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Where to Find the Best Chinese Food in San Jose

San Jose, California

California is known for its food scene, and the state even boasts a unique cuisine that showcases the best of California’s produce. However, that is not to say that you cannot enjoy international cuisines in California’s cities, as there is a vast choice of restaurants serving global cuisine. Although there are restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, one of the most popular options in San Jose is Chinese food, and there are some excellent restaurants and takeouts in this city. Here are the 10 best places to get Chinese food in San Jose, CA.

10. Sweet Mango

You will find Sweet Mango on Willow Street. Not only does Sweet Mango serve amazing Chinese food, but it also serves various other Asian cuisines, including Burmese. There are items on the menu that you are unlikely to see in other Chinese restaurants in San Jose. Do not let the drab exterior put you off dining at this restaurant, as the interior is bright and colorful with a fantastic ambiance, and the food is of excellent quality. Former diners say the service is great, and the tasty dishes come in generous portions, considering the affordable prices.

9. Boda Chinese & Vietnamese Food

Boda Chinese & Vietnamese Food on Story Road caters to different tastes as it has a diverse menu featuring dishes from countries with two distinct cuisines. It is particularly well known for its classic soups and noodle dishes, but other options are plentiful. Although it is an affordable option at all times of the day, it is cheapest if you visit at lunchtime when there are special deals available. Boda Chinese & Vietnamese Food is on Story Road in San Jose.

8. Dynasty

Located on Story Road in San Jose, the Dynasty Chinese restaurant is particularly well known for its dim sum. However, there is a vast array of traditional Chinese food on the menu. It is a large restaurant that is a popular venue for wedding banquets and large parties. Although there are various regional dishes on the menu, there is a particular focus on Cantonese food. The restaurant is famous for its interesting selection of seafood dishes, but there are also meat and vegetarian options on the menu.

7. HK Dim Sum

If you are a fan of dim sum, then one of the best places to feast on these Chinese treats is at HK Dim Sum on Story Road. In addition to being known for its dim sum, the restaurant is also popular because of its reasonable prices, generous portions, and quick service. those who dine there say that it has some of the best spicy Chinese food in the area, but there are also less spicy options for those who prefer milder flavors. If you do not feel like dining in the restaurant, you can enjoy the food at home if you order takeout food for collection or delivery.

6. New Sam Kee Restaurant

Wanderlog names New Sam Kee Restaurant on Aborn Road as one of the best places to get Chinese food in San Jose and describes it as an unpretentious eatery that is loved amongst the locals. The dish for which the restaurant is most famous is its garlic lobster noodles. There is the option to dine family-style, so everyone in your group can have a little of each of the dishes ordered and try dishes they do not usually order.

5. Chef Li

Chef Li on Camden Avenue is one of the top Chinee food establishments in San Jose. They have loyal customers because of the quality of the food, the restaurant’s ambiance, and outstanding customer service. Inside the restaurant, floral arrangements and an orchid collection create interesting focal points and add to the dining experience. The authentic Chinese dishes are made using high-quality, seasonal produce.

4. #1 Chinese Kitchen

#1 Chinese Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant that first opened its doors in 2010, and it serves various Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese food. Everything on the menu is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, and this is reflected in the taste and quality of the food. It is one of the best places to get Chinese food if you are in a large group, as the menu includes combo plates and party trays, and they also offer a la carte packages. You will find #1 Chinese Kitchen on Snell Avenue.

3. China Chen

China Chen is on South 3rd Street, and this established restaurant has grown a loyal customer base amongst the locals. It is known for being an affordable option that serves fresh, authentic Chinese food and offers excellent customer service. Regardless of whether you dine in or order takeout, the service is friendly and your food is prepared fast. Some of the most popular options from the diverse menu are noodle soups and rice dishes.

2. Mandarin Gourmet Restaurant

If you want a more upscale dining experience than you will get in a typical Chinese buffet restaurant or takeout, then book a table at Mandarin Gourmet Restaurant. Dining at this restaurant is best enjoyed as a family or group, as the food is served family-style. It means that everyone at the table can enjoy sampling a little of each of the dishes, and groups can order any quantity or combination of dishes to share. If you are unfamiliar with some of the options on the menu, the friendly and attentive staff will assist. You will find Mandarin Gourmet Restaurant on Santa Teresa Boulevard.

1. Jade China Restaurant

According to Kev’s Best, the best place to get Chinese food in San Jose is at Jade China Restaurant. It is a family-run restaurant in the Berryessa Section of North San Jose that has been open since 1997, and it has become one of the locals’ favorite places to dine. The menu consists of authentic Chinese dishes that use both traditional and modern cooking methods, and the food is prepared fresh to order.

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