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The 10 Best Places to Eat in Newport Beach, CA

Lido Bottle Works

Regardless whether you live in Newport Beach or you are just visiting this coastal California city, you will find plenty to enjoy. Newport Beach is known for its beaches and the wide range of activities for everyone. It is also a fantastic place for dining out, as there are some excellent eateries in this area. There is everything from casual family dining establishments to fine dining restaurants, and the food varies from California classics to international cuisine. To help you find a great restaurant in this city, here are the 10 best places to eat in Newport Beach, CA.

A Restaurant

10. A Restaurant

A much-loved and well-established restaurant in Newport Beach is A Restaurant, which first opened its doors to diners in 1926. Inside the restaurant, there is an old-world feel, due to the red leather banquet seating and the wood paneling on the walls. Executive chef Jonathan Blackford is at the helm of this restaurant, and he has created a limited menu of New American dishes. It is equally suitable for a romantic meal, a family night out, or a business dinner.

The Royal Hen

9. The Royal Hen

You may find that many of the restaurants in Newport Beach boast seafood-centric menus, which is not great news if you are not a fan of fish dishes. The Royal Hen stands out from the crowd in this area because the menu is predominantly based on meat and vegetables. It is a gastropub that uses locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are inspired by cuisines from across the globe. The Royal Hen is a cozy place to eat, and it is a wonderful choice for a date night.

SOL Cocina

8. SOL Cocina

If you enjoy a little spice and the flavors of Mexico, then the best place to eat is SOL Cocina. It is a casual Mexican restaurant that serves Baja-style Mexican cuisine. The dining room and the dishes have a rustic feel, which contributes to a relaxed and welcoming environment. Diners at this restaurant say that the food is outstanding and there is a great ambiance. Furthermore, there are excellent views of the dock.

Cucina Enoteca

7. CUCINA Enoteca

One of the most popular Italian restaurants in Newport Beach is CUCINA Enoteca. There are the typical pizzas and pasta dishes that you would expect to find on the menu at any decent Italian restaurant. However, many of the dishes have a modern Californian twist. Two things make this Italian joint stand out from the competition in the area. The first is its patio eating area, which is beautiful and filled with flowers. Second, it has one of the most extensive wine lists in the area, with more than 250 options.

BIlly's at the Beach

6. Billy’s at the Beach

An interesting place to enjoy a meal is Billy’s at the Beach. As its name suggests, this restaurant is on the beach, and there is a Hawaiian beach theme inside the restaurant that gives it a fun atmosphere. They specialize in Hawaiian dishes, and there are a lot of options on the menu that include locally-caught seafood. There is also an excellent drinks menu, with plenty of refreshing options to accompany your meal.


5. Harborside

Culture Trip recommends a meal at Harborside, which is a waterfront restaurant inside the Balboa Pavilion. It is one of the best places for family dining due to its casual vibe. Harborside is also a good option for those on a budget, as the prices are affordable, and there are daily happy hour deals. Diners at this restaurant enjoy watching the sea lions swim while they dine.


4. Pizzeria Mozza

Fans of Italian food should head to Pieria Mozza, as many locals claim that this relaxed eatery serves the best pizzas in Newport Beach, CA. Not only are the pizzas wood-fired, but this restaurant also serves a vast array of pasta dishes that are made with handmade pasta. At the helm of this restaurant is the James Beard Award-winner Nancy Silverton, who has included her specialties on the menu. These include a stunning octopus dish, fried squash blossoms with ricotta, and her special baked meatballs. This restaurant is also known for its events calendar, which includes appearances by Silverton, winemaker talks, and beer dinner. Check what is on before booking your table.


3. Nobu

The great news for sushi fans is that Newport Beach boasts a Nobu branch, which is probably the most famous Japanese chain restaurant in the world. It is on the second floor of a modern building, and there is the option to eat in the dining room or on the patio balcony that overlooks the marina. Although it is famous for its sushi, it is not the only thing you will find on the menu, as there is plenty of cooked fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes from which you can choose. Therefore, there is something for everyone at this restaurant.

Lido Bottle Works

2. Lido Bottle Works

Although seafood enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in Newport Beach, one of the best restaurants for fish and seafood is Lido Bottle Works. Located in Lido Marina Village, this venue is a combination of a restaurant, a taproom, and a bottle shop. It has a gastropub vibe, and the dishes are created using local and sustainable ingredients. Alongside the many fish and seafood options, there is a good selection of burgers, small plates, and other items.

Marche Moderne

1. Marché Moderne

According to Time Out, the best place to eat in Newport Beach, CA, is Marché Moderne. It is a waterside French bistro owned by husband and wife team Amelia and Florent Marneau. The menu consists of classic French cuisine with a modern twist, alongside some international options. You can expect to find items such as lamb couscous and foie gras ravioli on the menu. In addition to the outstanding food at this bistro, there are also excellent water views that enhance the dining experience.

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