The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh is a great place to live or visit if you enjoy dining out and trying different cuisines. There is a vast selection of different restaurants in this city that serve a variety of cuisines from across the globe. These restaurants vary from casual eateries to those that offer a fine dining experience, and there is something to suit all budgets and occasions. If your preference is for Indian cuisine, then you will find some excellent places to eat. The following are the 10 best Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

10. Yuva India Indian Eatery

Four Square recommends Yuva India Indian Eatery as one of the best Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Located on Craig Street in the North Oakland neighborhood near the University of Pittsburgh, this restaurant has earned an excellent reputation in the area for the quality of its food and the delicious flavors. It is a quaint and cozy establishment that has a comfortable, relaxed, and welcoming vibe. The menu predominantly consists of Northern Indian cuisine, although they do serve Southern Indian soups. It is open for both lunch and dinner service.

9. Sree’s Authentic Indian Food

The Sree family relocated from southern India to Pittsburgh in 1991, and they now have three restaurants in the city. The locations are in Carnegie Mellon, Squirrel Hill, and Downtown Pittsburgh. The Southern Indian heritage of the family is reflected in the dishes available form this restaurant. However, the menu also includes a good selection of dishes from Northern India. It is popular among the locals, which is always a good sign that a restaurant is serving top-quality food. Sree’s Authentic Indian Food is open for both lunch and dinner.

8. India Palace

India Palace offers two styles of dining. The first option is to choose a dish and sides from the extensive menu. All the dishes on the menu are available in mild, medium, or spicy options, as this restaurant caters to your personal spice preferences. If you want to sample lots of different dishes, then you can opt for the second option, which is buffet-style dining. You will find this restaurant in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh.

7. Indian Spices

If you are in downtown Pittsburgh, CBS Pittsburgh recommends a meal at Indian Spices. This very affordable restaurant is located close to the Cultural District and across from PNC Park, so it is a great place to visit after spending time at one of the attractions in the area. The cuisine served is predominantly Northern Indian style, although they do have many dishes from other regions in India. This restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.

6. Spice Affair

For those who want to enjoy a relaxed Indian meal in a restaurant with a tranquil ambiance, then Spice Affair on Brilliant Avenue is a good option. The bread, kebabs and tandoori dishes are the specialties at this restaurant. Another specialty is Northern Indian curries, and their saag dishes are top-notch. To accompany your meal, you should try one of their lassis, and options include rose or mango flavors.

5. Udupi Cafe

Both Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes are available from this restaurant on Old William Penn Highway. Udupi is the name of South Indian cuisine, and dishes from this part of India feature highly on the menu. The South Indian thali meals are particularly special. This establishment is open from breakfast through to dinner. Due to its location on the outskirts of the city, many people bypass this restaurant, which is a mistake. Make the effort to drive out and try one of their rice and lentil cakes, which are available in various flavors, or sample one of their southern Indian entrees.

4. Taj Mahal Inc.

You will find Taj Mahal Inc. on McKnight Road in North Pittsburgh. This is a great option for vegetarians, as there is a vast offering of vegetarian options. However, the non-vegetarian options are just as tasty. There are dishes on the menu that represent the unique cuisine of every region of India. Everything at this restaurant is freshly prepared, including their homemade cheese and yogurt. Every day at lunch there is a buffet service, and a buffet option is also available three nights a week. This means you can sample some of the dishes you wouldn’t usually choose from the menu.

3. Café Delhi

Located in the Carnegie area of Pittsburgh, Café Delhi comes highly recommended by the locals. They offer a wide selection of kebabs and wraps, and their range of appetizers are amazing. In the evenings, this venue offers a selection of snacks for those who are short of time. These include samosas, panipuri, and channa batura. This is a casual dining venue that is ideal for eating out with friends or family.

2. Tamarind Savoring India

This Indian restaurant has won multiple awards from the Pittsburgh City newspaper and Pittsburgh magazine. There are two locations, one in Cranberry and the other in Green Tree. Both locations serve authentic Indian cuisine and there is a diverse selection of dishes on the menu. At the weekends, there is a lunch buffet that allows diners to sample lots of freshly prepared dishes. This restaurant is unique because they have tandoori, chaat bazaar, and dosa stations.

1. Mintt Fine Indian Cuisine

According to Visit Pittsburgh, the best Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh is Mintt Fine Indian Cuisine. There are two locations in Pittsburgh, one in Monroeville and the other on Banksville Road. They make fresh spice blends daily, and if you let them know your spice tolerance level, they are happy to adapt a dish to suit your tastes. The menu predominantly consists of a wide range of Indian dishes, although there are also Indo-Chinese fusion dishes on the menu. Expect everything from tandooris to biriyanis and from kebabs to dosas. Unusually, this Indian restaurant also has a bakery section.

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