atmosphere makes it a relaxed place to enjoy breakfast.

The Place 2 Be

7. The Place 2 Be, Hartford

The favorite item on the menu at The Place 2 Be in Hartford is the Franklin, which has both sweet and savory options. It is made from two slices of challah that are made into French toast, then the savory option is stuffed with cream cheese, while the sweet option is filled with Nutella. Other dishes include eggs Benedict, waffles, parfaits, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches. The Place 2 Be is also open for lunch.

When Pigs Fly

6. When Pigs Fly, Waterford

You don't need to turn up at breakfast time to enjoy an amazing breakfast at When Pigs Fly in Waterford, as they serve breakfasts all day. The dishes on the menu are made using high-quality ingredients, and there are weekly French toast specials. Even better, every breakfast is served with a bottomless cup of coffee. Interestingly, When Pigs Fly is owned by the same people as Somewhere in Time in Mystic, which has also made it onto this list.


5. Cisco's Restaurant, Newington

Cisco's Restaurant serves both American and Mexican cuisines, which is reflected in their breakfast menu. While the American section of the menu includes options such as pancakes and French toast, the Mexican aspect of the menu includes traditional dishes such as huevos rancheros. There are also filling platter options, including the egg platter breakfast, and all the platters come with potatoes and buttery toast, says Connecticut Explorer.

Somewhere in Time

4. Somewhere in Time, Mystic

Somewhere in Time in Mystic is owned by the same people as When Pigs Fly in Waterford. As with their other restaurant, the owners offer all guests bottomless cups of coffee with their breakfasts. There are multiple egg-based items on the menu, and diners have the option to build their own savory breakfasts from a list of breakfast items. There are also multiple options for those with a sweet tooth, including huge stacks of pancakes. Regardless of whether you opt for one of the sweet or savory options, the portion sizes are generous.

The Corner

3. The Corner Restaurant, Milford

The Corner Restaurant in Milford is open for both breakfast and lunch, so you can still grab something to eat from this restaurant even if you have had a lie-in. It has one of Connecticut's most diverse breakfast menus, as various international cuisines inspire the dishes. For example, you will see dishes on the menu, including African hash, Indian duck tortilla, and goat cheese medallions. There are also options to suit sweet lovers, such as various pancake options, stuffed French toast, and pecan-crusted French toast.


2. Noah's, Stonington

Noah's in Stonington is one of the most popular eateries in southeastern Connecticut amongst the locals. Its fame has spread, so it is also visited by people living in southwestern Rhode Island. The café is particularly famous for its fluffy blueberry pancakes that are drizzled with maple syrup. Another reason it has become so popular is that the staff makes sure your coffee cup is always full. An interesting feature of this eatery is the artwork on display inside the café.


1. Laurel Diner, Southbury

According to Best Things Connecticut, Laurel Diner is the best place to get breakfast in Connecticut. Some items on their menu include corned beef hash, paradise pancakes with various toppings, cheese omelets, and home fries. Not only is it an affordable option, but they have built a reputation for serving hearty food. Located in Southbury, it is a cash-only restaurant, which is something to remember before you drop by for a bite to eat. Laurel Diner is also open for lunch service.

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