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Where to Get The Best Chinese Food in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio

Whether you are a college student at the Ohio State University, a local government or business person, or someone visiting Ohio's capital, you probably want to find a good spot to dine. Columbus is filled with options. For those that love a good Chinese restaurant, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you prefer Americanized or traditional Chinese cuisine, dine in or carryout options, or spicy or fusion dishes, there is something for everyone in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

10. Joy To Go

Joy To Go is one of the best take out Chinese restaurants in Columbus. It is located on East Main Street. They serve generous portions at a great value. The staff is always friendly. The Egg Foo Young is considered one of the best by diners. The menu features a variety of Chinese dishes including lemon chicken, Singapore chicken, seafood pan fried noodles, sesame chicken, and the classic Happy Family dish which includes pork, beef, shrimp, chicken, lobster, crab, and mixed vegetables served with a delicious brown sauce.

9. Sakone

Sakone is located on East Broadstreet in Reynoldsberg just outside of Columbus. The Asian fusion restaurant offers a diverse menu for lunch and dinner available for dine in, pick up, and delivery. The restaurant serves quality food including dishes that are authenticity Chinese, Asian and Thai. There are several vegetarian options on the menu. The service and dishes are high quality. The atmosphere is unassuming and quite, perfect for dining on a date night or with friends or colleagues. The hot and sour miso soup is wonderful as is the PuPu Platter.

8. Moy's Restaurant

Moy's Restaurant is a family owned Chinese restaurant located near the University campus on North High Street. The restaurant is family owned with wonderful owners nd a great staff. The menu includes authentic and Americanized Chinese selections. The Cantonese heavy menu has many great options. The homemade sauce is incredible. While Moy's Restaurant specializes in seafood dishes, there are a variety of options. The restaurant has been a hit with college students, locals, and visitors to Columbus since 1992.

7. J Zhen Asian Bistro and Bar

J Zhen Asian Bistro and Bar is a cozy restaurant located on Karl Road in Columbus. The neighborhood restaurant provides a relaxed environment to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with friends and family whether living in or near Columbus, or visiting from out of town. J Zhen Asian Bistro and Bar's menu includes salt and pepper chicken wings, Singapore Noodles, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Pad Tai, garlic shrimp, fried mushrooms, and "Buckeye" rolls with a side of Yum Yum sauce are all delicious. The soy coffee is also a must. The restaurant is also known for its great cocktails and friendly staff.

6. Chilispot

Chilispot is conveniently located at the Kenny Center Mall. The dine in and carryout restaurant serves a variety of authentic and spicy Chinese dishes. The restaurant opened in 2020 and has become an instant hit in the Columbus area. Much of the menu is Sczechuan and, therefore, spicy. Chongquing Chicken, The menu includes spicy noodles with chili oil served with pork and steamed Bok Choy, dry fried green beans, fish fried with peppers, Twice Cooked Pork, Eggplant with garlic sauce, and lamb with cumin.

5. N.E. Chinese Restaurant

N.E. Chinese Restaurant is located in the University District on High Street. The restaurant serves delicious, authentic, and sometimes spicy traditional Chinese dishes made with fresh ingredients. The menu includes spicy twice cooked fish, spicy pork cilantro, Ma Po tofu, Peppercorn fish, and a great mixed vegetable salad. The restaurant has dine in or to go service. The menu is diverse with many choices. The prices are reasonable, and the location on High Street is a hit with college students, residents, and visitors to the city of Columbus.

4. Xi Xia Western Chinese Cuisine

Located at the Kenny Center Mall in Columbus, Xi Xia Western Chinese Cuisine is a family owned restaurant that opened in 2019. They serve traditional Chinese dishes that reflect the Ningxia region in western China. Ningxia is named for the region established in the eleventh century. Xi Xia Western Chinese Cuisine offers dishes served with unique ingredients and spices that are home to Ningxia. The Asian fusion dishes are loved for their spiciness. The menu includes lamb and noodle dishes, spicy fish filets, wide noodle Dapanji, Bok Choy, and stir fried vegetables.

3. Tiger and Lily

The Asian fusion style restaurant Tiger and Lily is a popular restaurant located on East Gay Street just north of High Street. The sleek and modern designed restaurant is perfect for a date night, dinner with friends, or entertaining guests from out of town. The menu features a variety of authentic Asian dishes with fresh ingredients and exotic spices and herbs. Highlights on the menu are the Kalabi Beef Salad Bowl, the Lemon Grass Chicken, Tiger's Tan Tan Ramen with Turkey, the spicy Mala Firecracker made with Inferno Chili Oil, and Pop Fries which consists of waffle fries, BBQ Angus steak, Kimichi, Cirachi, and Parmesean cheese.

2. Sunflower Chinese Restaurant

Sunflower Chinese Restaurant is a Cantonese style restaurant located on Sawmill Road in Columbus. The relaxed restaurant features ample dining space, a large exotic fish tank, and a banquet room that seats up to 50 people for private parties. Owner Daniel Chung is always there to greet customers. The menu at Sunflower Chinese Restaurant features traditional Cantonese dishes including spicy Wontons and dumplings, steamed or dumplings, chicken dumplings, seafood velvet soup, Vietnamese spring rolls, spicy crispy shrimp, chicken lettuce cups, and Cesar beans green served with pork or chicken fried rice.

1. Ding Ho Restaurant

The family owned Ding Ho Restaurant is currently run by the third and fourth generations. Ding Ho opened in 1956 in a converted gas station. In 2008 the restaurant opened at its current location on Phillipi Road in Columbus just a quarter mile north of the Hollywood Columbus Casino. The restaurant has a bar and a patio. Diners love the friendly staff and the menu filled with Cantonese classics. The menu includes delicious pot stickers, giant egg rolls, the Happy Family special, calamari with jalepeno, and, a fan favorite, wor sue gai which includes wok fried chicken, almonds, and gravy served on a bed of lettuce.

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