The 10 Best Places to Live in Calgary


With a population of 1,285,711, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. It’s also the sunniest city in all of Canada with an average of around 2300 to 2400 hours of sunshine throughout the year. This can be very uplifting and maybe that’s one of the reasons people are so friendly and tolerant. One other reason might be the thriving economy and the lack of a provincial sales tax which means you’ll be spending less money on groceries, clothes and entertainment. There are many reasons to move to Calgary, The Economist has ranked it the fifth most livable city in the world for seven years in a row in no small part for its stability, healthcare and educational opportunities. Ok, so you’re moving to Calgary and there are plenty of companies such as Matco to help you get your things there but where in Calgary should you set up camp?

Best Calgary Neighborhoods

Since Calgary is doing so well economically, it’s no surprise that it has so many great neighborhoods. One of the nicest things about all of these neighborhoods is how you can find one that suits your lifestyle. There are neighborhoods for young professionals, far families or for students. Whatever stage you are at in your life you can find a place that’s just right for you.


Varsity is thought of as one of the warmest neighborhoods in Calgary. This may be attributed to the combination of seniors and families in the city, all of whom like to take care of each other. The neighborhood itself, with its cozy, quiet streets, adds to the inviting atmosphere. Varsity also offers great possibilities for shopping and recreation, including a variety of family-friendly events. The Market Mall is one of the largest malls in the city and the University offers a lot of recreational facilities for all ages. When it comes to getting around, Varsity is located just right. It’s situated just west of Calgary University and residents can take the C-train downtown. You can easily ride your bike or go on walks through the streets and pathways since the neighborhood is so vast that you never feel fenced in.


Edgemont is the largest community in Calgary with more than 17,000 inhabitants and an average household income of $90,000. If you like sports, you’ll have plenty to do with all the tennis courts, hockey arenas and the Calgary Winter Club. Edgemont sits on a portion of Nosehill, a vast natural park area, and maybe the highest hill in Calgary. The park boasts breathtaking panoramic views of both the city and the Rockies.


The Calgary Beltline has a lot to offer to those who choose to live there. Rich in amenities, culture and entertainment, it’s an ideal place for urbanites ready to live a full-fledged downtown lifestyle. Walkability is another great thing about living in the Beltline. The neighborhood is so packed with restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and all the services you might need that you don’t have to go very far from your front door.

Signal Hill

Signal Hill delivers a perfect mix of art culture and history. A 16,000-stone First World War memorial that forms the battalion number 113, 51, 137, and 151 marks its hillside. There are plenty of tourists that come to visit Battalion Park to see this art installation. The area is well rooted in present times with great shopping facilities such as the the Westhills Shopping Centre. Signal Hillers also have a strong sense of community, looking after and supporting each other.

Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake is a northwestern community situated just inside Stoney Trail and on the fringe of the Crowfoot shopping center, with easy access to all key amenities and highways heading out of city. Since it was founded in 1992 it offers relatively new potential homes that also happen to be quite spacious. The population is less than half of Beltline’s which means more space for parks, pathways and less noise. This community is known not only for its “green” and “blue” areas, but also for the resort like lifestyle it can offer with access to a beautiful lake full of rainbow trout, a beach where your kids can play all summer long and a country club.


For many visitors to Calgary, Downtown is the first stop and for good reason. Stephen Avenue, a pedestrian mall and Calgary landmark, is the hub of all Downtown action. If you take a stroll through the area on busy weekends you’ll see the corporate crowd mix with street performers and you can have a classic Alberta steak in one of the world-class restaurants. You’ll also see many unique shopping opportunities with famous brands and luxury boutiques.


Brentwood has also made many top neighborhoods lists. It’s right next to Varsity and shares its reputation for warmth and friendliness. It has a good public transport network which makes it easy to move around and perhaps enjoy the various recreational activities Brentwood Sportsplex has to offer.

Crescent Heights

You have to see the gorgeous vistas from the hill of Crescent Heights for yourself. You’ll be taken aback not only by the downtown skyscrapers, but the lush greenery, the snow-covered Rocky Mountains and the Bow River. Furthermore, it’s close to downtown so it’s a great place to both relax and enjoy the stirring nightlife.

Huntington Hills

Huntington Hills is a great place to raise a family. You’ll find good schools, playgrounds and well stocked libraries. It’s not surprising so many Calgarians want to move here once they have kids. The community is also very active in organizing various events and activities for both children and their parents and they even have a Skateboard Park.


Back in the late 19th century, when the area was first settled, Bridgeland was called Germantown because of the influx of Russian-German settlers seeking an affordable place to live. Nowadays, it’s famous for its many popular restaurants like Blue Star and Tazza and how easy it is to get around either by walking or riding your bike.

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