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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Irvine, CA


Imagine this scenario. You want sushi, but you don’t live in town and you’ve absolutely no idea where the best places to eat are. Maybe you just moved to the area and you’re not sure about the places you can’t miss versus the ones you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

If the place in question is Irvine, California, and you really love good sushi, then you’re in luck. All you have to do is read through this list. Before you know it, you’ll have no less than 20 restaurants that you know you can trust. It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby, if candy were sushi.

Here are the 20 best sushi restaurants in Irvine, California. 

20. Tomikawa Sushi Bar Restaurant (14191 Jeffrey Rd)

There are two things that make most people excited to go here. They have great food and they have happy hour. They also have some of the best food you’ll find in the entire region. You might even go as far as saying that their wide selection of menu items is some of the best in the whole state. When we say they have a wide selection of items, we’re not joking. You can get all kinds of different sushi rolls, as well as tempura and teriyaki.

19. Maizuru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant (5623 Alton Pkwy)

Have you ever been to one of those places that serves chicken wings, but it’s more like a sports bar than a restaurant? That’s exactly what you’ll get here. Just to be clear, they don’t have chicken wings.

What they do have is an assortment of different sushi options that will make your mouth water. They also have more than their fair share of big screen televisions so you can watch your favorite sporting event. Just in case you;re in the mood, you can also enjoy eating outside on the patio. Don’t worry, they have a TV out there, too.

18. O Fine Japanese Cuisine- Irvine (6731 Quail Hill Pkwy)

Maybe you’re in the mood for sushi that’s a little more upscale than the options that have already been discussed. If that’s the case, then you can enjoy this establishment. It’s about as modern as it gets and it’s also far more upscale.

In short, it’s the type of place you might take someone for a special occasion. They have traditional Japanese dishes, popular sushi items and even more creative menu items that you won’t find elsewhere.

17. Taiko Japanese Restaurant (14775 Jeffrey Rd)

This is a small, unassuming location. As a matter of fact, it’s actually located inside the Arbor Village Center. If you blink, you’ll miss it. You shouldn’t let the fact that the building itself is rather small and modest dissuade you from eating here.

They have some of the best sushi you’ll ever eat and they are quite particular in making sure that all of their ingredients are as fresh as possible. They also serve some of the most generous portions of any eatery on this entire list.

16. Crazy Rock’n Sushi (5365 Alton Pkwy)

Sometimes, you just want to go out for a quick bite of sushi without needing to dress up or stand in line for half an hour. This little establishment with the rather entertaining name is a great place to eat where you can get good food at a fair price without any hassle.

15. Gurume Sushi (14429 Culver Dr)

This is another unassuming little location, this time located inside the Walnut Village Center. They have a rather cozy interior and even though they don't have a lot of space for the dining room, it's definitely an experience that's worth sharing. As far as the food itself is concerned, they have all kinds of traditional sushi and some warm Japanese dishes as well. If you're not in the mood for dining in, you can enjoy takeout at your leisure.

14. TEN Sushi + Cocktail Bar (18177 Von Karman Ave)

The dining room here is quite modern and equally large. It definitely doesn't have the look of anything traditional, and that is carried through to the menu. Of course, they do have some traditional menu items but they like to place a special focus on some of their more unique creations, things that are truly one of a kind. Moreover, they tend to change their menu frequently. Even if you've eaten there and enjoyed it in the past, it's like an entirely new experience every time.

13. Otoro Sushi (2222 Michelson Dr, #246)

This is a rather unique location, as it's actually located inside the Trade Shopping Center. It's definitely one of the most popular places to grab a quick sushi lunch in the entire city. However, it's worth knowing that while they close during the middle portion of the afternoon, they also open back up at around 5:30.

You can get some absolutely delicious takeout here and if you can manage to get there before the line forms, you can even dine in. As is the case with a lot of the no-frills sushi restaurants, they serve more traditional items such as sushi rolls as well as other typical Japanese fare.

12. Tokyo Table (2710 Alton Pkwy, #101)

This is one of the more upscale eateries in the area, so don't be surprised if everybody there is dressed well. It also shouldn't come as a surprise that reservations are strongly encouraged. They serve traditional dishes, but they also like to keep things fresh by creating new dishes that are house specialties. In reality, the only two things you can bet on here is that the food will always be delicious and there will always be something new to try.

11. Sagami (3850 Barranca Pkwy, Ste B)

This is also one of the more upscale restaurants in the area that focuses mainly on creating extremely high quality foods with only the best ingredients. They don't offer the biggest portion sizes out of any of the restaurants on this list by a long measure, but the quality of the food definitely makes up for it. They specialize in sushi rolls and they also have tapas.

10. Kiyo Sushi & Sake (3957 Irvine Blvd)

If you're not in the mood for something that's more upscale, maybe you would rather go to a location that is completely no-fFrills. If that's the case, then this is the place to be. They have a clean, modest dining room and they serve truly delicious food. As is typically the case, you can get traditional Japanese cuisine along with all types of sushi. If you're not in the mood for eating out, they also offer takeout and no contact delivery.

9. Robata Wasa (926 Spectrum Center Dr, #926)

Most people that are in the mood for sushi just want two things. They want the food to be good and they want to pay a fair price for what they're ordering. That's exactly what you get when you order here. They don't worry about creating the next sushi dish that's going to take the world by storm, nor do they concern themselves with making everyone dress up just to go eat. What they do is make great sushi. Once you go here, it's likely to become a favorite on your list from then on.

8. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar (2700 Alton Pkwy, Ste 133)

If you frequent a number of sushi restaurants around the country, you have undoubtedly gone to at least one or two that literally put the different menu items they have available on a conveyor belt and have people get in line and choose whatever they want. It's sort of like an old school cafeteria, only with sushi.

Some people are scared to go to these types of establishments because they're afraid they'll end up getting something that's been sitting there for hours. That's not really something you need to worry yourself with, if you eat here. They have so much business that nothing stays there for more than a few minutes after it's been placed on the conveyor belt. In fact, it is frequently referred to as some of the freshest food in the whole city.

7. Fukada (8683 Irvine Center Dr)

This place has practically everything you could ever hope for in a sushi restaurant. Enjoy sushi rolls, sashimi, udon and soba. Of course, there are also traditional Japanese dishes to choose from. This is the perfect place to go when you’re in a group and it seems like everyone is in the mood for something slightly different.

6. Jinbei (3923 Portola Pkwy, #200D)

They’re located in Orchard Hills Shopping Center and they have some of the most delicious food you could ever imagine. This eatery also tends to be quite generous with portion sizes. Go alone and have food to eat the next day or go with many, order a couple of menu items and there’s enough for everyone to enjoy.

5. KY Sushi (4527 Campus Dr)

As you might have already imagined from the address, this one is located close to a college. They do loads of business and the line is always stretching around the block. They offer delicious options, plenty of sushi rolls and other Japanese fare, and they don’t charge much. It all adds up to make this one of the best locations in the city. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

4. Niko Niko Sushi (6384 Irvine Blvd)

It's not really all that uncommon to find a sushi restaurant that has a more modern vibe to it and this one certainly fits the bill. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what the eatery was going for, right down to the way the place is decorated all the way to the menu items that are available for you to sample. It's not particularly upscale, but it's not really traditional, either. It offers sort of a new take on sushi and it's one that is absolutely delicious.

3. Sushi Taka (2967 Michelson Dr, #G)

They don't really concern themselves with creating a modern buzz or anything like that at this establishment. Instead, they just focus on making really good traditional sushi dishes that are served quickly. It's a great place to go for a quick bite, but since they also offer both delivery and takeout, you can choose whatever you're in the mood for and then take it home and share it with friends and family. It's one of those places that you go to when you're looking for good food that won't cost you a fortune, especially if you're not in the mood to dress up or make a big deal out of going out.

2. Kiwami sheungshui Noodles & Sushi (2646 DuPont Dr, #C10)

This is definitely one of the more unique restaurants on the list, whether you're talking about Irvine or virtually anywhere else. It's what is typically known as a fusion restaurant. As such, they have some of the most interesting Asian cuisine you'll ever enjoy. Here, you can get a traditional sushi roll and the person sitting next to you can get Indian curry. There truly is something for everyone on the menu and all of it is delicious. If you're in the mood for something different and you don't want to go to some cookie-cutter restaurant that's like virtually everything else you've been to, you absolutely have to go here.

1. Kpop Sushi (5331 University Dr)

You might not think much of the little sushi restaurant with an odd name that's located inside Zion Mart at first. That being said, you're really missing out if you don't choose to give it a chance at least once. There is a reason that this restaurant is commonly rated 4 out of 5 stars.

There's nothing special or fancy about it, it's just that they serve really good food. Anyone who loves sushi will not be disappointed. Sometimes, it's the places that don't necessarily do anything different that are the best at what they do, and this is a shining example.

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