The 10 Best Places to Eat in Lake Havasu


It’s peculiar to see a large reservoir of water right in the middle of Arizona’s arid environment, but it’s also stirring at the same time. Lake Havasu shimmers under the gleaming sun, and it mystifies in the night. It’s no wonder that many that cross Arizona’s desert lands and mountains make it a point to stop by Lake Havasu to experience something unique. Lake Havasu offers plenty of attractions and activities, including the many restaurant options you’re going to want to try out if ever you’re in the area. Here are the 10 best places to eat that Lake Havasu has to offer.


1. Juicy’s

It’s difficult not to go for American food sometimes. There’s just something hearty and homey about an American menu, and Juicy’s doesn’t disappoint either. This Lake Havasu favorite boasts of not only great food but the best service as well. You really can’t ask for much more after a long day of play under the hot Arizona sun. Make sure not to miss the Early Bird Special at Juicy’s either, which will fill your breakfast-hungry belly for only $5.50.


2. Cha Bones

Considered to be one of the best in all of Arizona, Cha Bones is known for its tapas bar. If you’ve never considered yourself to be a tapas person, you need no worries here. They offer plenty of other delicious and fresh options on the full dinner menu. However, the tapas are truly excellent, and there’s really no stopping you from ordering a whole bunch to satisfy your palate. Cha Bones is also a formidable steakhouse, so the steaks here are all mouth-watering and absolutely worth the calories.

Javelina Cantina

3. Javelina Cantina

Mexican food in Arizona is famous for its Sonoran style, but not all are created equal. Javelina Cantina has proven time and again that authenticity is always in the food and nothing else. The food is incredible at Javelina Cantina, but the drinks are immaculate. You can’t leave here without trying their world-famous tie-dye margaritas. They’re gorgeous on the eyes but even more so on the palate. If that’s not enough of a sell, Javelina Cantina also happens to have the best view in town: overlooking the historic London Bridge.

Angelina's Italian Kitchen

4. Angelina’s Italian Kitchen

Family-owned restaurants are the best. You get the feel of family even when you’re away, and the portions are always heaping. Here at Angelina’s Italian Kitchen, you’ll get fresh, homemade, and flavorful meals that come straight from the Grippo family’s recipe book. Everything here is made to order, and you’ll definitely taste the difference. The menu features plenty of Italian favorites, but there’s a trick here if you just can’t decide which to order. Ask your server to have “Richie Make You Something,” and you might just be wonderfully surprised at what you end up getting.

Black Bear Diner

5. Black Bear Diner

When you’ve got a name as cool as Black Bear Diner, you can pretty much assume that the menu is just as cool. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner options, Black Bear Diner’s got you covered. And when you’ve got menu items with names such as “The Grizz” and “Bigfoot,” you know you really can’t go wrong. Black Bear Diner even has a menu specifically for cubs, so bring the entire family along for a diner feast.

Turtle Grille

6. The Turtle Grille

The Turtle Grille has been serving happy Lake Havasu locals for 25 years now, and that’s a claim that not many restaurants in the area can boast of. This local staple has the most stunning views of the lake, and they offer delicious fares from the land and from the sea. No other place can do surf and turf as well as The Turtle Grille, and it’s worth checking out for all meals of the day.

Martini Bay

7. Martini Bay

If food and cocktails are what you’re craving, bring the friends along to Martini Bay. The atmosphere alone is guaranteed to bring you a good time, but the food is what’s going to make you come back for more. From bourbon-glazed bacon wrapped prawns to a delectable rack of lamb, only their famous cocktails match the food options at Martini Bay. We highly recommend the Sazerac or the Hemingway Daquiri; you might even want to try both.

College Street Brewhouse

8. College Street Brewhouse

Don’t let the name get you. Sure you’ll have a fun time at College Street Brewhouse, but this restaurant is far from just a schoolhouse favorite. The beers are the highlight here, but every good brew has to go with a good pub dish too. We might’ve made that up, but it sure makes sense once you’re sitting at College Street Brewhouse and munching on some goodies. Our favorites are the crab-stuffed mushrooms and the dusted shrimp. But then the usual mac and cheese, oven-baked pretzels, and artichoke spinach dips always just seem to hit the spot.

La Vita Dolce

9. La Vita Dolce Italian Bistro

Some might say that pizza is a way of life, and we’re inclined to agree. The pizza at La Vita Dolce Italian Bistro will make you feel like you’re part Italian—perhaps from how you’d be smacking your fingers to your lips and saying “Mamma mia” with every single bite. Get a custom pie done according to your taste, or pick one that La Vita Dolce has already designed for you. A Maui Waui pizza sounds extremely enticing, but you also can’t go wrong with a classic Margherita. Don’t worry if pizza isn’t your style either. La Vita Dolce has plenty of other menu options available.


10. Shugrue’s Restaurant & Bar

Lake Havasu is the perfect balance of land and water, and Shugrue’s offers the same. You can get land, or you can get sea—get both. Shugrue’s Restaurant & Bar has some of the best steak cuts in town, but their seafood is unmatched. We highly recommend going for Sunday Brunch, when the restaurant offers an entirely specialized menu that you won’t get on any other day. Plus, you can get $3 champagne by the glass. Shugrue’s is a definite must in Lake Havasu.

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