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The 10 Best Restaurants in Munich, Germany

Munich, the Bavarian capital, is an amazing city to visit that is known for its historic landmarks and for hosting the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. It also has an outstanding food scene, so you should try to visit some of the city’s top restaurants during your visit. While some of the eateries in the city focus on serving traditional Bavarian classics, there are also places to eat in Bavaria that serve contemporary cuisine or dishes with an international influence. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Munich to help you decide where to eat during your visit to this destination.

10. Spatenhaus an der Oper

Spatenhaus an der Oper is opposite Munich’s Opera House and National Theater. Therefore, it is a popular venue for theater-goers. It is one of the most sophisticated establishments in the city, with a regal design in the upstairs formal dining room. The menu in the upstairs restaurant is diverse, as there are Bavarian, Austrian, and international dishes on the menu. On the other hand, the downstairs restaurant is less formal and only serves Bavarian dishes.

9. Pescheria

Those who enjoy fish and seafood will love Pescheria, as it has a seafood-centric menu. The seafood theme of the menu is also reflected in the restaurant’s interior, as there is fish laid out on ice in a cabinet in the entranceway. Although the menu changes regularly due to the availability of fresh fish and seafood, although there are usually rice and pasta seafood options, fish soups, and tuna tartare. Diners have the option of how they would like their fish cooked, and the waiters are trained to offer advice about the best cooking options for each type of fish or seafood.

8. Blitz

You can fill a full day if you choose Blitz as your evening dining venue. The restaurant is a colorful and vibrant Mexican eatery within the Deutsches Museum of Science and Technology. Therefore, you can spend the day looking at exhibits in the museum before heading to Blitz for dinner. The menu consists of substantial Mexican dishes, such as fajitas and quesadillas, and there is a good selection of vegetarian dishes. After enjoying your meal, head to the attached techno club for a night of music and dancing. The club is one of the most talked-about night venues in the city.

7. Tian

The best restaurant in Munich for vegetarians is Tian, which is an outstanding restaurant just off Viktualienmarkt. It serves dishes that are so delicious and visually appealing that they will even please the most die-hard meat lovers. Diners can order a la carte or choose to eat the four to eight-course menus. Each dish uses just a handful of ingredients so that the individual flavors shine through. If you visit the restaurant at lunchtime between Tuesday and Friday, there is a reduced lunch menu.

6. Brenner

This restaurant was once the stables at Munich’s royal residence. Now, it is a high-class eatery that is often frequented by theater-goers who want to start their evening with top-notch cuisine. It is a sophisticated restaurant with an interior featuring pillars and a vaulted ceiling. There is also a terrace that overlooks the Bavarian State Opera. The menu has a Mediterranean flair and features pasta dishes or meat and fish cooked on an open-fire grill. As this is a popular restaurant, you will need to book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

5. Pageou

If you fancy eating something other than Bavarian and Mediterranean cuisine, then consider dining at Pageou. It is a Turkish restaurant in the city center that is run by chef Ali Gungormus. Although this is a fine dining restaurant with an elegant interior, the dishes are aromatic and have a rustic charm. In addition to the main dining room, there is a courtyard for alfresco dining and a separate room for events and large parties. If you have a limited budget, then the best time to visit this restaurant is at lunchtime, as the lunch menu is significantly cheaper.

4. Wirthaus Maximilian

The interior of Wirthaus Maximilian combines kitsch Bavarian design with contemporary style. On the menu, you will find a similar combination of Bavarian classics alongside dishes that have been given a contemporary twist. Examples of dishes include schnitzel, sausages, and salads. In addition to the fantastic food, diners love the welcoming atmosphere and the drinks options, as there are approximately 40 varieties of craft beers and a range of German and Austrian wines.

3. Hofbrauhaus

The Culture Trip recommends dining at Hofbrauhaus, which is the most famous and oldest beer hall in the world. It is one of the best venues to get a true Bavarian experience, as the wait staff is dressed in traditional dirndl outfits, and the dining hall is decorated in a traditional Bavarian style. Diners sit at long banquet tables while listening to live bands. The menu consists of hearty portions of traditional Bavarian dishes, and most people wash their meals down with local beers.

2. Theresa Grill

Located along a side street in the museum district, Theresa Grill is one of the best places to eat for meat lovers. It is a bright and modern restaurant, with a menu that consists of grilled cuts of meat, such as rib-eye, chops, and cutlets. However, there are also some seafood options on the menu, including an Asian-influenced tuna tartare. The menu changes daily according to the availability of ingredients.

1. Preysinggarten

According to Time Out, the best restaurant in Munich is Presinggarten. The restaurant is set in a 19th-century building in a residential area, and it has a romantic interior lit by candlelight. Its menu consists of Mediterranean dishes, and the specials board changes daily. Munich was a late starter on the vegetarian scene, so Preysinggarten stands out for having a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. There is a courtyard where diners can eat during warm weather.

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