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The 10 Best Restaurants in Georgetown


Georgetown is a part of the Washington DC area and it's a city that offers tourists great attractions including the Truman Building, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the US Marine Corps War Memorial, and many other historical landmarks to visit. But if you're visiting the city for the first time, which are the best places to eat? If this is your first time there, you could probably use a guide that points out the most highly rated restaurants in town. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Georgetown as ranked by guests who gave them high marks for selection, flavor, value for cost, and service.

Sequoia DC

10. Sequoia DC

Located in the Washington Harbor, Sequoia DC is a swanky restaurant that offers dine-in and takeout menu selections. The establishment is a soaring and spacious venue with an exceptional terrace that provides dramatic views of the river. It's a Japanese restaurant with staff that has extensive knowledge of the culture and cuisine. There is a feeling of tranquility in the restaurant and it serves the best sushi in DC. The specialties are seafood, including Japanese and American with exceptional Salmon entrees, crab, and other delicacies from the sea.

TNR Cafe

9. TNR Cafe

TNR Cafe is a traditional Chinese restaurant that is situated in a cozy space offering your choice of dine-in, takeout, or no-contact delivery. The prices are low and the portions are generous. The most notable menu items are the Wonton Soup, Lo-Mein, Fried Rice, Peking Pork, and a variety of other traditional Chinese staples.


8. Quinn's

No trip to DC is complete without eating at Quinn's. This eatery is on the corner of Arlington and Wilson Blvd, and it serves the best cheesesteak in the area. You can choose to dine in or get your food on the go. Their hot dogs and burgers are also highly rated as one of the best places to grab fast food in DC/Georgetown. They get high marks for fresh ingredients, delicious food, and exceptional service. It's also a great place to find interesting craft beers.


7. Mele Bistro

Mele Bistro is located in the Colonial Shopping Center on Wilson Blvd. The prices are a good value for the quality of food. Mele Bistro serves Italian fare with high marks for the shrimp scampi, specialty pasta, calamari, and they serve grass-fed beef. The venue is open for lunches and dinners with excellent service and delicious meals. They serve a complimentary bread basket and you can get it refilled for free.



CAVA is a Mediterranean-style restaurant that offers an extensive menu of healthy and fresh items with a Mediterranean flavor. The waitstaff is friendly and knowledgeable, offering your choice of flavorful grain bowls, pitas, salads, house-made juices, and more.


5. Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is the best place in the DC/Georgetown area to get flavorful and healthy salads. There is an extensive menu to choose from with healthy and fresh ingredients. They also offer plates plus grain bowls that are made in-house from scratch with ingredients delivered the morning of preparation. Orders are available for pickup or delivery with contactless delivery.

BGR The Burger Joint

4. BGR The Burger Joint

BGR is currently open for takeout only. The establishment has earned a reputation for making the best burgers and grilled foods in town. The food orders go out quickly and the burgers are always hot, juicy, and flavorful with your choice of sides. If you're looking for a tasty treat on the go, BGR The Burger Joint is ranked as the best place to go for fast service and tasty grilled foods.

Courthouse Kabob

3. Courthouse Kabob

Courthouse Kabob specializes in authentic Afghani fare. Menu items include halal kabobs, sandwiches, and wraps with daily lunch specials. The restaurant offers a family-friendly environment with top-notch service and customizable menu items for layers of a variety of flavors on select menu items.


2. Toryumon Japanese House Arlington

Toryumon Japanese House Arlington is situated in the heart of Rosslyn's busy streets, offering Southeast Asian cuisines. This is a trendy eatery that is known for its creative sushi offerings, Tokyo-style Ramen Asian fusion meals, and a huge menu of classic Japanese served in traditional and new Asian style food. The hospitality is warm and inviting in a contemporary setting that brings in elements of tradition. The shrimp hibachi with white rice and veggies is the favorite of many customers.

1. Tacos Los Primo

Tacos Los Primo is the premier Mexican restaurant in Georgetown and the surrounding DC area. The establishment gets a perfect rating with 5 out of 5 stars for its fast and friendly service, with delicious flavor, and textured foods. ll ingredients are fresh and cooked on the spot. The tacos are rated the best in the area with multiple tortillas per taco and exceptionally unique flavor. If you're looking for authentic Mexican food that is affordable, flavorful, and prepared with lightning speed, Tacos Los Primo is the top-rated eatery in the DC area. All orders are prepared for immediate pickup, and the venue is located in a park where you can go to sit and enjoy your food or take it with you.

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