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The 10 Best Waterfront Restaurants in Oklahoma

Hefner Grill

Oklahoma is the home to more than 200 lakes, making it a perfect waterfront dining destination. Most of these waterfront restaurants have state-of-the-art features, and other quality-assuring services in their itinerary. Here are the ten best waterfront restaurants in Oklahoma you should add to your bucket list.


10. Mooney’s Sunset Bar & Grill- 21 and Over Only (Disney and Langley)

The Mooneys restaurant is an excellent waterfront restaurant that gives you an excellent view of the Pensacola Dam/ the Grand River Dam on the Grand Lake. It’s a dine-in and takeaway restaurant with large doors and windows, adding a phenomenal view of the Grand River. Attached to the restaurant is a bar with the same waterfront view. Apart from the menu consisting of burgers, cheese sandwiches, and onion rings, think of the waterfront privilege as the cherry on the cake.

Lazy Parrot

9. The Lazy Parrot Steakhouse & Grill (Grove)

Whether you’re touring Grand Lake for the first or umpteenth time, the Parrot Steakhouse should be on top of your waterfront restaurants’ list. The restaurant is more serene, embodies a tropical atmosphere, and marks the end of the day with a sunset drink. You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to the meals offered in this eatery. On the menu, the most talked-about meals are steaks and seafood. It doesn’t end there. You can wash the meals down your throat using a martini, wine, rum, or vodka. For a restaurant with a “lazy” title, it is not surprising that anyone looking to wind down will want to be in this place.

Bourbon Street Cafe

8. Bourbon St. Café (Oklahoma City)

Bourbon St. Café was established in November 2000 at the time when the opening of the Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City was taking place. The restaurant embodies the value of Southern hospitality. Whether you want to spoil your lover to a casual burger on the patio or have a holiday party, Bourbon caters to all your needs. Apart from the waterfront experience, Bourbon’s menu serves Cajun food, takeout fries, and Creole cooking.

Skippers Landing

7. Skippers Landing at the Harbor on Lake Keystone (Mannford)

Lake Keystone is another place that attracts a wide range of recreational activities such as kayaking, boat rides, sightseeing, and biking trails. If you’re looking for a place to dine and wine as you participate in these activities, The Skippers Landing will have you covered. The floating marine store-restaurant has a downstairs area, depicting a family-friendly setting. The restaurant has large aluminum and glass doors, allowing you to sightsee the lakes without stepping outdoors.


6. Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina (Afton)

The Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina is a club located in Afton, OK. It has the best offerings, from dining to watersports. The staff at Arrowhead are friendly and hospitable, offering you the 5-star restaurant experience you deserve. The place is family-friendly, allowing you to explore waterfront privileges like watching the sunset and watersports. Whether you want to reserve your dinner or host a party, everything you want to know about the restaurant is on its official website.


5. Blue Rose Café (Tulsa)

Arkansas River in Tulsa is an excellent place to vacation, thanks to its large deck and elegant view of the sunsets. If you also enjoy accommodation facilities with waterfront features and ultra-modern privileges, then plan to dine and wine at Blue Rose Café. The café is surrounded by windows, roll-up garage doors for ambient parking, and a large deck for indoor waterfront viewing. You’ll find meals like cheese fries and blackened chicken on the menu. Your favorite drink is also up for grabs. Get ready to wash down the meals using bottled imports and domestics.


4. Book’ems at Grand Lake (Bernice)

Have you planned for a vacation with your family or friends, and Grand Lake is the only place on your bucket list you can think of? If so, you should also plan to book your reservation with Book’ems at Grand Lake. According to Grand Lake Living, there are plenty of activities for you and your family at Grand Lake. Whether you want to get pampered at the spa, rent a boat or dine, Book’ems restaurant will have you covered. The restaurant also has large glass doors and windows for indoor waterfront viewing. But if the late evening breeze while watching the sunset is your definition of a perfect evening, cooling your heels at the patio will ensure you get the best outdoor waterfront experience.

Los Cabos

3. Los Cabos Mexican Grill (Broken Arrow)

Imagine enjoying Mexican dishes while watching the sunset in a man-made lake. Doesn’t it sound like an experience you and your family will want? According to Only in Your State, Los Cabos is an award-winning restaurant famously known for having a large waterfront patio. The place also has many activities for you to explore. Whether you’re a bird-watcher, kayaking beginner, or professional sight-seer, this accommodation facility will provide you with everything you need.

Waterfront Grill

2. Waterfront Grill (Jenks)

The second-best place to visit while exploring the Arkansas River is the Waterfront Grill in Jenks. As the name suggests, it has a large patio area overlooking the river. The bar and dining room also have large glass doors, allowing you to marvel at the river and other waterbody features you may like.

Hefner Grill

1. Hefner Grill (Oklahoma City)

If you thought Hugh Hefner was the inspiration behind the Hefner Grill in Oklahoma City, you need to think again. This restaurant pays tribute to Lake Hefner. It provides an intimate, casual, devouring experience and live entertainment. It’s a place that allows you to escape from the ordinary thanks to its fresh twist on seafood while viewing the serene view of River Hefner.


Oklahoma is an awesome place to visit, particularly if you enjoy waterbody activities like boat rides, fishing, kayaking, and many others. It’s also a place with more than 30 waterfront restaurants, cafes, steakhouses, grill houses, and bars. These restaurants are equipped with ultra-modern features to compliment your waterfront viewing and satisfy your appetite for unique dishes.

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