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The 10 Best Restaurants in Calgary, Canada


Calgary is known for its history, its sports teams, and for hosting various major sporting events. However, it also has an amazing food scene, and there are restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. No matter whether you want a casual meal in a family-friendly environment or a fine dining meal to celebrate an occasion, you will find something to suit you in this city. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Calgary to help you decide which venues to choose.

Model Milk

10. Model Milk

Model Milk on 17th Avenue is a venue with a difference. The owners of the establishment wanted to throw preconceived ideas of good restaurants out of the window. Instead, they each contributed what they loved about restaurants and what they did not like so that they could create the perfect dining venue. The menu consists of rustic-chic Canadian food. Although the dishes are classic and comforting, they are prepared in such a way that they are also original and innovative. The chefs source the ingredients locally and focus on using seasonal ingredients only. They also use local wine from organic vineyards, and there are plenty of wines from which to choose to complement your meal.

Raw Bar

9. Raw Bar

As the name suggests, the specialty of Raw Bar is dishes made using raw ingredients. However, that is not all that is on offer at this Vietnamese-themed restaurant. There are fish, seafood, meat, and vegetarian options on the menu, and the menu is divided into small and large plates. Each of the dishes is designed to pair with items on the inventive cocktail list. There is also the option for groups or families to choose the family collection. It offers good value for money as it consists of a selection of seven of the chef’s favorite items from the menu. This award-winning restaurant is on 12th Avenue.

Bonterra Trattoria

8. Bonterra Trattoria

For those whose favorite cuisine is Italian, one of the best restaurants in Calgary is Bonterra Trattoria. Although this restaurant has always remained popular, many people favored trendier venues in recent years. However, the restaurant has been given a new lease of life and an injection of fun thanks to chef Christopher Hyde, who arrived at the restaurant in 2019. Now, the restaurant combines a Tuscan vibe with elegant Italian dishes. Pasta dishes are the highlight of the menu, and the chef sometimes offers a prix fixe tasting menu. In warm weather, there is the option to dine outside on the patio.

River Cafe

7. River Café

Although River Café is a fine dining establishment, the menu is based on a casual Canadian style. Each dish is based around locally sourced meat, fish, and vegetables and then transformed using innovative techniques and stylish presentation. Not only does the menu change regularly to reflect the availability of ingredients, but there is also the option to choose the chef’s six-course tasting menu with optional wine pairing. Every ingredient is prepared on-site, including the smoked meats and the artisan sourdough bread. You will find River Café at Prince’s Island Park.

CHARCUT Roast House

6. CHARCUT Roast House

The menu at CHARCUT Roast House boasts dishes with French and Italian influences. It is known for serving items from its hand-crafted, vintage-style charcuterie bar and for its dishes made using the custom-built char boiler. The seasonally-changing menu highlights the best local and seasonal ingredients that are sourced from Calgary’s farmers and producers. Some vegetables and herbs are grown in the restaurant’s kitchen garden. There is also an extensive drinks menu, which includes craft beers, carefully selected wines, and hand-crafted cocktails.

Blink Restaurant

5. Blink Restaurant & Bar

You will find Blink Restaurant & Bar in a 19th-century building along historic Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary. Although the building is historic, it boasts a contemporary interior with a dining room that features exposed brickwork, a chic bar, and an open kitchen. Most of the dishes on the menu are contemporary Canadian cuisine, although there are some international dishes on the menu. This restaurant is also known for its exquisite desserts.


4. Alloy

Alloy is owned by Uri Heileik and chef Rogelio Herrera, and they opened their restaurant 13 years ago. The elegant dining room means that the restaurant is popular with business people, says Avenue Calgary. Alloy has a fine dining menu that has been thoughtfully created with some modern flair to highlight the flavors of each ingredient used in the dish. The restaurant is also known for its wine, as they have more than 120 labels that are stored in a climate-controlled wine room.

3. Anju


If you are a fan of Korean cuisine, then Anju is the top destination in Calgary. The award-winning chef-owner has created a menu of modernized traditional Korean dishes. Although it is a fine dining restaurant, it has a relaxed atmosphere. The modern menu features Korean-style tapas alongside creative meat and seafood dishes, noodle and rice options, and a raw bar. Many of the dishes are influenced by the flavors of Canadian cuisine.


2. NOtaBLE

The aim of NOtaBLE is to raise the spirits of diners through a combination of delicious food and excellent customer service. NOtaBLE works alongside local farmers and producers to make the most of the best seasonal ingredients. The menu predominantly consists of Canadian cuisine that is prepared and served in inventive ways. There is also a grill and rotisserie where customers can order food-to-go.

Vero Bistro Moderne

1. Vero Bistro Moderne

According to Canadian Sky, the best restaurant in Calgary is Vero Bistro Moderne. This modern bistro has a red and black dining room with a romantic feel. The menu consists of a combination of French and Italian dishes. There is a focus on using fresh food sourced from the local community, most of which is organic, and serving healthy food is also a priority. There are meat, seafood, pasta, and sharing dishes on the menu, and each of the dishes has a contemporary twist.

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