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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Chicago in 2022


Chicago is a fantastic place to eat out because of the vast array of restaurants serving cuisines from across the globe. An increasingly popular option is sushi restaurants, as more people than ever fall in love with the cooking style, ingredients, and flavors of Japanese cuisine. Finally, where can you get the best sushi in Chicago if you are eating out in the city? There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer a casual sushi restaurant or a fine dining sushi restaurant. Here are the 20 best sushi restaurants in Chicago in 2022.

20. Wakamono

Wakamono is a casual sushi restaurant on North Broadway in the Lakeview area of Chicago. The locals love it because of the high standard of the sushi rolls and say it is some of the best sushi in Chicago. Another appealing feature of the restaurant is its expansive drinks menu. It includes premium sake, cocktails, wine, Sapporo, champagne, and beer. While seafood options are the menu's highlight, there are also some vegetarian options. This includes the Yasai Vegan Ramen meal.

19. sushiDOKKU

West Randolph Street in Chicago is known as Restaurant Row due to the many establishments serving cuisine from around the world. It is there that you find ding sushiDOKKU. The sushi rolls are prepared to perfection, and there are plenty of options to suit all tastes. This venue is also known for its diverse selection of Japanese craft beers and whiskeys.

18. Trendiest Sushi Bar in Chicago: Coast Sushi Bar

If you prefer dining somewhere with a trendy, vibrant atmosphere, look no further than Coast Sushi Bar on North Damen Avenue, Chicago. Due to the popularity of the restaurant, it is best to book ahead to avoid disappointment as it often fills quickly. To avoid waiting, visit the restaurant as early as possible after the 4 pm opening time.

17. Runa Buckton

A fantastic Japanese restaurant to visit if you are in the Wicker Park district of Chicago is Runa Buckton, which is on West North Avenue. Urban Matter says it is a popular spot amongst hipsters and a younger clientele as it delivers a modern interpretation of classics. The menu of appetizers and mains features many dishes that are typical examples of Japanese cuisine. There are also some varied and interesting sushi and sashimi platters.

16. Best Sushi Restaurant in Chicago on a Budget: Lawrence Fish Market

For those who have a limited budget for dining out, Secret Chicago recommends Lawrence Fish Market. It is by far the cheapest place to eat sushi in the city, yet the sushi is fresh and delicious. Some of the sushi and sashimi items on the menu cost as little as $ 1 per piece, and there are deals on trays with multiple sushi rolls. If you intend to dine at this restaurant, it is important to know that it is a cash-only venue.

15. Macku Sushi

Macku Sushi on North Clybourn Avenue in Chicago, IL, is an omakase restaurant. As it is off the beaten path, this restaurant is considered one of Chicago's hidden gems. When diners enter the restaurant, they are asked by the staff if they have any allergies. The chef then makes a multi-course menu based on your dietary requirements. An unusual feature of the restaurant is the Japanese whiskey that is served to accompany some of the courses.

14. Arami

Arami is a contemporary sushi restaurant on West Chicago Avenue that chef Ismael L. Lopez operates, and he produces some of the best sushi in Chicago. The menu consists of traditional Japanese fare, classic sushi rolls, plus some creative dishes you will not find on the menus of other sushi restaurants. It is not just the food that attracts people to this restaurant, as people also find the sake market appealing. From the sake market, diners can purchase sake, wine, and beer to pair with their meals.

13. Tanoshii Sushi Mike's

Restaurant Clicks describes Sushi Mike as having achieved legendary status in Chicago. This means it is no surprise that his establishment, Tanoshii Sushi Mike, is one of the top places to eat out. Despite being one of the best-known sushi chefs in the city, Sushi Mike was once an accountant. He then went down a different career path, and becoming a sushi chef has allowed him to express his creativity with food. Sushi Mike has become known for the intricate detail of his dishes and the perfection of every plate. Either order your favorite pieces of sushi or opt for the omakase menu, which is a Japanese style of eating that involves the diner leaving it up to the chef what they serve, similar to a tasting menu. Usually, this means they will showcase some of the best dishes using seasonal ingredients.

12. Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill

The thing that makes Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill stand out from other Japanese restaurants in Chicago is that it respects Japanese cooking traditions while adding a modern twist. The restaurant owner is Yut Vung, who began his career as a journalist in Thailand. However, when he relocated to Chicago, Vong decided to pursue his passion for Japanese cooking. The creative chef has devised an interesting menu of sushi and robata skewers that keep the locals coming back time and again.

11. Best Sushi Takeout in Chicago: 312 Fish Market

312 Fish Market is a casual sushi restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat at lunch or enjoy a relaxed meal in the evening. It is set within the marketplace that sits along the edge of Chinatown and is the market's only restaurant with seating. 312 Fish Market is one of the most affordable options in the city, but the quality is excellent as all the fish is fresh from the market, and the chef is a former employee of Sushi-san. It is also one of the best options for sushi takeout in Chicago, and they offer takeout platters with a wide assortment of items from the menu.

10. Raisu Japanese Fine Dining

Blink, and you will miss Raisu Japanese Fine Dining, as it is only a small restaurant in Albany Park, Chicago. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality, which is why it is one of the best sushi restaurants in Chicago. Diners can order a la carte or dine omakase-style. There are options to suit different budgets if you prefer the latter option. Those who choose to order a la carte can order sushi, sashimi, and nigiri by the piece.

9. Best Sushi Restaurant for Vegetarians in Chicago: Momotaro

Momotaro has a vast menu of Japanese dishes. Although sushi is the menu's highlight, there is so much more on offer at this establishment. While most restaurants serving sushi and other Japanese food are noted for their seafood dishes, there are plenty of options for those who eat a plant-based diet. Just one of the options for vegans and vegetarians is rolls stuffed with gourd and shitake mushrooms. Momotaro is on West Lake Street in the West Loop area.

8. Sushi Suite 202

One of the top sushi restaurants in Chicago's Lincoln Park is Sushi Suite 202. It is set within the Hotel Lincoln, and it was originally a large hotel room. Now, it is a small sushi restaurant with just six seats for private dining. If you want an intimate meal away from the crowds, booking this venue is the perfect way to sample some of the city's best sushi in peace. Those who book the venue can enjoy a 75-minute dining experience with 17 courses created by sushi chef Jordan Dominguez.

7. Sushi-san

Kaze Chan's chef style involves using the freshest produce and the simplest techniques to create fresh, smart, and delicious dishes. To get the most out of your visit to Sushi-san, sit at the hand roll bar so that you can watch the chefs preparing and rolling your sushi using fish, rice, and seaweed. Chan believes that it is best to eat sushi immediately after it is prepared, and dining at the bar means there is no delay between preparation, service, and dining. If you want to sample the delights on Sushi-san's menu, head to West Grand Avenue.

6. Nobu Chicago

Chicago's Nobu Hotel is co-owned by Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro who has worked with legendary sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa on several projects, says The Fruity Tart. The restaurant has only been open a couple of years, and one of its features is its flagship sushi restaurant, Nobu Chicago. It is a huge restaurant spanning 10,00 square feet, and it includes a dining room, a lounge, a 28-foot sushi bar, and two private dining areas. Nobu Matsuhisa is at the restaurant's helm. He he creates a menu that includes classic sushi items and his signature dishes, including yellowtail jalapeno sashimi and miso black cod. Diners can also opt for the omakase-style tasting menu if they prefer. If the weather is good, guests can choose to dine at the Rooftop at Nobu, a Japanese-inspired outdoor terrace on the 11the floor.

5. Omakase Yume

Located in the West Loop area of Chicago, Omakase Yume has a menu that changes daily depending on the ingredients available and what chef Sangtae Park feels like making on that day. Therefore, you can enjoy different dishes every time you visit the restaurant. If you don't want to order from the menu and you are willing to trust the chef, you may prefer to devour the 16-course menu created by the chef. It includes various appetizers, sushi, and desserts. Finally, to enjoy the tasting menu, you need to make a booking.

4. Juno Sushi Chicago

Multiple publications and websites have repeatedly listed Juno Sushi Chicago as one of the top sushi restaurants in Chicago, including The Infatuation. Sushi chef BK Park runs it, and you will find it in Chicago CryoSpa on North Lincoln Avenue. The menu consists of traditional sushi, but some items have been given a modern twist. One of the most popular options on the menu is the chef's choice sashimi. Therefore, this has two pieces each of nine different fish, which are served over ice and decorated with orchids and shells.

3. Mako

BK Park is one of Chicago's most celebrated sushi chefs, and he has created an extensive Omakase menu at Mako, which is in the city's West Loop area. Furthermore, he menu changes according to the seasonal availability of food. However, it includes various sashimi and nigiri, alongside dishes made with ingredients such as king crab and wagyu beef. Unfortunately, it is a small restaurant, with 12 seats at the sushi bar and a further ten seats in the dining room, so there is an intimate atmosphere.

2. The Best Fine Dining Sushi Restaurant in Chicago: Kyoten

You will find Kyoten on West Armitage Avenue in the Logan Square area of Chicago. It is one of the most upscale Japanese restaurants in Chicago, and it is run by chef Otto Phan. It serves an omakase menu with sake pairings for those who make reservations. However, the chef prepares up to 20 dishes for the diners, including seafood treats such as Ebi, uni, maguro, and Kenpachi. You can expect to pay significantly more than you would in the average sushi restaurant. However, you get to enjoy the 20-course menu in a private restaurant booking. However, there are also some affordable options for those who cannot afford to splash out on such a decadent meal. Accordingly, the best option is to order one of the restaurant's bento boxes to-go, which include soup, Tamago, and a selection of rolls, Oshizushi, and nigiri.

1. The Best Sushi Restaurant in Chicago Overall: Kai Zan

According to Time Out, the overall best sushi restaurant in Chicago is Kai Zan, which is on West Chicago Avenue. Furthermore, although it is one of the city's best sushi restaurants, it is an affordable option, which makes it accessible to everyone. Many people opt to order the omakase menu. The restaurant is the brainchild of Carlo & Melvin Vizconde. Indeed, they are known as the sushi twins and are legendary in the Japanese food scene.

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