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The 10 Best Restaurants in All of Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy is well known for its mouth watering cuisine. People come from all over the world not to just see the "Eternal City's" historic sites, but to sample some of the best food in the world. There are thousands of restaurants throughout the city.


Located in one of the best spots in Rome, Pierluigi has been around since 1938 and remains a popular restaurant preferred by locals and internationals. Located on the Piazza de 'Ricci, Pierluigi is in central Rome with breathtaking views. The restaurant was purchased by Roberto Lisi in the 1980's. He introduced a menu focusing on seafood dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared in innovative ways. Roberto's son Lorenzo helps manage the restaurant and introduced an American style cocktail bar in 2010. Chef Davide Cianetti joined the team in 2014. The changing menu features dishes like slow cooked beef with lemon and linguine with sea urchins and toasted hazelnuts. Guests of the restaurant include Mark Zuckerburg and Barak Obama.

Armando Al Pantheon

Armando Al Pantheon is the perfect Roman restaurant if you're looking for a traditional trattoria. The restaurant is located next to the Pantheon. Armando Gargioli opened his restaurant in 1961. Today it is run by his two sons, Claudio and Fabrizio. Claudio's daughter helps run the restaurant and the extensive wine list. The quaint ambiance begins at the stained glass windowed entrance that enters into the dining room with framed pictures and sketches. The menu features antepasta dishes like bruschetta, soup and seasonal salads. There are traditional pasta dishes, fish dishes, vegetarian offerings, and dessert.

Per Me

Per Me is an intimate restaurant located in the Centro Storico neighborhood in the heart of Rome. Chef Giulio Terrinoni specializes in seafood dishes but also offers meat courses inspired by his hometown of Fiuggi. Terrinoni spent years crafting his skills at Acquolina Hosteria before opening Per Me in late 2015. Both the restaurant and its menu are simple yet elegant. The bar has a view of the kitchen. White walls are accented by mahogany tables and banquettes. Guests have the option to choose from an a la carte tasting menu or from the main menu. Sommelier Giulio Brona guides guests on the best wine pairings from Per Me's extensive wine cellar.

La Gotta Mangionio

La Gotta Mangionio opened in 1999 by Giancarlo Casa who considers himself a "pizza engineer". Casa has worked hard to develop a special mixture of flour and long fermentation technique to create pizza that is perfectly crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside. He also uses a variety of unique toppings including special extra virgin olive oils, edible flowers and smoked makerel among other toppings. La Gotta Mangionio also serves a variety of fried starters, bruschetta and pasta dishes. The restaurant has a long list of wines to accompany your meal. Located in the Monteverde Nuovo suburb, the pizzeria is decorated in a fun, lively trattoria style with kitschy 1990's cat accents in homage to its name.

Il Pagliaccio

French born Antonio Genovese traveled the world before opening Il Paglaccio in 2003 in the Centreo Storico neighborhood of Rome. Chef Genovese combines fresh seasonal ingredients to create an innovative seasonal menu. The menu includes a three course lunch and an eight and ten course tasting menu. A la carte items include pasta, seafood and meat served in creative ways. There is an extensive dessert menu and over 1300 wines to choose from. Il Pagliaccio began with a clown themed decor and modernized it with colorful vintage floor tiles, brass vent ducts and paper lanterns to create a vibrant comfortable environment to enjoy your meal.

Ristorante Ad Hoc

Ristorante Ad Hoc is located in a 15th century building on the corner of Via di Ripetta in central Rome. This restaurant is romantic and comfortable and provides excellent service. The menu focuses on traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Antipasta choices include truffles. Plates include Ravioli with Duck Pate, Roasted Beef tenders with black truffles, handmade pasta, sea bass and swordfish. There is a delicious dessert menu and an extensive wine list.


Roscioli is a unique deli restaurant locate in central Rome. It was opened in 2002 by brothers Alessandro and Pierluigi Roscioli whose family has been in the business for decades. Located in a remodeled grocer, Roscioli has a large deli counter and shop, an extensive wine cellar and dining areas including a few tables outside. The deli sells a variety of items including fresh cold cuts, raw and smoked seafood, meats, cheeses, salamis, preserves, sauces, oils and pasta. The restaurant's menu features a variety of simple deli dishes that can be ordered a la carte.

Antico Arco

Located on Gianicolo Hill, Antico Arco is a charming gourmet restaurant with a creative menu in a relaxed contemporary environment. Five intimate dining rooms are decorated with cream painted brick walls, high backed chairs and subtle lighting. Chef Fundim Gjepali combines his Albanian heritage with a classic Italian menu. He pays special detail to using organic local materials in his seasonal menu. The wine list is also impressive with Domenico Calio serving as Antico Arco's sommelier.

La Pergola

La Pergola boasts one of the best views of Rome. The restaurant is located on Monte Mario above the Vatican in Rome's Waldorf Astoria Cavaliero Hotel. It is also Rome's only 3 star rated Michelin hotel. The atmosphere is elegant with a low ceilinged dining room, tapestries and Art Nouveau light fixtures. German Chef Heinz Beck has created an innovative international menu focusing on Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine. Guests can enjoy the a la carte menu or choose from a seven or ten course tasting menu. Now consider browsing 20 of the best restaurants in all of Italy.

Da Felice

Felice Trivelloni took over his father's bar in 1936 and established Da Felice as a restaurant and bar. The traditional trattoria is located on a corner of the Testaccio neighborhood of Rome. The area is a secret of locals and known for its great restaurants. Trivelloni was known to have a very exclusive clientele, namely the workers in the working class area were most welcome. Since his death, Felice's son Franco took over the restaurant. He renovated it to create a more modern vibe with exposed brick and industrial style lighting. Franco also expanded the bar and the wine list. He didn't change the style of food. Da Felice continues to offer the traditional menu including pasta, lamb, veal, beef, chicken, cod and oxtail with a traditional dessert menu featuring items like tiramisu.

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