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The 10 Best Restaurants in Antigua

Indigo On the Beach

With 95 miles of breathtaking coastline, lush, tropical landscapes, welcoming hospitality, and world-class resorts, Antigua is the ultimate Caribbean getaway. Whether you're looking for parties and cocktails or calm and tranquility, the island has a little something for everyone....including the hungry. Packed with cafes, bistros, and fine dining restaurants, there's no shortage of places to tuck into some great food - but where's the best place to enjoy the finest food Antigua has to offer? Find out now as we count down the 10 best restaurants in Antigua.

Shirly Heights

10. Shirley Heights Lookout Restaurant

Kicking things off in style is Shirley Heights Lookout Restaurant, a popular eatery set high in the hills overlooking English Harbour. Known for its fabulous views, lively atmosphere, and tasty cuisine, it's a great place to enjoy a casual dinner and some first-class local entertainment. The best day to visit is Sunday, when hordes of locals decent on the restaurant to enjoy the dual pleasures of BBQ and live calypso music. There's even a selection of local artists in attendance offering their goods up for sale. Grab a rum punch, a table overlooking the sunset, and prepare to enjoy some outstanding Caribbean hospitality.


9. Cecilia's High Point Cafe

If you're looking for a restaurant that ticks all the boxes, look no further than Cecilia's High Point Cafe. With a scenic waterfront location, breathtaking views, hospitable service, and top-notch cuisine, it has everything you'd want from a Caribbean restaurant. The menu is reassuringly small, carefully planned, and clearly the work of someone who knows their way around the kitchen. The one thing it's not, unfortunately, is cheap.... but then again, very few places in Antigua are.

Skullduggery Cafe

8. Skullduggery Cafe

If you suddenly find yourself peckish while in the vicinity of English Harbour, do yourself and your appetite a favor and stop by Skullduggery Cafe. It's not fine dining, but for belly-busting sandwiches and some very edifying light bites, it can't be beaten. If you've built up more of a thirst than an appetite, their world-famous espresso martinis shouldn't be missed.

Catherine's Cafe

7. Catherine's Cafe

Catherine's Cafe is a chic, elegant eatery with an outstanding location on the breathtakingly beautiful Pigeon Beach. Considering its waterfront setting and picturesque views, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn it's a popular location for weddings. If you're less in the mood for walking down the aisle than you are for a good rum punch, you won't be disappointed - a cocktail at Catherine's at sunset is one of Antigua's most pleasurable experiences. The menu is just as exquisite as everything else, with an emphasis on contemporary French cooking and local ingredients.

Luna de Miel

6. Luna de Miel

If crepes are your thing, don't miss a visit to Luna de Miel. The cafe is always packed; while that makes it difficult to get a table during peak times, it's testament to just how good its selection of sweet and savory crepes is. The range of fillings is vast, with everything from mushroom, bacon, and cream to chocolate, banana, and pistachio. As the portion sizes are incredibly generous, it's worth splitting one crepe between two if you plan on tackling both a sweet and savory option. The atmosphere is lively and casual, with a lot of very young, very friendly waiters whipping around the place picking up orders on their iPhones. For a mid-week treat, it's perfect.


5. Colibri Bistro Bar & Lounge

Colibri Bistro Bar & Lounge is a hugely popular bar and restaurant in English Harbour. Known as one of the best places to fuel up on food before hitting the local nightlife, it offers a great selection of French and Créole cuisine, craft cocktails, and French wines at prices that, by Antigua standards at least, aren't at all bad. Other than the food, the real joy is its setting in a lush, tropical garden complete with a quaint, white-walled cottage and a gorgeous outdoor bar area. If you want to enjoy some classic Caribbean charm in a picture-perfect setting, it's ideal.

Por Que No Cafe

4. Por Que No? Cafe

Voted as one of the best restaurants in Antigua by Sunset Travellers, Por Que No? Cafe is a tiny, intimate eatery located just a short walk from the central square. The menu is small but perfectly formed, with a good selection of flawlessly cooked meat and seafood dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning guest. Prices are reasonable and the wine and cocktail list is excellent. The only flipside is the size: if you want to get a seat, either make a reservation or prepare for a very long wait.

Sheer Rocks

3. Sheer Rocks

Sheer Rocks at Cocobay Resort regularly ranks as one of the best restaurants in Antigua, and for very good reason. Set on a clifftop overlooking the sea, it offers first-class Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, local seafood. If you're dining with friends, the sharing Tapas menu is ideal. To get the most out of the experience, be sure to arrive early so you can enjoy a cocktail overlooking the sunset beforehand.

Island Fusion

2. Island Fusion

Trip Advisor reviewers have named Island Fusion one of the best restaurants in Antigua. It's understandable why. The view of English Harbour is a delight (although be sure to grab a table on the back patio to enjoy it at its finest) as is the relaxed, serene atmosphere. The food leaves nothing to be desired, and neither does the warmth of the greeting or the friendly, attentive service. If you want to enjoy some fine food and some equally fine hospitality, don't miss it.

Indigo On the Beach

1. Indigo On the Beach

Ranked by as one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Indigo On the Beach in Saint Mary Parish represents an outstanding choice for lunch or dinner. The seafood menu is out of this world, with the fresh, local ingredients elevated to new heights of deliciousness thanks to careful preparation and exquisite presentation. The salad and pizza options don't leave a lot to be desired either. Despite being located in the ultra swanky five-star Carlisle Bay resort, the atmosphere is delightfully low-key and informal. The views of the bay are, as you'd expect, every little bit as good as the food. Book a table for sunset to enjoy an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

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